Why testimonials help with conversions and how to get them.

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Why testimonials help with conversions and how to get them.

The use of testimonials to help improve your product conversions has been around since the earliest days of marketing for both online and offline. Even today when you watch the TV, you can still see commercial that gets popular people to endorse their product, which in a way is a testimonial by itself.

Statistics are showing that over 70% of the people who buys stuff online tend to search for customer reviews first before they decide to commit to a purchase. People are afraid that they make the wrong decision which explains why customers these days try to seek out other customers’ feedbacks first. If the review from general public is good, and it is getting a good review, this will probably play a huge role in their decision to make a purchase.

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As an affiliate to a product if you can share or demonstrate results or success stories from the real world or real people or even your own experience with the product, people will pay attention and they will listen to what you have to say. But of course, you must not be overly biased when you are giving your testimonials or review of the product or people will know that you are paid to say all the good stuff.

There’s something in a positive review that most common marketing effort cannot even hope to achieve especially if the testimonial is coming from someone who is an actual buyer and is not associated with the product. A testimonial can confirm that the said product is actually as good as the merchant says, and it can help illustrate how that said product actually helped solved a problem of someone in the real world.

Here are a few ideas on how to actually ask your customers for their testimonials and get them to share it around.

First of all, you need to make it easy for your customers to send you their testimonials about your great service and experience from using your product and services. A great way to do this is to put a ‘Tell Us Your Experience’ page or column on the thank you page of your website. This way, you make it easy for your customers to submit their feedback, and you get to keep the good ones and learn from the bad ones.

Next you can try to find out where people are actually talking about your business. Are there any complaints or words on the net about your business? Are there people already talking good things about your site on a forum? When you find a good testimonial, it is good to just keep quiet and let the crowd do the talking, however, if you are bombarded with negativity, you should try to step in and clear your name with professional replies.

When asking for a review, try to get them via multiple channels such as via emails, or through your Facebook fan pages. Twitter is a great place to get short testimonials as well.

There are times when someone starts a good review about your business; others will start to comment good things as well. Once it starts, the snowball effect will take place, and your reputation will go up.

So if you spot any place with a good review on your business, try sending some of your better customers over to the place to add even more good words about you. Success begets more success.

Use customer surveys or questionnaire.

Whenever you complete a sale, always give thanks. And then a few days later follow up by asking them how is the product doing for them, and if they need help or not. Right after that you can ask them for their help to fill in a survey with a small column right at the end for them to share their experience with your product and services.

Remember to do this early. Experts suggests that the best time to do this is to get the customers to respond right after the purchase while your product is still fresh in their mind, and they are still interested in your product.

Try to leave your customers with great impression every time so that in the future, anytime they remember you, they get this positive emotion about you from their memory instead of a bad one.

The best kind of review and testimonials are the ones that are given by your customers willingly. Do not force it out of them or pressure them for it. Furthermore, try not to use incentives to encourage testimonials because you want a testimonial that is genuine, honest and unbiased.

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You can choose to reward your customers who submitted testimonials by giving them some sort of special discount or bonus as a thank you gift. A surprise coupon can work in your favor as well. When you are able to get some of these ‘real’ testimonials, you’ll feel happier and your business will definitely do better as well. Show the world that your business is honest, and you will be able to stay in business for a long time. If you’re frustrated with selling info products and traditional affiliate marketing, then this may be the most important email you’ll read all day…

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Why testimonials help with conversions and how to get them.

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