Marketing Automation Tools By Brad Smith

Marketing Automation Tools hey guys Brad
Smith here today we're going to talk about the best tools that you should be
looking for when you're planning your marketing automation now first thing I
want you to look out for is something that fits your style and your business
now you don't just go to one that somebody recommends find one and try
some demos try the 14 or 30 day trials play around with it experiment and see
if it's a good fit for you now you also need to test it once you set up some
campaigns and some other marketing automation inside of the system and the
software start testing it send yourself those autoresponders put your email in
now read the rest of the article below it's gonna give you some great tips and
thank you for watching hey there my name is Brad Smith owner and founder of help
links com it's my mission and my passion to help
others with their business so if I could be your coach your mentor help you in
any way that's my goal my goal is to bring you value so let me know if
there's anything I can help you with and I look forward to working with you

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