How to connect with your customers?

Connection With Your Customers

One of the most underestimated ways to improve your online business is creating the connection with your customers. Your customers have never seen you. They do not know if you are real or not. They are not sure if they could trust you or not. And based on all the scam news and alerts that they read every other day online, they have the right to be skeptical. And this skepticism is a barrier that you as a business owner have to overcome before you can get them to trust you can hand over their hard earned money in exchange for your product or services.

5429335705 93ef6aa3cb m How to connect with your customers?In marketing, we all know that people will need to be exposed to your offer multiple times before they can make a buying decision. Anyone who buys immediately is probably buying on impulse. This phenomenon is because people need to know more about you first before making that decision to invest their money in your products. This is why we need to establish a connection with your customers and prospects for a long term business relationship. With a strong connection your business will definitely soar to greater heights.

Write like how you would talk (through Your iPhone).

The first thing you will need to tweak in your business in order to establish a good connection with your customers is in your content and writings. On the internet you will communicate mostly via what you write in your contents or even in your comments. People will get to know you more via your writings. Hence you need to learn how to write like how you normally talk. This will insert your character into your contents or comments. This way people will be able to feel more connected to you and understand you more deeply.

If your business communications are based mainly on videos then you probably do not have to worry about creating a connection because people will be able to see you in person and hear your voice. This is probably the reason why a lot of those big time gurus will use videos in their products to establish a strong rapport with their customers. You will notice that as much as they outsource a lot of their work, they have to be in the video themselves and they will have to be the one presenting the videos. Obviously it won’t work in the sense of trying to connect with their customers if they hire someone else to be inside the video. In fact, hiring a total stranger to be in their video can actually hurt their reputation and branding.

Sharing your business photos online and shows the public that your business is active.

One great way to get a better connection with your customers more often with your customers is to use social network sites like Facebook or Twitter or even a blog. Use these social media sites to share what your business is doing and try to share photos of your business and make sure you update your business regularly because this can tell your customers that your business is pretty much alive and staying very active. People love doing business with an active business because people love to be in on the buzz. If your business is very quiet and silent, people will not feel the energy of your business and this non excitement will have a negative effect on your business.

Post occasional videos or blog post to update your customers and visitors of that is going on with your business.

When you are able to consistently posting and sharing what is going about your business, people will notice your business more. And as time goes by people will start sharing your posts as well especially if you have a good post that is worth sharing. This will increase the exposure of your business and you will get a lot more viral traffic or word of mouth traffic. This kind of traffic is much targeted and with the recommendation from a real life friend you can be sure that the trust level of this traffic to be on the high level. The best part of all of this is that the traffic is free and so are the exposure and the branding that you get from it.

Handle your communications properly.

Learn how to handle all your communications especially in the social media properly. You have to be extra careful with what you say so that you will always get a positive response from the public. You will not want publicity from a negative response because it could hurt your business reputation. Only big companies that can take a big hit will use negative publicities to move their business and stock. Small businesses should stay away from negativity and focus on being the good guys all the time.

This is exactly why you need to monitor all your communications and manage it properly. The better you handle the responses from the public the better your business will grow. If things get out of hand sometimes it is better just admit your mistake and apologize or delete the posts or thread if it is still new.

Make sure your support is polite, friendly and helpful.

Lastly, you will want to make sure that your support team is nice. You will have to personally select a team that is patient and will never act out of character that might hurt your business reputation. Monitor and record all your support team’s communications. This way, your support team will not go out of bounds and respond to support questions the wrong way.

When you have a world class team that takes care of all your support questions, you can be sure that your customers will be pleased with your support team and good words will come out of the people who have experienced the quality of your customer support. Without a doubt, your business will love in the direction of success because you will be able to keep your customers happy all the time. Remember what they always say as you get a good  connection with your customers… your customer is always right!

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Connection With Your Customers

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How to Set Up and Promote Your Fan Page

Social media networks are fantastic platforms for great business opportunities with the millions of members each network enjoys. Facebook is currently the largest social media network site on the Internet with 500 million members. This would form the United States of America by population. However, the use of Facebook must be in conjunction with its available features and constraints to enjoy a boost to business ventures.

Fan Page importance

One of the effective Facebook features that can be used as a dynamic marketing tool is its Fan Page. This simple page can reach millions of potential target audience to fuel the business from oblivion to the limelight. Every modern business owner today would need to set up a Facebook fan page to enjoy a wider scope of business opportunities that would boost business presence in the market while staying ahead of the competition.

