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Festive Humour

Some Festive Humour – feel free to pass on….

There was a man who worked for the Post Office whose job it was to process all the mail that had illegible addresses. One day, a letter came addressed in a shaky handwriting to God with no actual address. He thought he should open it to see what it was about.

The letter read:
Dear God,
I am an 83 year old widow, living on a very small pension. Yesterday someone stole my purse. It had $100 in it, which was all the money I had until my next pension check. Next Sunday is Christmas, and I had invited two of my friends over for dinner. Without that money, I have nothing to buy food with. I have no family to turn to, and you are my only hope. Can you please help me?
Sincerely, Edna

The postal worker was touched. He showed the letter to all the other workers. Each one dug into his or her wallet and came up with a few dollars. By the time he made the rounds, he had collected $96, which they put into an envelope and sent to the woman.
The rest of the day, all the workers felt a warm glow thinking of Edna and the dinner she would be able to share with her friends.
Christmas came and went. A few days later, another letter came from the same old lady to God. All the workers gathered around while the letter was opened. It read:
Dear God,
How can I ever thank you enough for what you did for me? Because of your gift of love, I was able to fix a glorious dinner for my friends. We had a very nice day and I told my friends of your wonderful gift. By the way, there was $4 missing. I think it must have been those crooks who work at the Post Office.
Have a Happy Christmas!


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Home Business Facts


Have you joined our Facebook community? It’s a fun place to connect with other ambitious young professionals! It’s a fun place to connect with other ambitious young professionals we’ve talked a lot on this blog about networking, and for good reason. It’s an essential part of any job search or career advancement strategy.
But when you think about “networking,” where are you picturing yourself? At an industry convention? At a job fair? Maybe even in front of the computer, researching your best leads for a networking email?
Chances are there are several places you’re not thinking of. Like standing in line at Starbucks, or sitting in a doctor’s waiting room or boarding a plane for a holiday trip home to your family. But according to master “random connector” David Topus, if you pass up these golden opportunities, you could be missing out.

When you increase the value of your links you are linking to high quality businesses and sites. This is always great for your business and website you need to realize that part of this process is sending traffic to other sites. Some people get uncomfortable at this thought, but it will all come back to you a hundred times over. Think of it this way, you are actually building stronger links to your site when you help to raise the rankings of the sites linked to your site as they help to increase your site based on YOUR links.


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      Will a Niche Business Work for You Online


      Android's dominance of the global smartphone is getting out of hand. New data from IDC says Android owned 75 percent of the smartphone market in the third quarter of 2012. Apple was a distant second with 14.9 percent of the market.

      Android's unit shipments nearly doubled on a year over year basis, growing 91 percent. Apple was up 57 percent. Android is taking share from BlackBerry, Symbian, Linux, and others. Thus far, Android's incredible rise has had little impact on Apple's financial performance. It's still printing money. It's the world's most valuable company.

      But, Tim Cook has to be worried that his company has become a niche player in the biggest global computing market. Here's a table breaking it down:…More at Android Market Share – Business Insider

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        Will Internet Marketing Work for Your Business?

        This is an extremely difficult question to answer because there are so many complex factors involved. Specifically they techniques you employ in your Internet marketing campaign as well as the execution of these techniques can determine whether or not Internet marketing will work for your business. Additionally, the likelihood of your target audience using the Internet and responding to your marketing efforts should also be considered into the equation. This article will outline the potential for success in an Internet marketing campaign. 
        Before making the decision to embark on an Internet marketing campaign you should carefully consider your target audience. The Internet is used widely around the world but whether or not members of your target audience are likely to utilize the Internet to research or purchase the products or services you sell is not guaranteed. This is significant because investing a great deal of time, effort and money into Internet marketing when your target audience is not likely to respond to these efforts is not worthwhile. 

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        My PC Crashed

        Pc Crashed

        My PC Crashed

        No doubt at some time you have at least heard of someone, or indeed it has possibly happened to you when you reboot your pc or laptop and everything remains blank. It just happened to me yesterday and I’ve sent the last 12 hours trying to get it sorted. You might think that because my pc crashed I would be totally frustrated and tearing out what hair I have left. I guess many people would be like that but what’s the point, it not going to make things right and will only leave you feeling worse than you need to be. pc crashed
        PC Crashed

        So now that my pc crashed what am I doing about it. My first reaction was the get the installation disc that came with the system and try to do a repair. I tried this but the cd drive refused to load up so that was yet another problem. (yea ok so I need a new pc)!

        So my reaction was to try and borrow a cd drive so I could at least get the installation disc to do a repair. The friends I tried all had older pc’s and none of their cd drives’s had the same connections so that was a no go. Then my friend, John, had the idea of opening my installation disc on his pc and copying it to a usb stick. We did this and sure enough it opened the installation folder and we selected the repair option. After a few hours of assessing a box finally appeared telling us it was unable to repair the problems.

        So here I am with my pc crashed and I really need to be doing work, so I need to assess my options. To do a re-install of Windows will mean I will loose all my data and programs so I not very happy. Then I remember I have done a full pc backup to my external hard drive a few weeks back. This means I should be able to get mostly everything back to original state. This is a real lesson not only to me but to everyone who reads this post. It is vital to have a backup of your computer or laptop either on an external hard drive, usb stick or discs. Refresh the backup at least once a week and then if you need to say “my pc crashed” you will have most of your work to re-install from the backup.
        get the w
        I guess the same should apply to our blogs also – get the wordpress tools here
        If you really want to overcome your problems you should discover our vision right here.

        Pc Crashed

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