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Google AdSense is a program meant for advertising which allows brands to run their ads on any chosen platform such as websites, blogs or even YouTube videos by paying the brand for every click by a visitor. A unique AdSense code is placed on your site or blog and the ads will be generated accordingly through these sites that use Google AdSense. This is especially useful for newly established sites or blogs if they want to start generating income quickly. Google AdSense has gained immense popularity.

How a website performs is pretty subjective because it depends on what type of site it is. Data shows that some sites do better compared to others when it comes to the level of revenue they generate via Google AdSense. The formula is simple, you need good content and a large amount of traffic to make money using this advertising program.


Content can be of two types. The nature of one can be described as one that can attract a new audience to your website daily and the other type is one that keeps your visitors wanting more so they keep coming back to the site. As a brand, you will need a good number of both so that there will be an inflow of traffic that is new while ensuring that you retain your audience, making them loyal and frequent visitors.

Content on blog sites, social networks, online forums, free tools, new websites is among the few that can do this. They are easy to optimize and promote to gain visibility and clicks on Google AdSense ads.

Types of Google AdSense ads

Google offers text, images, rich media, video and animated images as adoptions to run on websites. In terms of text, there are options in terms of size and customizable aspects like color. Images are graphic ads that also come with options of sizes and text included. Rich media is nothing but interactive ads that often include HTML or video.
Another available option is ‘search’ which leads to you having a Google search box on your blog or site so that search becomes easy for visitors and it opens with AdSense ads, thus ensuring more clicks.

Choosing and creating ads

Each company wants to be different so they will experiment with various styles of ads. You too have the option of doing the same. So, try to create ads in various formats to give your visitors to resonate with ads and advertisers who they might choose to click on normally. The user experience must always be your primary concern.

Your page must have a majority of content and fewer ads in comparison, if the opposite happens, that will work against your goal. Google analytics must be leveraged by you to understand what style of ads seems to work on your site, you will get the numbers on how many clicks each ad is getting, what people find most interesting, etc.

Make money with AdSense

Start your planning for day one. Make sure you know and stick to all of Google’s rules and requirements. Complying with Google’s and AdSense’s policies will keep you on the positive radar because Google is quite strict with the rules. Clicking on your ads and incentivizing your clicks are not in line with the rules. Do not do this.

The quality of your site’s content depends on you. Money can only be made if you can drive traffic to your site, that can only happen if your content is worth people’s time. Organic traffic is much appreciated. Google fully supports search engine optimization to gain organic traffic. Article marketing is also a viable option.

Mobile-friendliness of your website is also a factor, Google gives prominence to it. It only makes sense because almost the whole of the population uses mobile devices. Responsive ads need to be used for Google to provide appropriate ad sizes to fit the mobile screen.

Experiment with different types of ads, test your options and settle on the ones that lead to the most monetary gain. Per page, three is the maximum number of ad placement you are allowed, utilize them effectively. Placing your ads properly is also important, each strategy could work differently, you should try them all out. Place leader board ads, have an ad above the fold, have one below the logo, have ads within the article content, etc.

Google supports brands with the tools and analytics that can help you monitor your ad performance with ease. Acknowledge and work on the feedback Google provides based on your data, you might get warnings via email as well.

AdSense Custom Search Ads

If your website has a lot of content to offer, your user could get lost trying to navigate through it. Use AdSense custom search for your site because this helps your audience find the specific content that they want to see. Your profits also get maximized because ads are shown alongside the search results.

Leveraging YouTube

Starting your own YouTube channel with your video content is also a great idea. Monetization happens through this channel as well; you can link this YouTube channel to your existing AdSense account. You can pick and choose which videos you would like to monetize on and what ads must be shown to your video audience.

Competition and ads

Some ads that you see driven by Google could belong to your competition. It could be completely different from what your users want to see. To avoid this, Google AdSense gives you the leeway to block around 200 URLs from being displayed on your site. You need to make sure you know what kind of ads are running on your website and block them if they don’t suit you.

Pros of Google AdSense

It is free and the eligibility requirements are simple, monetization can start even if your site is relatively new. Customization options are great, you can create what you like or simply experiment with ideas.

Google pays you by the month via direct deposits once you meet the minimum threshold. With one AdSense account, ads can be run on multiple sites as well as mobile devices. You can link your account even to your YouTube account.

Cons of Google AdSense

Google reserves the right to terminate your account if you break any set rules. Traffic is the prerequisite for you to make any money. You cannot expect to become rich solely depending on this.

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