A fan page is different from a personal profile page on Facebook. A fan page is designed to host important business information that can be viewed by customers and potential leads to boost the business. Anything can be posted on this fan page especially business related information to update readers while personal thoughts and inspirations can be posted on the profile page. These two pages on Facebook allow followers to understand the business and the owner explicitly.

Updates can be executed instantly with the fan page while new friends or followers can be included at any time. All types of news can be posted to keep followers informed to benefit the business promoted. There are no technical issues on website operations and there is no need to hire a Webmaster with the page management or control. Simple maintenance serves to operate the fan page easily while benefiting the business.

Set up for promotion

A fan page is easy to set up with the availability of a valid or current Facebook account. The icons are easy to identify in setting up the fan page for promoting the business. A few clicks would easily set up the fan page for immediate manipulation to boost the business.

Business owners or marketers can select specific business types before filling the fan page with the relevant business information to promote the business. More information about the business allows Google to rank the fan page higher; this includes company logo, images and RSS blog feeds. A simple publishing of the fan page would kick off its public availability to activate business growth.

It is essential to market a Facebook page to gain the necessary customers to fuel the business. However, this task may not be as easy as a profile page. Market awareness is necessary through an organic sharing of the fan page. This can be achieved by identifying contacts from the Facebook profile. Professional or personal contacts can be invited to be a fan of the fan page. A well written note that explains the purpose of the fan page with relevant benefits would suffice to attract invitees to become members. A link to the fan page must be attached to encourage invitees to click on. A fan can invite others to become fans. This would cause a fan page to appear in the Suggested Friends column on others’ profile pages.

A host of activities can be planned and implemented with a fan page when there are enough members joining. The Facebook link can be added to the official web business site through blogs, Twitter, emails and other websites.

Fan members can generate online discussion or forums about the business products and services. Regular postings of relevant information that is helpful to the fans would keep them loyal.

Potential promotion activities

There is a myriad of activities that a business owner or marketer can take on with a Facebook fan page to promote its business and brand. It is easy for more consumers or Facebook users to like a business fan page that would boost the business growth. A simple replacing of the web business site URL with a Facebook fan page can propel the business from oblivion to stardom. Modern companies are requesting viewers to ‘Like’ them on Facebook which augurs well with top search engines for a greater market presence.

Business owners or marketers need to create a ‘Like’ landing page on the Facebook fan page. This is very effective in driving traffic to a more relevant search page than a business’s home page. A consistent branding is crucial in promoting a fan page everywhere to build the brand that would be memorable and impactful on consumers.

Another business promotion activity via fan page is to share the business information constantly. Updates on product or service information as well as job opportunities and awards keep the fans interested in the business. More can be done to increase the customer list via Facebook fan page; special events and exclusive offers can be created to entice new customers or prospects to join the fan page while current customers feel there are advantages in joining the fan page. The Facebook fan page serves as an extension of the web business site in promoting the business online.

The Facebook fan page can be manipulated to cross market to reach a wider audience. This is a great opportunity to promote the business on other online platforms through simple additions of buttons that link to the business fan page or networking channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Links can be created to blogs and online directories to promote the business through quality articles and banner ads that would enable visitors to find the business site.

The Facebook fan page can be manipulated to maximize its features. A lot of relevant information can be included to promote the business besides logo and business information; business tagline and images as well as URLs can be included to assist visitors in enjoying a more pleasant search experience on the business.

This is where more relevant links, buttons and images can be included on Facebook to interest visitors to the business site with repeat visits. Good links allow visitors to surf related business platforms for more sales and profits.

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How to Leverage The Goldmine of 400 Million Users

Social media networking sites such as Facebook boast of millions of members and users every day. There are immense possibilities for online businesses using Facebook. A simple Facebook account opens up the business gateway to millions of potential leads for any online business on the Internet today.

There are millions of Facebook users who log in daily to share or exchange useful information with one another. A wide network of social communication is activated on a 24 hour basis. Hence, a great business networking platform is generated to reap lucrative income with the proper actions activated.

Leverage the Goldmine

Facebook is considered the latest online business goldmine with 400 million users. An effective marketing campaign starts with Facebook via a Facebook account that can subtly promote the web business. A Facebook account is still considered as a non-business account with most Facebook members separating business from personal information or issues addressed on Facebook.

However, innovative and creative online marketers can manipulate Facebook in a subtle manner that their businesses are promoted professionally with a warm reception. Their personal Facebook profile contains interesting information that can attract many niche market prospects to do more than socialize. Subtle invitations to participate in business related activities can be sent out once strong relations are established with Facebook followers.

