Working part time vs working full time as an internet marketer.

Internet marketing has a reputation to be a good ‘side income’ or ‘extra income’ source for people who are pursuing a career. Not only that Internet marketing has the ability to create a ‘full time income’ as well. Now for those who are working and wish to earn an extra income online, it is of course possible. In fact many gurus will advise their students to take internet marketing as a part time job first before working on their online business full time. The reason here is being able to have some sort of financial security while trying to work on a business. Let us explore the pros and cons of working part time and working full time as an internet marketer.

The pros of being a part time internet marketer.

One of the best benefits of making money online as a part timer is that you will not have to face as much pressure from a real business. What we are indicating here is that even if you fail in your online business, you will still have a source of income from your own career and you will not have to worry about going hungry. Besides that you will also have more budgets to reinvest in your part time business. Another great advantage when working part time is that since there is no sense of urgency, you can take things slowly and work on your business with only a few hours a day. Mike Filsaime is one of those famous marketers who made it big by starting as a part time internet marketer. Today his online business has grown so big that he will never have to look back to his old days of working for other people anymore.

The best part about this all is that the pressure here is much less than working full time where you do not have any sort of income at all. However there are other cons to working part time as well.

The cons of being a part time internet marketer.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with working part time on your online business is time. If we look at the numbers, for example, let’s say we need around 100 hours of productive time invested into an online business for it to succeed, then as a part timer who can only invest 1 or 2 hours a day, it will take a long time before you have completely invested those 100 hours into your business. What this means is that for someone who is working as a part timer on their online business, it will take a much longer time before they can see success.

Furthermore, the internet is full of distractions (and so is real life), and it won’t be long before you get distracted by other opportunities that presents itself to you and thus making you lose focus along the way. This phenomenon is very common for part a time internet marketer which causes them to chase a new opportunity every now and then without ever seeing through their initial business idea. An incomplete business idea or website will never turn into success. Hence losing focus could mean the death of your online success. Now that is just the online distractions. How about real life distractions?

Imagine a 9 ? 5 working day, by the end of the day reach home you will have to do some chores and your mind is filled with ‘stress’ from the entire day at work. Are you going to be able to work on your business effectively with all the frustration and tiredness from work? It’s going to be a hard battle. In fact more often than not, you will find yourself tempted to rest, or watch TV or spend time doing some other stuff. It takes a special character and a huge amount of motivation and discipline to sit on the computer late at night to get your business up and running. So it would seem then that working part time isn’t going to be very fruitful if you don’t work on it at all. However if you are working full time on your business, you will have time to ‘play’ and ‘release’ stress. This brings us to our next point.

The pros of being a full time online marketer.

Yes, obviously, you will be able to work from home and your stress level is entirely different. You will certainly be worried if you will meet ends meet every month but once your business is running you should be able to get a breather. Working full time from home is driven by the motivation to bring bread to the plate every day; this gives you the driving force to be disciplined. Note that as a part timer, you will already be living comfortably and this usually hinders one from working hard on your business. So for a full time marketer, the responsibility is yours and you will find yourself more focused and discipline. Similarly, you will find yourself working hard in the day time and time to rest and study at night. This gives you a balance in your daily life and thus helps you get through the hardship day by day.

The cons of being a full time online marketer.

Now we take a look at the bad part about being a full time online marketer. When you are first starting out, you will have to work hard and you will be desperate for money because you do not have any source of income. You will have to think about your next meal and paying the bills. This is not entirely a bad thing as some would say that this will actually help you to get really focused and work really hard on your business (Which is exactly what a starting business need). However, those who have been through this will tell you that the feeling is dreadful and it might not be worth it and it’s better to have some sort of income first in order to avoid that kind of a stressful life.

For a newbie internet marketer, to decide if you should be working full time or not, you should look into your own character? Are you able to get things done while working part time? If not you should consider working full time on your business. Just be sure to have some savings first so that you can survive for at least 1 year as insurance. If you are someone who is very disciplined and confident that you can get things done for your business just by working part time, then you should start as a part time internet marketer first to avoid all the ‘unnecessary’ stress.

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