How to improve your EBay sales.

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How to improve your EBay sales.

EBay is a great place to make money. In fact, if you are able to become a power seller, you can make a very big income from EBay sales alone. If you search online for EBay sales millionaires, you’ll definitely find a handful and they all started small and went on from an ordinary guy to an EBay Powerhouse who owns several warehouses to stock up on their items.

Below are several tweaks to quickly improve your EBay sales.

How to improve your EBay sales.1) End listing Time

Let’s begin with the end listing time feature that you can tweak as a seller on EBay. This feature is one of the most neglected parts when tweaking for your EBay sales listing but mind you this could also be the most important tweak you can do to help your chance of sale on EBay.

A good amount of time for a listing should be around 7 days. This is to give it sufficient time to get the most exposure and still gives the bidders some pressure. A good end listing time should be at a time when you know your bidders are at home, and they are their computers. Therefore, you should try to time your end listing time to the evening where people are comfortable at their desk browsing on the computer.

When you have a lot of people looking at your listed item right before the end time, you will find that you will receive a lot more bid, and that’s where the excitement is. If your ending time is set at the time when nobody is around you can be sure that your ending bid price will be much lower than usual. In fact, expert EBay bidders know that the cheapest time to buy an EBay sales item is when nobody is around.

The good thing is, you can list your items at any time you want and then activate it of the time you choose. This will help you control the time of you want to end your bid and thus getting the most expose for your listed item. Another thing that you should take note of is that most people are buying stuff on EBay on a weekend so this makes it a good time to end your bid right on the weekend. List your item smartly and set your End Listing time to the optimum time, and you will see your profits soar.

2) Photo

It is said that a photo tells a thousand words. In fact, a photo on EBay is a lot more important that any text you can put on your listing. This is because on the internet people cannot pick up the item and decide if the item’s quality is satisfying as opposed to traditional shopping at the mall. Hence you need to provide the best pictures of your item and make sure you have multiple angles of the item.

Make sure your photos are crystal clear and that the photos’ size are big enough. Always use photos which you take yourself instead of the photos which you can find online. This is because people want to know that you actually have the stock yourself and that they want to see the actual item before they buy it.

If you are selling a replica item or a fake item, make sure you disclose this properly in your descriptions and in your photos (as a caption) so that you will not run into any refund or legal issues later on. Adding captions and arrows to your pictures can help highlight important facts too. For example, if you want to show your viewers that your item is a genuine item, you can use a red circle to highlight some of the proof that the item is genuine on the photo itself.

Make sure to show them whatever you need to help them to decide on the purchase.

3) Description

On the product description, Make sure you are using the right font and the right font size. This is pretty much like your sales letter so be sure to have a good headline and a good compelling body copy. Don’t make it hard for users to read. Use the right font color and bold your fonts whenever necessary. Learn to write in an ‘honest’ manner instead of writing in a ‘pushy sales man’ or ‘hyped letter’.

This is because people are very afraid of being scammed, and if you can just get their trust you will get the best results. One way to boost trust is to be sure to reply to all emails or comments that you receive as soon as possible. This will show the bidders or buyers that you actually care and it also shows them that you are a real person and you are willing to go through extra effort to take care of their needs.

4) Starting Price.

Don’t be too afraid to set the starting bid price to a very low number. This is because the lower your starting bid price is, the more people will notice your listed item. This way, you will get a lot of bids and by the time that your listing is almost ending your listing will have a lot of bids, and the price will be much higher by then. The more bids you have the more the psychological factor of people thinking your item is a ‘Hot’ item comes into play.

This will entice more people to bid and fight for your item, and you will always end up as the winner every time. Some power sellers are willing to throw the starting price at $0.99 just to get the bid war going.

5) Buy It Now.

This buy it now price feature on EBay is a great way to sell your item as well. However, you have to be sure that if you want to price the buy it now at a much higher price, your items have to be unique and that no one else is listing the same item as you are.
If not, you should try to set the buy it now price at a reasonable price and make sure the price is still lower than your competitors. Every little bit helps.

How to improve your EBay sales.

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