Accessing Facebook pages is crucial to boost the business on the Internet with a proper business profile page generated. This page must be well designed to promote the business effectively without hard selling, which can turn away potential customers. Facebook offers a host of interesting advertising tools that a business can manipulate to boost its web presence. The innovative marketer needs to manipulate these tools smartly to reap monetary rewards from the business.

Another attractive Facebook marketing tool is its analytic tool that is free to apply. Further insights and statistics can be garnered on the business fan base with such tool to identify the right niche audience to be followed in promoting the business. Marketers can spend their time wisely in following up on the proper potential leads with regular updates that would interest these subscribers.

Special alerts and business promotions can be sent to update fans on the latest offerings which would be appreciated, especially when great savings and convenience are available. Niche markets help boost the business growth and development when positive responses from the right fans are generated.

There would be unlimited members to fuel any business that manipulates Facebook as the popular social media networking site boasts of millions of users. A lot of innovative marketing plans and strategies can be implemented with a simple Facebook profile page. The existence of 400 million users is more than sufficient to keep any kind of business booming in the market.

Facebook Marketing Solutions

There is no lack of plausible marketing solutions on Facebook to promote any business. Some of the more popular solutions include specific Marketing Tools and Engagement Ads. Marketers can choose to comment, share, download or host events on Facebook to promote their businesses successfully and cost effectively.

Constant updates and enhancements on Facebook has transformed this social media networking site to be a powerful and dynamic platform that can be instrumental to a business success. Privacy settings on Facebook are based on its new privacy model that permits its users to control shared content with general permissions for viewing to selected groups.

Facebook’s privacy settings are designed to ensure private viewings of content uploaded for sharing. Contact information of members is restricted to selected groups to prevent spam and fraud activities. This Facebook feature safeguards all users on the social network platform for a pleasant online social experience.

Facebook offers a ‘Friends list’ which allows users to categorize members differently for easy reference and communication. There are friends, family, business and buddy categories identifying different relations among Facebook members. This setting ensures that only the right people would view certain information about the profile owner.

Proper wall settings on Facebook allow the right parties to post on the wall that would ensure the right stream of potential leads to the business. Setting these privacy options properly on Facebook allows the marketer to control the direction the business is geared.

Creating online presence

Facebook is growing popular as a potential business marketing platform with its offering of millions of users that ply its networks daily. More and more companies are tapping into Facebook to leverage on its useful and free features that would boost the business visibility in the market and increase bottom lines of these companies.

A host of potential customers both local and global can be secured from the millions of members on Facebook. Sales and profits can be boosted with the proper marketing campaigns.

An effective online presence can be created when the business builds a strong community that supports its business offerings within Facebook. Within this community, any online business can flourish with the right prospects identified and regular updates on business offerings are provided.

This popular networking platform can be manipulated to showcase business products and services on promotion via a personal Facebook profile page. Useful information on this page can be educational to prospective customers, which draw repeat visits. Special incentives such as discounts, free downloads, limited time offers and early bird specials can be incorporated into the marketing plan to form a more dynamic marketing campaign on Facebook.

Huge quantum of income can be generated from larger profits with a simple marketing plan via Facebook. A strong online presence is established when more traffic converges at this particular profile landing page on Facebook. Word of mouth spreads encourages more traffic as curiosity is aroused to check out the special offerings by the business marketer.


Traditional advertising on the local dailies, TV and radio are costly compared on Facebook advertising where the latter offers the opportunity to reach a wider audience across the globe at a low cost. Effective creative ad campaigns are easily designed to collect follow up information which an auto-responder takes over to interest the potential lead in some exciting business call to action option.

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How to Find a Good Niche Affiliate Marketing Program For You

The Internet is an ideal platform to secure extra income easily with the myriad of affiliate marketing programs available for one and all. It is a network of networks with a host of online business opportunities that can be indulged in depending on the preferences of the enterprising entrepreneur.

The extra income can be generated with a simple, well designed website and clicks. Affiliate programs offer many ordinary consumers a golden opportunity to make more money without giving up their full time jobs. Niche affiliate programs would pay more with the most popular products and services offered. These offer higher commissions for the affiliate marketers.

Selection sources

A clear understanding of affiliate programs and affiliate marketing leads on to the selection of the best of affiliate programs in the market for the affiliate marketer to succeed in. A niche affiliate marketing program would be one that offers hot products or services that can be marketed easily without much effort, time or cost to generate high incomes.

A successful affiliate marketer requires a right selection of niche product or service that easily markets with a wide niche market to promote that chosen product or service. Such targeted markets usually generate less competition with a higher product penetration to enjoy higher income. It is advisable to join a quality affiliate program that offers such a product that would enhance the marketer’s potential in all marketing endeavors while generating high profits for the business.

