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A good copy is critical to the success of a marketing campaign where it must be persuasive in content and layout. The well written copy is linked to the landing page that would convince web traffic to opt into the business mailing list and be converted into a loyal business customer over time depending on the marketing strategies deployed.

Every Internet marketer today must be familiar with the dynamics of a persuasive copy for the landing page. The right copywriting skills could be developed by the Internet marketer to write persuasive contents that would compel web visitors to the landing page to sign up into the business mailing list for regular updates of the brand or business.

Role of Copy to Landing Page

The sales copy is a vital component to the landing page as it confirms the validity of the product promoted. A well written sales copy promotes the product to be of high value and value for money; this would excite potential buyers into making an immediate purchase where possible.
The way in which the sales copy is written should serve to convert potential leads into paying customers regardless of having heard of the brand or used the product before. This would boost sales and business bottom line.

Therefore, every Internet marketer should learn how to write persuasive sales copy that would bring more traffic to their website. It is not easy to convert a consumer who has never heard of the brand or product to be a customer quickly, but that is the function of a sales copy that is well written. For this to happen, the sales copy should be written using the structure known as AIDA which stands for ‘Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action’.

This sales copy sequence takes consumers who are oblivious about the product to be aware of it while generating an interest and desire for it before taking the appropriate action which the company hopes to benefit from. Taking web consumers through this sequence is a challenge unless the Internet marketer is familiar with the dynamics of a persuasive sales copy.

First Challenge of Sales Copy

The most difficult task in online marketing campaigns is to get targeted niche audiences to take note of the product on promotion and the brand in order to get a commitment for sales and support.

Identified consumers must be directed to the sales copy for a complete read to benefit from it in order to benefit the company at the end of the day. The sales copy is the ultimate sales pitch which Internet marketers must achieve for more sales converts. The role of the copywriter is critical to captivate targeted niche consumers from start to finish with the sales copy.

From the title to body content, the sales copy must be written in such a mesmerizing manner that would captivate the readers to finish its contents and take the desired call-to-action feature included at the end of the page. This is not difficult if Internet marketers know about the dynamics of a successful copy.

A narrative structure is extremely effective in presenting the product or the brand on promotion in an enlightening style that encourages reading. Most consumers are inclined to read interesting stories such as biographies and fantasies that the impossible is possible. Such stories raise the consumer’s imagination or hope towards greater achievement.

Clear Value Proposition

The next challenge in a persuasive sales copy is to present a clear value proposition which the readers would find it hard to resist. A good value proposition is the basis of selling the product successfully. Its presentation should meet needs and change lives that would prompt readers to consider making a purchase as soon as possible to benefit from the product.

The value proposition that usually sells well focuses on the aspirations and dreams that could come true. It gives hope to the reader to achieve what was set out and this is the time to reap the returns. When readers could identify the value proposed in the sales copy, it is more likely that they would respond as desired by the business owner or marketer.

Hence, the sales page is a very instrumental marketing entity to close a business deal for profits. It serves to generate strong public interest that should lead to high sales.

Format and Fittings

A persuasive sales page must be written in the right format with the right fittings on the layout and structure that would attract the right kind of web consumers. It is preferred that high degrees of creativity and innovation are exercised in the choice of words and presentation in the best of writing style and format.

The effective sales copy format is actually rather basic; it comprises the information of the product and benefits with supplier information, purchase option and product review. Such information suffices to help readers take a decisive action towards the product that benefits the company.

A well written copy must be in proper grammar and sentences with accurate information conveyed to the reader for easy and quick understanding that would encourage a fast sale. The length of a successful sales copy is irrelevant as it is the content that stirs interest and excitement. Lengthy sales pages are hard to read to grasp the bottom line for the true picture trying to be conveyed.


A landing page is highly assisted in the marketing campaign when the sales copy is highly persuasive. “Half the battle is won” as the saying goes with an excellently written sales copy. The web reader is intrigued by the compelling contents to want more which prompts an immediate sign-up or opt-in to the business subscriber list or mailing list for more information.

The sales copy could be said as the ‘forerunner’ of the landing page in closing a sale, which makes the marketing campaign more successful when the sales copy is highly convincing or persuasive by its creative presentation and style.

Sales copy could be produced by business owners, marketers or professional sales copy writers in the market.

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