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There are literally billions of websites available today and the number will be continuously growing without any signs of stopping. There are of course a lot of websites out there that has a mediocre design while some designs are purely bad. Google has also been taking a keen interest when it comes to website designs as well as a well-designed website can help the user’s experience while on the site.

Great Design Tips For Your WordPress Web Site VisitorsTherefore, it is safe to say if your website is well-designed, then Google will think highly of you and thus in the sense of SEO this is always a good thing. Nevertheless, having a good website is also going to be helping you convert well and also beat your competitors. Besides that, your visitors will love your website, and you will be sure that they will continue to come back to your site and recommend it to their friends and families.

Here are some good pointers you should follow when designing your website.

1) Clean and easy navigation.

For a website to be good, it first needs a very clean and easy to read kind of look. It should be very easy on the eyes of the readers, and you should use the right color theme for your website. Always be sure to let your website have the color that matches the mood or the topic of your niche. If your website is about medicine, a good color theme would be the nurse green, blue and white combination.

If your website is in the baby niche, then a good color theme would be pink and yellow bright kind of theme that matches with the topic. This sets up the right mood for readers and gets them interested and ready for what is to come. Having the right color theme is very important so make sure you are doing this right.

Make sure that your website is easy to navigate and never leave a visitor hanging and not knowing where to go. Always encourage your WordPress web site visitors to bookmark your sites as well so that they can easily find your website the next time they wish to come back to your site.

2) Search Engine friendly.

The next thing you would want to care about when designing your website is to make sure that your website is search engine friendly. Google has a set of rules for webmasters that you can follow for their spiders to find your website easily. Make sure to understand their requirements and design accordingly with things such as sitemaps and well placed coding. Never try to spam any keywords or hide hidden words just to please the search engine as this does not work anymore and can easily get your website banned.

3) Call to actions.

When you are designing your website, be sure to have a clear goal of what your website’s purpose or goal is. Understand that each page of your website may have a different goal and use the right call to actions to guide your WordPress web site visitors towards your goals. A call to action can be as simple as a link that says ‘Download right now’ or ‘Click here to read more’.

A good call to action should be very clear and precise and highlighted (more obvious to the eyes) that the other text. You can of course use some graphics for call to actions to help make it stand out more for your visitors. It is within human nature to be lead, and if you lead them properly they will steer towards your goal.

Your goal can be as simple as a simple click or opting in as a subscriber to your newsletter. It could also be a sale or any kind. So use call to actions appropriately and use them often to get the most out of your WordPress web site visitors every single time.

4) Good quality content.

Today, if you wish to have a site that ranks high in the search engine, then it is imperative that you provide constant good quality content for your website. Not only will this be pleasing your WordPress web site visitors, Google will love your site as well.

In fact, it is said that Google are now taking into account of how often visitors return to your website and how long they stay on your website. As these two factors are good indicators about how much of a value is your website, you should try your best to achieve the optimum amount of return visits and also the length of visitors’ stay on your site.

Having good content is what websites should be about. People come online for the main purpose of searching for information and thus if your site has little to no content, then your site is pretty much useless and makes no sense. Treat your visitors well and you will see your site traffic grow naturally like it or not.

5) Privacy policy and contact information.

Your website should always have a privacy policy to help instill trust into your WordPress web site visitors. They have the right to know how you handle their data should you be asking for any information from them and you should make sure that they can see your privacy policy easily.

Tell your visitors that you will never sell or disclose their information and that their user data is never kept on the servers. Besides that, you can explain to them that you will never spam them if you are collecting their contact information. This kind of practice will earn you respect and thus more return visit and an ease of mind every time.

Always try to provide sufficient contact information to your visitors as well. Some site experts swear that by putting a phone number up front on your website can easily improve your website’s sales conversion. They say even if you put up a fake number or a number that no one ever picks up, you will see a significant amount of increase on your site’s sales volume.

This is probably because people like to know that you are a real human and not hiding behind your computer waiting to scam them off their money. A phone number will again give them an ease of mind thus they are more willing to take the risk and place an order from you.

Great Design Tips For Your WordPress Web Site Visitors

Great Design Tips For Your WordPress Web Site Visitors

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