High quality products or services are crucial to be successful in affiliate marketing for an easy promotion. Popular niche affiliate marketing programs available today include,, and

Customer services

A successful niche affiliate marketing program should have a strong backup on services for the affiliate marketer as well as for the actual customers. Consistent stellar customer services should be provided to ensure that customers are pleased and satisfied with the product or service to return for more or freely promote the same products or services without obligations.

There should be a convincing high value on products or services to customers to compel them to endorse these among their circle of influence. This encourages a growing potential leads list that continues to fuel the online business for a long time.

The affiliate merchant should also provide sufficient and efficient support to the affiliate marketer who takes on selected products and services to be promoted on their website. This would encourage a faster turnaround on goods and services with a higher customer satisfaction for a successful affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate program directory

The Internet offers an affiliate program directory where a myriad of niche affiliate marketing programs can be identified. This directory lists out potential advertisers and their product or service offerings. This directory makes it very easy for affiliate marketers to view the whole list of available affiliate programs offered by different affiliate merchants and their corresponding hot or saleable products and services.
Affiliate marketers can choose to join one or more affiliate programs listed in this directory, although the best advice to novice affiliate marketers would be to join one well selected program and plan for its success before indulging in another. This would offer a good learning curve and experience to do better with the next affiliate program selected.

Some affiliate programs are free for all to join while others require membership and fees. Different products and services are offered by different affiliate programs which can be under the purview of affiliate networks or directly by affiliate merchants. Different terms and conditions apply especially to commissions, payment modes and schedules as well as marketing performance or expectations. The affiliate marketer should check out the details of their preferred affiliate marketing program carefully with a full understanding before venturing into it.

Program features

The Internet is a great source for niche affiliate marketing programs for all enterprising entrepreneurs. A niche affiliate marketing program would be one that offers quality products or services with the best of marketing medium for promotion. It should also offer attractive commission rates with reliable payment schemes that would delight affiliate marketers.

Every niche marketing product or service must be promoted in such an attractive manner that it is compelling for consumers to be customers upon viewing the product or service. A compelling advertisement is required to ensure a successful affiliate program with the best of the products or services promoted unless the affiliate marketer has exceptional skills in online marketing and affiliate programs.

Choose only attractive affiliate programs that are appealing in terms of quality and useful products or services that are often required by many consumers. This would ensure a strong market base to promote the affiliate offerings. Different affiliate programs pay differently; some use the Pay-per-Click model while others choose the Pay-per-Scale model. Different payment schemes offer different rates of payment that can impact the quantum earned at the end of the day. Some affiliate merchants or networks prefer to pay commission based on the leads generated at the marketer’s website.

Affiliate program profits can be quite lucrative with the right niche affiliate program. Interesting components such as free trials and freebies to customers attract more sales and higher income for the marketer. Online contests and special discounts are also popular with affiliate programs, especially niche programs that offer something special and unique to draw more web traffic and customers. These types of niche affiliate marketing programs offer commissions based on Pay-per-Lead models where a successful completion of free trials and online contests would entitle affiliate marketers to the agreed commission.


Affiliate marketing programs are becoming so popular that niche markets must be sought to stand out above the crowd and overcome the intense market competition in this arena. When the right niche affiliate program is selected, it is a potential minefield for huge profits as more consumers turn customers to make purchases from attractive marketing campaigns featuring the selected affiliate products or services.
Niche affiliate marketing programs are ideal means to support a more affluent lifestyle. Ideal programs can be sourced from online affiliate marketing program forums and blogs as well as social sites that provide relevant and up-to-date information.

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Go Mobile! Take Your Social Media Marketing Efforts to a Higher Level

Just when the business world settles in with social media to market the business, another new technology comes along to shake up the dust. Although more businesses are embracing social media marketing today to spur their business activities on the web, there is now another exciting and more effective marketing technology for businesses to employ.

Progression from social media marketing

It is well and good for businesses to incorporate social media marketing to spike up their business activities with more web traffic from the millions of users on social media networks like Facebook. This is a cost effective marketing approach for all businesses that want to be more visible on the Internet and marketplace. It is easy to promote products and services via social media marketing tools that are freely available and easy to manipulate.

However, time and effort are required to manipulate social media marketing to bring about the desired results for any business on the web today. The business owner or marketer must be at the computer on a 24/7 basis to keep fans and followers updated on the latest business news and promotions. But the progressive technologies today can free the online marketer or business owner from this tedious obligation.
Mobile technology with its myriad of applications can be employed to promote online businesses with social media marketing. This generates a new marketing experience that is known as the mobile SMM initiative.

