My Best Affiliate Marketing SEO Strategy (2020 Guide)

everybody’s here and in this video I’m going to explain my favorite affiliate SEO strategy and how you can adopt it to your own business regardless of what market that you’re in first and foremost if you’re new here be sure to subscribe to the channel I release new videos every week also check out the resources in the description to help you take your business to the next level so let’s talk about my favorite affiliate SEO strategy how you can apply it to your business and how we use this to rank for keywords all across the board in variety of niches this technique is going to allow you to immediately tap into the authority and trust in the eyes of Google so what does that mean was it mean when we say Trust or what does it mean we say Authority that means that you’re gonna have a higher likelihood of being able to rank in the search engines as opposed to something that is brand new so most people will start their affiliate website and they start with a brand new domain and they will go out and they’ll build out content and then they start working to build links sometimes they’ll buy links sometimes they’ll you know use vendors to go out and try to get links and there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s too slow so what we would rather do is to tap into existing authority there’s domains that are out there that you can tap into that already have trust they already have age and they already have a good backlink profile let me show you what I’m talking about let’s go to my screen and I’m gonna show you and walk you through this process so we’re looking at a website called expired domains net and you can see there’s a lot of tabs here lots of cool stuff here that you can look at with GoDaddy closeouts GoDaddy expired GoDaddy auctions with bids this is primarily the main tab that I’m gonna be looking at is the GoDaddy auctions with bids so the way that this works is people when they build a website they’ve got their domain name that they’re buying it’s you know 10 12 bucks a year depending on what extension it is that they’re buying and then they renew that every year if they don’t renew it then what happens is it goes to the auction block and people can bid on it and you can buy these domains after somebody has done all the work so think about it this way somebody goes out buys and they do all the work they build out the content they go out and they get links they go out and get press releases they get links from you know real high authority sources and then they let the domain lapse so what happens to at the end well it goes to this auction block where people bid on it and the winner the winning bid it gets the domain name okay so you can see right here there’s four thousand nine hundred and twenty two domains that are under this one tab here which is the GoDaddy auctions WB which that means GoDaddy auctions with bids so these are people that are buying or people that are bidding on these domains and you can look at it and it the list just goes on and on and on right so you this will show up I think 20 or 25 of the of these domains right here then you just go into the next page so there’s a hundred and ninety seven pages of these domains now what we what I try to do when I’m looking at this is I don’t worry as much about the domain name itself I’ll worry about four things number one I want a dot-com a dotnet or domain those will rank easier and better than your dot info or dot biz or something along those lines I’m not as worried about the domain name itself I’m more worried about the extension now when I say that I’m not worried about the domain name obviously I’m looking here in the list and you see gambling therapy com obviously if I was starting a digital marketing blog or a fitness blog then I wouldn’t want gambling therapy com but I don’t get real picky about the domain names I don’t like I don’t think that my keyword has to be in the domain name or anything like that I see a lot of people trying to look for that needle in a haystack and they never find it because they’re too focused on finding that keyword in the domain name or making sure that it’s something that’s knit that’s niche specific if you do that you’re really wasting your time because you’re never gonna find that but as I was saying if I come across as gambling therapy com then I’m not gonna use that for like a digital marketing blog or use it for a you know fitness blog or something like you got to use some common sense with that too so I’d work mainly wanted Combinator org the second thing that I’m looking at is the previous content I want to see what the content was before this went to the auction block and the way that you can do that is there’s all these tabs here that I was tailing telling you and if you hover over each one of these it’s gonna tell you what these stand for so what we’re looking for is this one right here this is the archive number of crawled results so the ACR that’s what we’re looking for and so what you can do is you can click on this you see this has got you know this wonder shop net domain right here that we’re looking at it’s got let’s see 49 LSCC 6262 crawled results so if we go right here this is going to click open and it’s gonna open up the wayback machine or and it’s gonna show us what the content was on the site beforehand now I’ve got some things that I completely avoid whenever it comes to