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One of the biggest factors to the success of any internet business is traffic, website traffic is like the lifeblood to any online business because it is from traffic that you will get your sales and the profit that you need to cover your cost and operation fees. However, one of the biggest mistakes that we see being made by the majority of the internet marketers is that they are very heavy on the Quantity of website traffic they received instead of the quality of the traffic. You can have a lot of traffic coming into your site, and your conversions might be low due to poor quality of traffic.

Website Traffic Choose Quality Over Quantity.However, if the quality of the traffic that you are getting for your website is great, you can survive with just a small number of traffic (and in many cases… strike it rich). This brings us to a discussion on niches. There are some hidden niches out there with very little website traffic, but the demand is high and this is already a formula for you to make money. Note that on hidden niches, the competition level is usually much lower. Instead in some of the hot niches that you see every day such as weight loss or a cooking niche, these niches are swarmed with competitors and make it hard for you to make a profit if you are not doing the right things. This thus is similar to the quantity vs. quality website traffic issue that we are discussing today.

If you go about doing some research on the internet, you will see how most of the people are teaching about how to get tons of website traffic. We all know that getting traffic is hard. However, the harder part is finding that right traffic. It won’t matter how much traffic you are getting on a daily basis if that traffic is not going to convert into profits. For example, there are list builders out there who only have a few hundred opt-INS on their list and they constantly out perform some of those lists out there with thousands of subscribers on it. This is a classic case where the bigger list has too many freebie seekers and the relationship between the list owner, and the list is bad.

When you have a small but targeted list, you will make money. So the logical thing to do here is to increase the size of that list? Wrong. The correct answer is to continue building the list with buyers and target website traffic. You can go out and pay for more ads, banners or PPC ads today and if that traffic that you bought is cheap and untargeted, you are going to regret your decisions the next day. People who are not interested will not buy. There are big marketing companies out there who pay for these untargeted website traffic because they have the budget to do so and they have a set amount of cash for the branding purposes. This is not the luxury available to small business owners or to most Internet marketers.

What to look for in your website traffic.

Well, for starters, if you have some traffic coming in from a new source, the first indicator if this traffic is good and targeted or not is if it converts or not. Hence, traffic your traffic would be an essential tactic to apply into your marketing arsenal. Without traffic than all you are doing is shooting blindly. Sure you could get lucky and make some money from a traffic that is ‘coincidentally’ target for your offers. However, such is not the case for many who tried the blind shooting approach. It probability of you getting lucky is very low. Hence also track your traffic appropriately. Make sure that your tracker is accurate and make sure that you are getting the best information about your traffic.

The next thing you will want to look at is where are the traffic that converting right now coming from? In other words… who are these people that are already buying from you? Find out about this and make sure to get more of this same kind of traffic. The demographics of your target traffic are important. From your traffic and market research, you should be able to make out the age group of your target market and so is the gender and general interest of your target market.

If you have the time, you should even go to your target market’s online hang out place (build a list of these hang out place) and you will learn a lot from your market. Needless to say, you should be trying to funnel traffic out of this list of hang out place back to your offer subtly. However, most importantly it is via these hang out place will you learn who these people really are and the exact demographics that you are looking for.

Knowing this demographics information alone will open up a whole new world of opportunity for even more target traffic for your business. Here’s a quick analogy to explain what this all means. People who like cooking might most probably like pots and pans or cutlery goods. This means if you are in the cooking niche, you can now go into other related sub niches and start marketing your products there using banner ads or other smart marketing tactics. In fact, those who like cooking, could be in beautiful dresses as well because of the similarity of the demographics (age, gender and interest) as well

However, you have to be very careful here because the not everyone who are into fashion will like to cook so it is best if you are doing proper tracking should you be funneling traffic into your sites. Another great way to get laser targeted traffic to your site is to buy solo ads or PPC ads. Make sure that the solo ads that you buy are coming from very tightly build list that will love your product and make sure that you are targeting for the right keyword for your PPC ads. Remember, when it comes to traffic, focus more on quantity over quantity, and you will see your profits go up, and your cost go low.

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Website Traffic Choose Quality Over Quantity.

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