Top 5 Passive Income Ideas For 2022

The first one is print on demand. Print on demand allows you to work with suppliers of white label products in order to customize those products and to sell them under your own brand and with your own designs, and because you don’t pay for the product until you sell it, there is no need to Buy in bulk or stock up on inventory print on demand services ensure that everything after the sale from digital printing to order fulfillment and shipping is handled by your supplier. Once everything has been set up, it only takes a few clicks to fulfill an order after a sale. The pros of a pod are once the design is complete. You can create the product and put it on sale in minutes.

Shipping orders are taken care of by your supplier. This takes the hassle and responsibility out of shipping you’re only responsible for customer service after the sale next point: low investment, low risk, since inventory, isn’t held by you directly, it’s easier to add and remove products, test ideas or pivot your strategy and now the cons. It is obvious that the cost of a print-on-demand product will be higher than when purchasing in bulk. Shipping costs are difficult to predict, as the price might differ, depending on the print-on-demand product. Additionally, if you want to make your unboxing experience, stand out, your options are limited.

There are limited customization options. The vendor and product you choose will determine the customization options and size available to you. So one of the best print-on-demand suppliers is printful and printify. Your t-shirt designs can become passive income if people find them useful, you can sell them for a few months and then create new designs to sell to your existing customers. The only big thing you need to consider to make any revenue at all is, of course, marketing.

So you need to run some ads on Facebook or Instagram or tick-tock. So for this business, you really need to calculate some marketing costs in the 100 and 250 dollar range to run some serious ads as well. So the next one is mutual funds investing in securities like stocks, bonds, money, market instruments, and other assets is done through mutual fund investments which are pools of money collected from many investors. An investment portfolio of a mutual fund is structured and maintained to match its investment objectives. As stated in the prospectus by professional money managers, the goal of a mutual fund is to produce capital gains for its investors.

A mutual fund provides small and individual investors with access to professionally managed portfolios of stocks, bonds, and other securities. Each shareholder is rewarded proportionally for the gains and losses of the fund. So the obvious pros of mutual funds are managed by professionals. Fund managers do all the research for you. They pick the securities and monitor their performance.

Mutual funds typically invest in a variety of companies and industries, so your risk is lower if one company fails next, it’s affordable, and a majority of mutual funds set a low dollar amount for initial investment and subsequent purchases. Investment liquidity means mutual funds. Investors can cash out their shares at any time for the current net asset value, plus redemption fees. The downside of mutual funds is that you have to share the profits with all the other investors, and it will probably take years or even decades, to make remarkable profits, but it should at least protect your money from inflation. The next one is photography, so the next possible passive source of income is photography and videography in this case on pixels.

Just in case some of you don’t know about pixels, pixels is a stock footage provider made mainly for content creators who need stock footage for their work and since pixels offers free stock footage. Some of them are to be precise, 11 million monthly users search on pixels. For any kind of stock footage, you are probably wondering what the catch is. So why use pixels if you are not even getting paid as a photographer? So the answer is simple there is a link to your Instagram and the donation link via PayPal and that’s one way to make passive income because, as you can see, some of the pictures aren’t even hard to take.

So you could take some random pictures of a wedding, for example, where you have to go anyways, or landscapes or a rainy evening, and just post them on pixel, with almost no effort, and you could get some donations or some new Instagram followers and that’s how the business world works. If you don’t have a lot of money to start a business or any other potential passive source of income. You have to start small, and maybe for some of you, that’s a too ridiculous start to an online business and in some terms, I can understand that and that’s why I’m not going to tell you to completely rely on some possible but unstable donations.

So the plan should be to grow a small audience by actively posting on pixels and on your linked Instagram account to one day switch to the other, more popular stock footage provider Shutterstock, because in Shutterstock you get paid for your work and after you have just already Built an audience you tell them to check out your Shutterstock uploads, and so you could build a business that could generate passive income for you. The next one is blogging, so the next also easy and possible source of passive income is blogging.

If you are interested in a certain topic, whether it’s stocked, cryptocurrencies NFTS food receives fitness, or technology, you can share this knowledge online on your website, via WordPress,, Tumblr, or blogger, and to monetize your blog. You need to run some ads on your website through Google AdSense. So all you need to do is to create a website and share your knowledge and enthusiasm about your favorite topic, so it is possible to earn passive income. If you have enough readers on your site and the last one for today, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is another way to monetize your block when it comes to fitness, for example, since you are trying to lose weight and build muscle with your blog, you can recommend protein Shakes or apps that help your readers track their calorie intake.

If your blog is about finance, you can also share a link to specific finance books. Most services offer affiliate programs, meaning you can get anywhere from one percent to 20 when someone buys a product through your link and since you have gained the trust of your readership because they are getting value from your blogs, it’s very likely. They will click on your link and buy the product. There are some affiliate link providers like amazon associates, ClickBank a sale, or CJ affiliate. You could also share these links on your youtube channel.

If you have one or if a friend of yours wants to buy something on Amazon, you could also create an affiliate link to that product and send it to your friend. You will still get the product for the same price and you will get a small commission. That’s for today, so see you in the next one.

Top 5 Passive Income Ideas For 2022

So anyways guys, there you have it. Those are my top favorite passive income streams to start in your 20s. Again, you’re not going to get there overnight, if your goal is to make $1,000 a month, or whatever it is. But the point is just to start because what you do have on your side right now is a lot of time, which can allow you to earn those compounded returns year after year. If you enjoyed this video, guys, make sure you drop a like, subscribe, and hit that bell for notifications.

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