you know content on the site beforehand first and foremost I’m going to avoid anything that looks like an old PB n or an old private blog network if it’s somebody else’s pbn I don’t want it I don’t I don’t want to risk it okay the second thing that I don’t want is I don’t want any pornography if there’s pornography on the site I don’t want anything to do with it so if it was an old porn site or anything like that I don’t want anything to do with it the other thing is if it’s been you know if it’s got like cheap coach purse deals or cheap NFL jerseys or something that’s really highly spammed then I don’t want any part of that either as far as the content goes also if it’s something that is like cheap viagra or you know cheap drugs or whatever on the site I don’t want any part of that either so I just have a few things that I don’t want and those include it if I see anything to do with that then I’m gonna pass on to the next domain so this will allow you if all you gonna do you just click on the year that you want to look at and then you can click on the screenshot right here I don’t want to do that because I don’t know what’s on this and I don’t want this having anything inappropriate or anything like that so if you click on this it’s gonna open this up and it’s gonna show you what the site looked like beforehand I want to try to look at the site and its latest date so in this case we’re here in the Wayback Machine we want to look at you know the last possible date that we cancel in this case it would be August the 18th of 2019 so after this passes our inspection you know the first one ComNet or and then we’re looking at the content the third part that we want to focus on is the backlink we want to make sure that they have a clean backlink profile we want to make sure that the links are actually going to support the site itself so I see a lot of people going in and they’re not really looking at the links they’re not looking at the quality links and there’s a number of software that that’s out there that will allow you to look at the backlink profile but essentially this is where we want to be sure that if we’re bidding on this domain we want to be sure that we have got some good authority links and you don’t want just one or two because if you lose those if you lose those links then that’s gonna basically make the domain less valuable so you want to be sure you’ve got more the more the merrier on the links now you don’t want to you also want to make sure that you’re not getting those that have spammed links like the topics that we were talking about so if I see porn you know like the large majority of the links if they’re pornography if they’re like the cheap coach purses or the cheap viagra then I’m not going to invest in that domain because chances are good that that domain was spam to death and I don’t want anything to do with that so if that passes the inspection then what we want to do is we want and we’re about getting ready to bid we want to be sure that this domain is indexed and typically this is the first thing that I look at is making sure that the domain is indexed and the way that we do that is we go in here and we want to grab the URL so you can see I’m just gonna hover over this I’m gonna copy this and again this is typically the first step that I do and all we’re doing is we’re going to Google we’re gonna run a simple command the command is site colon and then the domain and that’s gonna tell you if the sizes index I’m just gonna do side : and I’m gonna paste the domain in there and I’m gonna hit enter and what you’re gonna see here is if you see anything showing up in the search results then that means this domain is still indexed and so the reason that I that’s important to me is because I want something that is still index if at all possible I don’t want to get into index non index we’ll save that for a later video but the main thing is if I’m going in gonna go bid and I want to immediately tap into Authority and I want to immediately be able to start showing up in the search results then I want to be sure that this domain is indexed and again this is typically the first step and the first thing that I’m gonna check is making sure that this domain is indexed and then we proceed with the other checks that we already talked about so this is how we’re able to immediately tap into Authority where we’re immediately able to start seeing rankings in the top of the search engines by simply tapping in to age domains that are hitting the auction block now there’s a lot more details there’s a lot more research that you have to know because if you go in here and you just start bidding on some of these things then you stand a really hot chance of being able of going in here and over bidding on something that doesn’t have the value so I’ve got a full training where I show you exactly how to do that what you want to do is click the resource and the description that’s gonna take you to a free training webinar that I put together and I’ve got a complete system on how we’re using this strategy and you can actually look at me look over my shoulder and see how I’m buying these domains and see what I do with them how I set them up and everything in between so if you enjoyed this video be sure to like it comment below and be sure to share it and I will see you in the next video take care and see you soon you [Music]

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