More Shocking Stats From The Internet Marketing World.

Facebook is a critical strategy in their business.

Internet marketing is a booming industry. This does not come as a surprise because the idea of not having to work for other people and making money from your own doorstep is quite frankly, very enticing. People love the idea of freedom and not being in the rat race. In fact during the recession, there exists a rise in the amount of new internet marketer because people are flocking towards the internet in hope to find an alternate income for their daily lives. Hence the internet has turned into a new home for people who are looking for a way out of the rat race and to some the internet has turned into their sole provider for a full time income.

Now, the internet has offered so much opportunity and it is always changing. The dynamic nature of the internet has caused the rise and fall of many internet trends and as an online entrepreneur; it pays to be in the know. Here are some shocking stats on the internet that you should know so that you can adapt your online business accordingly.

Businesses that come from blogs are approximated to be 55%.

Yes, that is right; this statistic is telling us just how big of significance the blogging phenomenon is to the online community. More and more people are accustomed to buy stuff from a blog and thus the ideas of selling an affiliate product by writing affiliate reviews on a product is definitely a great way to make a living online. Gone are the days where you have to worry if people will be comfortable buying stuff from a non-commercial site. This statistic has shown us just how powerful a blog can be and how you can use it to make money online.

Therefore, if you do not have a blog of your own, it will be a great time to start today. In fact, starting a blog is not that hard at all. All you have to do is get a WordPress blog installed and then make sure that your blog is updated consistently every day to gain the initial attention. Once your blog has a consistent traffic, monetizing a blog should be a breeze. The hard part is actually maintaining one because it takes a lot of time and work to run a blog that gets noticed.

Over 80% of online business owners claim that Facebook is a critical strategy in their business.

As crazy as it sounds, Facebook does matter. The existence and power of Facebook to influence your business can no longer be ignored. People are living in a Facebook era these days and there has been no sign of stopping. Facebook is getting so strong each day that they actually pose a threat to Google themselves. Gone are the days where Google can claim that they own the internet because now, with Facebook, you can see the traffic and the time spent on Facebook by an average person far surpassed those who do a quick search online. In terms of usability, people only use Google when they feel like they need to search for something, but in Facebook, it is a ‘hang out’ and ‘social’ place for the residence there.

In fact, there is an alarming growth in the amount of people who are actually hooked to Facebook and they start to ‘post’ whatever minuscular and unimportant details of themselves on Facebook every other minute. These obsessions on Facebook can turn into an advantage for marketer and one of the best things is… it is free to use. You do not have to use the paid advertising in order to succeed on Facebook and you will still be able to utilize it to make a significant impact to help grow your business.

Over 88% of Internet Users will do research on a product before they buy.

That’s right… people are getting smarter and since the internet is so available to them there is no reason why people should buy by impulse anymore. This means as an internet business owner, you need to not try to get people to buy via impulse but instead you should provide as much information chunks as possible for your prospects and help them decide from their avid research, that your product is the best they can ever buy.

This gives people the confidence in buying and after the purchase they will feel rather proud of their purchase because after all the research that has been done, they know that they have made the right decisions. Another way to help your business capitalize on this opportunity is to use Social media to engage with your prospects. Make use of good user experience and encourage public feedbacks on the social media platform to get some great words going for your business. All these good feedbacks will work for you on the internet for a long time. Every time people look for your product, they will be able to see other happy customers that rave about your product and if that does not get you more profit, nothing can. You can take this as an example.

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Be careful when handling negative feed backs and treat your customers with respect and you should be able to handle all the problems in your business. One day, this consistent growth in feedback and the quality of your product will move your product into the top dog in the industry. What this means is that you have branded yourself well and people will think of your product first whenever they have a problem that your product can solve. All you have to do then is to maintain the quality of your product, update your product often so that your competitors cannot overcome you and lastly, treat all your support questions and feedback as a way to get your business into a greater level.

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