Picking An Ecommerce Platform For Startups

Living in this digital world is not easy. Technology is a strong presence in our lives and it guides a lot of choices that we make. For an owner of a business, though, this can be a good thing because this means, more opportunity to put your brand under the limelight.

Businesses that have newly started, especially, need to know how to leverage this ever-changing technology to enhance their profits and visibility. Since there exists such cutthroat competition out there, as a business owner, you will need to pull out the big guns and pick the best out of the lot when it comes to choosing e-commerce platforms to run your business on, especially if it is a start-up!

Magento is the one most business owners opt for because it seems to be the right choice for newly started e-commerce websites. Magento’s popularity has increased quite a bit and here is why:

Compatibility with SEO

All online sites pay close attention to their search engine rankings because it is crucial to being a successful e-commerce business. You can find brands constantly putting in work in this aspect to improve rankings on these search engines. Magento provides SEO friendly URLs for businesses as per their needs. Customized keywords, Google Sitemaps, descriptions are among the things Magento also prepares for you, these are important to increase the ranking of sites on SEOs.

It also rewrites URLs when the need arises and sorts out popular searches automatically, duplication of content has also kept a check on. Magento is ideal for a platform because of its general friendliness to e-commerce because it also increases SEO visibility by developing unique store pages so that your brand stands out when compared to your competition.
Magento is mobile-friendly
The designs developed by Magento suit mobile devices and are following what Google expects in terms of optimizing a site to the needs of mobile. Magento even alters layout according to the type of product and its features, thus giving it a personalized feel. Regular newsletters and emails are also configured to suit mobile users, thus, allowing customers who are usually on their phones to view content perfectly without a hassle.
Secure platform for businesses
E-commerce websites are very concerned with this aspect because these need to be taken care of to build trust in customers and SEOs alike. Magento ensures that security is not compromised. There is data encryption so that all transactions are completely secure and data is not mismanaged or misused.
Mobility and flexibility
People everywhere prefer to do things on their mobile phones rather than their desktops, almost always. So, as mentioned earlier, being mobile-friendly is very important for business. Magento allows for all applications with an HTML5 interface to be collated.

Whether it be for Apple or Android devices, it is possible to get this developed quickly, thus enhancing mobility in terms of reach and usage. The instigation of many site functions is also possible on the mobile version. When you compare Magento to other platforms for e-commerce, you will note that this one is much more flexible.

As a business owner, you will have full ownership and control over your website even if you have Magento as a platform; all that you are signing up is for professional help in web hosting to ensure the success of your e-commerce website. Magento is an asset in this way because of the level of flexibility in operation, complete ownership and accountability it offers.

A large community of developers

Web developers usually go for open-source platforms in order to develop e-commerce sites. Magento too falls under this category with a whopping community of thousands of web developers and enthusiasts who work on extensions and enhancing e-commerce platforms in whatever ways possible. This is why both developers and businesses like Magento.

Successful customer segmentation

Regardless of what kind of business you are running, whether a startup or not, you will need to segment customers based on a bunch of factors like their demographics, purchase patterns, shopping history, cart behavior, among others.

With a platform like Magento, this is very easy to do. Magento does this which allows for brands to plan out their marketing and sales accordingly, strategies become more efficient and successful due to the valuable data that is given to them about their customers.

Offering extensions

There is an extensive market place, another proud feature of Magento. All of these extensions are useful to businesses, they can help with solving a wide range of problems e-commerce sites could be facing at any given point of time. The developers here create as well as deploy said extensions.
Magento offers ready to use extensions for businesses and developers too, handle queries efficiently when it comes to clients and their concerns. The number of extensions available is in the thousands and their functionalities are many. Magento also has automated frameworks for testing that work with a large number of third-party integrations and tools.

Performance and scalability

The general performance of your e-commerce website becomes good with improvements from the checkout process to the administrator interface. If you are looking to upgrade your website, Magento is your place to go. Magento allows for an inventive method of selling products online, thus, helping you grow and sustain that growth over time with its help. If you have your goals set out for you as a business that is just budding online, then you will need to make the right choice in achieving those goals and Magento can help with this because it reduces quite a bit of operation costs.

Not just this, because performance gets affected by these upgrades, it helps in ensuring conversion rates too. This means people will not just visit your website and leave. They will make an effort to navigate through all your pages, select what they like, add it to their carts and finish with the purchase instead of exiting midway.

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