Listing Building IS Wealth Building.

Listing Building IS Wealth Building.

‘I am taking list building seriously from now on’… that’s what you would be saying in your mind if you read on and find out why List Building is in fact, wealth building. Take your time to think and check. When was the last time you heard of a successful internet marketer that does not have a list?

In fact, ponder upon this fact on whenever you hear people saying that they do not have to do much work online, and they make a lot of money. How are they doing it? You guessed it right. These people have a list and a responsive one too.

Listing Building IS Wealth Building.Next take your time to explain why gurus call their list an ATM machine. How true is that?

Here’s a quick math for a better perspective.

A list of 100,000 subscribers can usually pull in 4000 clicks per mailing. That is based on the assumption that the list has a Click through Rate (CTR) of only 4%. Usually this CTR can go way higher than this number if you have a good relationship with your list and if your email is written with care.

With each 4000 clicks sent to an offer that converts say 3% for a $27 product, you can cash in $3,240 for that mailing alone. However, that’s not all, good email marketers usually send out a mixture of promos and contents in their newsletter every month. If you just send out about five promos a month, you can earn about $16,200 each month. I am guessing that you are salivating from the numbers right now. But let me tickle your mind just a little further. The average size of a ‘huge’ list of a typical guru would be around 5 times more, which is around 500,000 subscribers give or take.

That’s right! Making money is in fact, easy as described in the sales letters that you see when you have that kind of a list. You don’t really have to work anymore. All you have to do is keep your list building system running and write some emails every now and then. It makes sense now why these gurus can boast the fact that they only need to work less than 2 hours a day and 10 hours a week. Incredible and indeed it is because List Building is Wealth Building.

Of course needless to say, the path towards a significantly large list is hard. However, you should know by now that if you want the internet lifestyle where you work very little and bank a lot, while driving around with a luxury sports car, you need to build your list like 2 years ago. But better late than never, if you’ve not started building your list yet… you should. If you peek about some of the tactics that gurus use these days, more and more gurus are launching products and giving out 100% commissions on the front end. What does this mean?

This means they do not care about the ‘initial’ cash that is earned in the launch. What they do care is the ‘Buyer’s list’ that they build and mind you, a buyers list typically converts a lot more than the usual list that you get by giving away freebies. So make sure from now on to focus your efforts into building a list of your own. Not only that, make sure that your list is targeted. Plus, you would want your list to be responsive to and to do this you will want to build a relationship with your list.

Now what if you have a list that is full of freebie seekers or not converting very well with offers that you promote? You can actually sell clicks in this case. Sell clicks? What’s that you asked? Selling clicks is what is known as selling solo ads. By selling a solo ad you are allowing people to send out any email of their choice (approved first of course) for a certain amount of clicks.

In many ways you are like selling traffic to your solo ad buyer. The usual rate of a solo ad is $35 per 100 clicks (rate may vary depending on list quality). Again if you have a list of 100,000 and you can typically pull in say only 2000 clicks, then you can earn up to $700 per solo ad. Many people are making full time income just selling solo ads, and they do not even have to write promo emails or anything. All they have to do is send out the email that has been prepared by the buyer.

Imagine selling a solo ad every 2 days which would equate to $10,500 every month. That’s right. There’s a lot of money in a list. Another great thing about having a list is that making money from list building has always been working well. It does not matter if Google decides to ban affiliates or mess up search engine optimization to make people’s life difficult because list building has passed the test of time, and it works wonderfully just as much as it is today than it was many years ago.

In fact, there is a saying, “take away my Google Account, I’ll get right back up the next day… But if you take away my list, I am done” by a famous internet marketer. This rings the bell of truth because a list if that important to a successful internet marketer.
Sure it takes a long time to build it, but know this; your list is where the real wealth is. The larger your list is and the more buyers that are in it, the closer you are to freedom with money to spend. Build your list today and reap the fruits tomorrow.

Listing Building IS Wealth Building.

Listing Building IS Wealth Building.

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