Ray Dalio: Great Leaders in My Eyes

Ray Dalio shares his list of great leaders who learn from mistakes and embrace principles

Ray Dalio says all great leaders make mistakes what sets them apart is how they learn from those mistakes Dalia wishes. They’D all write, those lessons down principles is his way of sharing the ones. He learned while building Bridgewaterso who’s on your list of good leaders, then Bill Gates is a great Elon. Musk um, you know that there are shapers Jack, Dorsey, uh, Reed Hastings, those in some of the business community in the philanthropic somebody uh.I admire enormous Mohammed Yunusum, who fine microfinance and has found really the inventor of social enterprise, and he knows how to make, essentially, businesses um out of philanthropy in other words to make themselves sustaining fantastic Jeffrey Canada, Harlem children in other words, a vision. These are visionaries who are shapers um. You know they’re just, those are contemporary. Those are it’s very difficult in government. Well, you spent a lot of time with Mario Draghi.

Ray Dalio: Great Leaders in My Eyes

Leadership Qualities of Independent Thinkers and Courageous Pursuers of Change

Would you put him on that list? Oh, I’d put Mario Draghi on that list and would say: Ben Bernanke is a hero, okay in other words. The person who stood up at a very difficult time, with a sacrifice personal sacrifice. Do the right things: the political system, has its uh, it’s its challenges. It sounds too me like. The unifying threads among all of these people, whom you do admire, are on the one hand independence, independent thinking, and creativity. On the other hand, the courage to pursue either one or both of those things means everybody has their role. That’s the thing’ve also learned everybody has their own nature and their role and it takes a team and so like. Yes, I like the fact that those people for the good of whatever can go from visualizing something visualization to actualization to build it out, however. I can tell you that all of those people at all need people who have different features and different abilities.

The Importance of Balancing Creativity and Reliability in Leadership, with Admiration for Netflix, Twitter, and Meritocracy

First big conceptual big picture: thinker needs a person who’s paying attention, to all the detail. You know the creative person who’s not reliable needs, the reliable person who’s not creative. Have any companies earned your admiration other psychologists, who’ve come in and examined our company say that there are comparisons um, I would say, that Netflix with Reid Hastings hazard, my admiration um.I um Jack Dorsey and twitter in terms of that radical transparency and one, the idea of meritocracy has earned my admiration um some. So there are some, but I’m not an expert on them.

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