Mobile Apps Versus Mobile Websites

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Mobile Websites Which One Is The Best?

Mobile Apps Versus Mobile WebsitesAs modern technology evolves to bring on newer technologies, many businesses are struggling to keep up with the pace. However, it is essential for them to keep abreast with technologies in order not to lose out in the challenging marketplace. The latest emerging technology today is mobile technology with sophisticated and advanced mobile phones and mobile devices sprouting up every month to delight consumers.

Businesses are in a flurry to keep pace of the latest market developments as more consumers become active mobile users. Hence, it is not surprising that more mobile apps are quickly designed and developed to meet the changing consumer trends in the market.

Progressive Business Developments

Business owners and marketers must stay alert to the emerging business apps on the mobile phones which are attracting more and more web consumers who prefer getting onto the web via their mobile phone or mobile device rather than the computer or laptop which is bulky, heavy and inconvenient.

As web users progressively prefer surfing the web via their mobile phones and devices, businesses have no choice but to switch their websites to be more mobile friendly or compatible. Mobile phones are known to be light and portable which encourage mobile users to have on them 24/7 for any task. It is no longer necessary to run to a computer or lug the laptop around for checking mails or surfing the Internet, but getting on the web via mobile devices that have mobile apps or checking information from mobile friendly websites.

Mobile Responsive Websites

As technology progresses with mobile dynamics, more and more businesses need to tweak their websites to become mobile friendly or mobile compatible to accommodate the increasing number of mobile users in the market who prefer to get on the web via their mobile phone or tablet.

The web pages of any business website today must be mobile compatible for easy viewing from a mobile device in order to secure a larger scope of audience. This leads to a scurry of hiring professional website designers to revamp current traditional websites to be more dynamic in responsive mobile compatible designs viewable on various mobile platforms regardless of different configurations.

This calls for a mobile, responsive web design that would allow clear viewing on mobile devices or PDAs of different brands. The arrival of smart phones, PDAs and tablet PCs has changed the market situation drastically with more consumers preferring to browse the Internet through new and innovative mobile devices that are sophisticated and powerful.

Web consumers are now surfing the web from mobile devices at anytime from anywhere without being restricted to device availability. The emergence of mobile technology and sophisticated mobile devices led Google and other search engines to update their search algorithms to incorporate mobile technology that searches out mobile friendly websites before according high page rankings to websites.

Mobile Apps Dynamics

However, after the scramble to become mobile friendly or mobile compatible, mobile websites find themselves competing with emerging mobile apps that offer greater conveniences to a web consumer in fulfilling needs and offering satisfying online experiences. Web users are spending more time on a mobile app than mobile websites. The rapid rise of mobile apps that cater to consumers’ precise needs is instrumental in the rapid drastic change in the market today.

Many mobile apps are game apps which occupy many consumers throughout the day. The market statistics revealed that game apps form 1/3 of currently available apps with social media following as 1/5 of Internet usage. Market surveys revealed that web consumers spend a lot of time on social media apps that include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

With such mobile apps, many mobile Internet users no longer require a browser, but use social media sites like Facebook to search and browse the web instead of finding individual mobile websites.

This is definitely a switch from Google on Internet searches to establish app domination today. As more mobile apps are developed and offered for free to web consumers, mobile compatible websites may have to take a back seat until further technologies generate some dynamic solutions to boost their relevancy in the market as a preference to web users. The market trend today seems to be a continual rise in mobile apps that seem to cause an addiction to mobile web users, although the downloading of apps could change web users’ minds and usage habits.

Choice between Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

Smart and farsighted businesses today that recognize the growing importance of mobile apps in the market would take up swift actions to counter their Internet presence decline. The increase in mobile apps is a clear sign for web businesses to seek out professional mobile app developers to create appropriate mobile apps that could boost business by attracting the right crowd.

Even small and new businesses today are taking the plunge for a mobile app related to their core business to stay visible in the market. This is the time for business owners and marketers to capitalize on the business opportunity presented with relevant business apps to boost their market presence and bottom lines.

Companies that publish their own apps, especially interesting and useful ones are likely to captivate a larger market audience to drive more traffic to their web business sites. As mobile technology progresses, more dynamic mobile apps would be developed with more advanced features and functions that would engage the user in a greater intensity.

Modern enterprises would need to check their market position to determine the necessity in flowing with the latest technologies and their offerings to remain competitive in the marketplace. A well designed mobile app could be an effective marketing tool if it meets the needs and expectation of the mobile user.

Mobile websites must be more user friendly in their design to be appealing and relevant in their scope of offerings to attract mobile users from mobile apps. Web pages that are aptly scaled for mobile screen displays would attract more mobile users to enjoy the online experience via a mobile phone or mobile device.

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Mobile Websites Which One Is The Best?

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