More Ways To Increase your Web Traffic Via Paid Traffic

More Ways To Increase your Web Traffic Via Paid Traffic

More Ways To Increase your Web Traffic Via Paid Traffic Pay Per Click

More Ways To Increase your Web Traffic Via Paid TrafficWhen it comes to getting traffic online, it is what one would call a never ending story. Because the fact of the matter is this, you will always need traffic to your website be it for sales or for getting leads. A huge part of internet marketing lies in the traffic generation department and there will always be a huge demand for traffic generation.

So to aid you with your traffic generation, we will share another few more ways on how you can fish in more traffic with the least cost using known paid traffic source. With that said, keep in mind that we should always be looking for targeted traffic instead of junk traffic because junk traffic is a waste of time and budget.

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Search PPC (Google Adwords:, Microsoft Adcenter:

Search Engine PPC which stands for Pay per click is one of the easiest ways to buy paid advertising. There are many huge PPC networks available but the biggest platform of them all are Google AdWords and Microsoft Adcenter. It is easy to create an account on any of these platforms, and you can usually start an account for free.

Be careful when advertising with Google AdWords however, because they no longer accept advertising for affiliate products. It is very important for you make sure that you are not promoting a third party product of you can easily get your account banned.

Microsoft Adcenter is actually a platform consisting of the search engine on both and Hence on Microsoft Adcenter, your ad can be seen by both the crowds on MSN and Yahoo without having to manage two accounts at the same time.

There exists other 3rd tier pay per click platforms and 7search is one such platform that gets a high recommendation by a lot of internet marketers these days.

The advantages of using pay per click advertising and the platforms mentioned above is that the barrier of entry is very low. In fact, most of the time, you can start advertising at a very low cost of $100 dollars or sometimes even lower. Pay per click advertising is also one of the fastest ways to get highly targeted traffic to your website or offer.

The traffic from search engines are usually very interested in your offers because they saw your ad, while searching for something that they already want. The cost to advertise on Pay per click often varies between the different keywords that you bid on. If the keyword that you are bidding has a high search volume and that there are a lot of competitors bidding for the same keyword, the price for that keyword will naturally be higher as well.

All in all, pay per click is often used to test the market and offers at a very fast pace (within hours). And if the campaign is proven to be profitable, advertisers will then set new budget to start marketing on PPC at a larger scale.

Facebook Ads (

Facebook is the place to be these days. If you have a thriving business already you definitely do not want to miss the chance to put out your offer in front of even more prospects that are lurking around in Facebook. In fact, it is hard not to notice that Facebook is the talk of the town, and that Facebook has forever changed the way we socialize with the people that we know in these modern days.

However, spending money on Facebook ads can be tricky. Those who do not know what they are doing will find themselves losing a lot of money really fast on Facebook. The key to getting low advertising cost on Facebook seems to rely heavily on the small-sized picture that is allowed right beside your ad.
Here’s why.

The first thing that gets noticed on any Facebook ad is likely going to be the picture that you inserted. Hence your choice on pictures should be nothing less than spectacular. Facebook experts have found out that a picture of a female seems to help attract the attention of the eye. And that if your ad can ‘stand out’ from the crowd you will get more clicks on your ad.

The plus side to these clicks is that the more clicks you get for your ad; the less you are going to pay per click. Many Facebook advertisers have also realized that by using a fan page first, you can easily get even more clicks and thus lower your advertising cost to next to nothing. The only thing you need to do next is to figure out how to monetize these ‘fans’ that you’ve acquired.

Review Ads (

Using sponsored review as an ad is not something that is widely discussed within the internet marketing community but be rest assured that this is something that exists and is commonly used by higher-level marketers, and it is making them very happy.

What you basically do is to basically seek out website that already has a pool of visitors, and that they are very likely to be interested in your offer. After that, you pay the website owner a fee to put up an ‘honest’ review of your product or services. If the existing user base of this website that you’ve found trusts the site owner, then you my friend is in business.

Nothing beats the ‘recommendation’ of someone your potential buyers trust. This is why it is important for you to seek out a site that seems to be legit and that the crowd that hangs out there worships the site owner (no joke!). For example, if you go to YouTube, there are many ‘experts’ that has accumulated millions of subscribers and their followers practically ‘listen’ to all the advice that these people give out.

Imagine how the response would be when a ‘make up’ guru holds your brand of make up in front of a YouTube video and start applying it on her face and says “Hmmm… this brand is actually easy to use and it is cost effective. I tried it the other day, and it is also very easy to take it off. The overall feel of the makeup is astoundingly comfortable”.

I hope that you can see the value here because with a good recommendation, you can be sure that you will see your makeup product sell like crazy for a long time.

There are many other paid ad platforms out there such as Stumble Upon, Banner Advertising, Cost per View, Contextual advertising and etc. The thing that you absolutely need to remember is your own budget and make sure you know where your prospects are. Only then should you decide how, when and where you should spend your budget on. Furthermore, you need to always start small and track your way to success.

More Ways To Increase your Web Traffic Via Paid Traffic

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