Long Tail Keywords Website Ranking

best business making money wordPress website

Long Tail Keywords Website Ranking

best business making money wordPress websiteWhen people hear the phrase Search Engine Optimization (or more commonly known as SEO) they immediately picture their website being at the first page and at the number 1 position in the search results.

Yes, it is nice to be number 1, and every website owner strives to have their site to be number 1 for a chosen long tail keywords, but SEO is not a guarantee that your website will reach the number 1 position. Even though it can guarantee a rise in the ranking department, it is still not a surefire method to reach number 1.

If there are SEO firms/companies who claim that they can take your site to number 1, then you have to be even more careful of these people because if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Even if it is true, even if they could indeed push your website straight to number 1, the methods they employ are most probably black-hat methods and if your website gets caught employing these methods, your website will be so severely penalized it won’t even be in the top 100 anymore in the search results.

Ranking Is Not The Entire Story

When it comes to SEO, you shouldn’t be purely fixated on your website’s ranking because there are so many other aspects in which SEO can be beneficial for your website. A well-designed website which is search engines optimized is actually beneficial for your visitors because it enhances the user’s experience when they visit such a site.

And when it comes to a website’s ranking, it can go up and down much like the stock market. One of the reasons for this is that there are new websites created every single day and you are not the only one performing SEO on your website. So on some days, some sites might overtake you, on other days you might overtake them, and this cycle will only keep going on.

It’s easier to get on to the top than actually staying there. Importance of the right long tail keywords

Yes, you can easily rank number 1…for keywords which nobody uses. It’s easy to rank for keywords like “fishgatorfly”. There is virtually no competition for that long tail keywords because not only does it make no sense, because nobody is searching for it in the first place,

So being number 1 for that long tail keywords will also mean nothing for your online business if your niche happens to be about shoes.

So you should focus on using long tail keywords as keywords are king content must be queen when people are searching for information. The best kind of keywords to target your intended audience while not fighting through the tons of competition is to rank for long-tail keywords.

The benefits of targeting long-tail keywords are two fold here. One, it is easier to rank higher with long-tail keywords, therefore higher chance of pulling targeted traffic to your site. This is the best kind of traffic that any online business website can receive.

Resist Temptation

Black hat SEO methods may be too tempting but rest assured even though if it manages you to get on top, you will not stay there for long. Plus, being caught using black hat methods will be most damaging to your reputation and credibility.

This is because if you are willing to involve yourself in such illegal methods, people will start questioning other aspects of your business ethics as well. Damage of this kind is nearly impossible to recover therefore avoiding such a road in the first place is the smartest thing you or any other online business can do.

Long Tail Keywords Website Ranking

Keyword Research Tips and Tools You’ll Need to Succeed – Business 2 Community, on Wed, 12 Sep 2012 – Be sure you incorporate “long tailkeywords into your optimizations. Broad, “popular” keywords don’t account for the one-off searches that are three, four, or more words long. If you look for these long tail results in your analytics and focus on them

One simple boost to your SEO rankings – Accounting Today (blog), on Wed, 12 Sep 2012 – but it’s also an order of magnitude or two easier. Selecting your long tail keywords. How’d I settle on “small business accountant Sacramento” as our desired long tail keyword? I asked Google. Seriously! Here’s how – I went to Google and just

Top 5 Search Marketing Coping Mechanisms – ADOTAS, on Mon, 10 Sep 2012 – The bang for buck in mining the long tail often isn’t there. Longtail keywords have very low impression and click volume — that is to say, they have diminishing marginal bang. At the same time, an SEM’s workload scales with the number of keywords in

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