Ways You Can Start Monetizing Your Website

Making money using websites is something a lot of people and companies have successfully done over the years. People have turned part-time work or hobbies and blogs into something that brings them income. It doesn’t need extreme steps or sacrifices, just some effort, and creativity.

Your initial aim should be to make enough just so you can cover the basics in terms of expenses such as whatever it might cost you to obtain a domain and hosting. It is important, to begin with understanding the numbers. Find out what traffic your website has and where it comes from. This will help build monetizing strategies that fit your current situation.

Google Analytics can be a huge help in figuring this part out. GA gives you the stats of how many page views of which specific keywords users have used to reach your website. This is detrimental to coming up with a good plan. And of course, your website needs to have quality content, else monetization is out of the question.

Making money with ad networks

A good place to start is when you already have quality content that has been optimized. Include the right keywords in the text and Google will be able to determine what type of ads need to be displayed on your website. Your content needs to be in sync with these ads because that creates a context for viewers, else nobody will click on the ads and no profit will come.

Pay per click advertising can get you a lot of money if done right. Your avenues to try in this respect would be Google Adsense, MediaVine or AdThrive. Adsense is simple and effortless. Google gives websites full-fledged support.

Affiliate marketing is worth exploring

This is a fast way to make money once your website has been launched is through affiliate marketing. The basic premise behind this is to identify a service or a product and promoting it on your site. If a viewer clicks on this product link and purchases it, you will get a commission each time it happens.
The trick is to have products or services that are relevant to your website’s content to provide a wholesome experience to your visitors. This mode of generating income has become quite popular. You can gain a commission percentage that suits you and the service.

Selling ad space

Media buyers are always looking for space to sell ads, instead of finding a channel via third parties, you could sell the space they need directly. This way, instead of earning a commission, you will get the entire amount and you need not worry about traffic, clicks or conversions. This, however, takes one on one meeting and you will have to negotiate your way into striking a deal.

Earnings got through this medium are quite a bit, but the effort you need to initially put is more. How space will be taken on your website is that ads will be placed at the bottom, top or as small pop-ups. If you already have a good conversion rate, then you will be paid well by advertisers because it will mean that viewers are clicking on their ads as well.

Sell services and products of your own

Monetizing becomes so much easier if you have any service or product that you can push users to purchase on your website in multiple ways. You can recognize your niche audience, make sure you have a good domain name chosen and opt for web hosting. Maybe even have a blog surrounding your brand or message.
Then all there is to do is to set up an eCommerce platform and start your marketing efforts towards making a sale. Within no time, you will have established an online store of your own. This is the most common way websites monetize today and it is profitable as long as what you are selling holds value to buyers and is better than the other options available out there.

Donations and contributions can be asked

This should not be mixed up with other methods of monetization. This is case-specific and has a lot to do with the nature of your website and its purpose. There exists an emotional component when it comes to asking for donations or contributions. There needs to be a cause that people fully support, else they will not want to contribute to it.

Generally, people like to donate to websites that are just starting. So, the reason behind asking for a favor like this needs to be clear. People do not like to contribute to murky situations or causes. Go out there and convince people why they should give to your cause.

Memberships and subscriptions

Another way of looking at this is to create a membership environment where people need to constantly upgrade for additional or better services. You can start with something free as a trial and get your users to purchase a membership for similar or better services, however specific those services may be.

Some websites do this by partially sharing content, but you can only view the full content if you purchase a membership and enter your card details for further subscriptions. This is to be done with websites you are confident about. You will need to assess your existing content and what more you can come up with that will keep users engaged that they will want to spend their money for more. Then, come up with a viable model that suits your site and the kind of users it attracts and comes up with a monthly or annual payment model.

Transactions need to happen smoothly and securely; attention needs to be paid to this aspect as well to ensure pleasant user experience. And always know what you will be doing next to make user experience and information value better otherwise people might stop subscribing or visiting your site. A lot of marketing in multiple channels also can be done to additionally boost your reach among people.

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