Writing Twitter Headlines That Works!

Twitter Headline That Works!

Twitter is the go to place to share quick thoughts and opinions and even quick links to great contents. The problem is however, that Twitter is growing at such a fast pace is that how can you as a marketer keep up with all the tweets that are going on? How can you be the one to be able to stand out from the crowd with  twitter headline and get all the traffic and retweets that you rightfully deserve? Here are some hard facts that you should know about Twitter.

There are currently more than 500 million registered Twitter users with over 150,000 people signing up per day. Each month you get roughly 180 million site visitors on twitter and the average amount of tweets per day for now is around 55 million. What an astounding number right? Wait there’s more. There are around 1.6 billion of searches done using the twitter search engine each day and that only shows you how twitter has grown over the years. Now these shocking facts can mean one thing to you if you are currently advertising on twitter and that is competition. More than ever before you need to be able to attract attention to your tweets and means you will now have to write a strong headline for all your tweets.

When you are able to get the attention that you need on your twitter, you will enjoy a lot of retweets and traffic that clicks on your links. Other factors to help improve visibility may include constant quality tweets and your trust level between you and your followers. Below are some great ways to improve your twitter headlines.

The benefits of reading or clicking your tweeted links.

One of the elements that are very important to get your readers to notice you is to include benefits. Therefore in your headline, you must always try to get people to understand their immediate benefit of reading your tweets and click through to find out more information via your link. If your twitter headline contains nothing about the benefits, then people will just ignore your tweets and links. People do not care about you or any of the things that matter to you unless it benefits them or affects their lives in some way.

Hence, the first thing you can do to improve your overall tweets is to include the most important benefit for them if they choose to click on your link. Benefits could be anything between solving a problem fast, cost effectively or even to avoid a certain type of pain, or discomfort. In your headline it would be nice if you could quickly identify the problem that you seek to solve within your niche as well.

What this means that all your tweets should be useful to your readers. Try not to waste other people’s time here because as we all know, everyone is busy these days and you need to give your followers a reason to trust you and to respond to your tweets all the time. If you are constantly posting useless information or dummy information, you can be sure that no one who is following you will be interested in your future tweets.

A sense of urgency.

Another element to include in your twitter headline is the sense of urgency. People glance through all the tweets really fast. And even when they do find a good twitter headline that might be worth a closer look, they might still put it aside for later. The problem is, most of the time, when your content (even when they have been chosen) has been put aside… it gets forgotten and you will lose out on that. Therefore, if your headline has a sense of urgency that makes the reader think that they might lose out if they forget about your tweet or if they do not find out what is going on immediately.

A sense of uniqueness

What makes your content unique from all the other tweets in your same category? That is a very important question that you need to answer every time you decide to tweet something. If your news is old news, then it is not worthy news. Always remember that. People like to find out more about a topic they are familiar with but they want to know something that they do not already know. This means, if you are in the weight loss niche, try not to tweet about exercising because that’s really old and everyone knows that already. You could try to tweet about something unique however, for example, you can tweet about how sweating it out too much could harm your body and how it is a new discovery. This would certainly get people curious and they will click to read more.

Keep it short and sweet.

Tweeter is all about short messages. Hence when you craft your headlines for twitter, make sure you keep your headlines as short as you possibly can. This is of course a challenging task because you would want to fit in so much information such as the benefits, the urgency and uniqueness of your headlines. While it is hard when you do it the conventional way, there are tricks and you could cleverly use to represent a good headline with all the important elements inside and still keep it short. To do this you need to make use of clever one word that explains it all and use ‘full stops’ and other punctuation marks in between. Here’s a quick example to illustrate what this really looks like.

‘Fat? Exercise? Wait… Danger… Read NOW!’

See what we meant? It’s short and it has all the important element that makes a good headline. However beware of over using this and getting it saturated. Experiment with it and try to get a good grip of writing a good twitter headline that gets the best response. Your efforts will be paid off wonderfully. Always remember to keep a close eye out for good headlines that pop out once in a while and take note of them. Only by constantly learning will you be able to improve.

This has caused an enormous avalanche of new twitter users signing up every second hungry to connect with like minded people! Twitter is a social networking site which encourages users to communicate information using 140 characters or less. Termed ‘microblogging’ by some, users can express ideas, feelings or news updates in these small messages called ‘tweets’. In order to see people’s tweets in real time, users can decide to ‘follow’ the users that interest them.

Take advantage of the recent Twitter explosion in popularity, NOW!

Writing Twitter Headline That Works!

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