Social media marketing has evolved to be a real time experience with mobile technology that offers greater marketing processing power. Most consumers have their cell phone with them constantly; this makes it so easy for business owners or marketers to reach for promoting their business offerings.

More and more consumers own at least one cell phone while the latest models are snapped up as quickly as they emerge in the market. Billions of people are surfing the Internet via mobile phones and devices instead of restricting this activity on computers. Mobile social media is becoming more common as Wi-Fi continues to be easily available at every nook and corner.

Mobile social media is more powerful and interactive than watching the television. More and more modern consumers, young and old, are influenced by mobile devices that can link up to social media sites and features.

Greater benefits

There are more benefits going mobile with social media marketing than either one alone. Technology is advancing rapidly to provide consumers with the best of convenience and power simultaneously. Communication and connectivity become easier and faster with mobile social media. The increased processing bandwidth and storage on mobile devices today offer more power and accessibility of desired information and activities with better audio and video capabilities.

Mobile technologies drive localization and globalization easily with fast and clear connections from any point to another on planet Earth. There is no need to lug a laptop around to activate business or personal tasks today with the easily available mobile technologies which innovative business marketers and owners manipulate smartly to tap the potentials for greater profits.

Local and global events and activities can happen smoothly with instant updates to customers while attracting potential leads with dynamic and interesting social media marketing campaigns via mobile technology. A cell phone today is well equipped with the latest technologies and connectivity features that enable its owner full purview of life and business around the globe at all times.

The business brand is enhanced with greater credibility that establishes the business owner or marketer as a market expert. When the business gains market momentum, sales and profits soar easily to establish the business entity as a market leader in its industry.

Suitability of mobile technology

Mobile devices such as the cell phone are similar to social media marketing as both were designed for dialogue communications. Advanced mobile technologies generate dynamic and versatile cell phone applications using social media capabilities that permit viewing and posting of a wide variety of information on the Internet.

Mobile social media allows the sharing and dissemination of information in an organized manner with feedback for growth. There are text messages, blogs and tweets which can be easily conveyed where content is readily shared in a matter of seconds.

Every modern business today needs to employ not just social media marketing, but also mobile social media marketing. It is fast becoming the online footprint for businesses that want to rise above the intense competition in the marketplace. The mobile device is an excellent option to stay in touch with anyone or business at any time from anywhere. Immediate updates and notifications can be conveyed via mobile devices with social media marketing. A greater market presence can be established with higher web traffic to the business website or a Facebook fan page.

This would also enhance search engine rankings on the web business pages with relevant posts on social media platforms that direct links to the web business site. Higher SERPs offer greater business opportunities with more potential leads and customers fuelling the business.

Communication can be greatly improved with relevant feedback to transform the business in a better form. Tweets are monitored with Facebook posts to note the current market sentiments and preferences or expectations that allow companies to tweak their marketing campaigns accordingly to stay relevant in the marketplace. Time and money are not lost when sales figures start to drop with an immediate rectification on current marketing plans.

Positive and strong customer relationships are established via mobile social media marketing as companies listen to customer feedback to take appropriate actions. This also drives more prospects to the business as the company is perceived to be ‘people oriented.’

Mobile social media marketing allows micro-blogging and immediate Facebook postings with quality content that boost web presence for the brand. This keeps the brand in consumers’ minds to make purchase decisions that favor the business instead of competitors when business updates are executed directly to the customers’ mobile phone. Immediate online purchases can also be executed by customers via their mobile phones upon receiving attractive business offers without having to wait for the next business day or availability of a computer. Real time profits can be enjoyed via mobile social media marketing.

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From Internet Marketing Newbies to Internet Marketing Millionaires

No one in their right mind would say ‘No’ to be a millionaire but there must be some effort generated to be a self-made millionaire instead of coming into the money by inheritance. It is not surprising today to have more self-made millionaires with the advanced technologies that offer a myriad of online business opportunities as in Internet marketing.

Today, many Internet marketers are transformed from marketing novices to marketing millionaires as they go on a short learning curve in one or more of the many online business ventures available in the market.

There are several aspects to be a self-made Internet marketing millionaire. Some may boast of high business acumen to be successful in their chosen business venture while others may strive to pick up the right marketing strategies, tactics, techniques or skills to be successful.

Progressive technologies today help ease the path of online business success with the myriad of technology tools and solutions. The Internet is an excellent business platform to kick off an online business venture with the host of tips, helps, resources and guidelines available for any business to succeed.

Psychology game

However, some business gurus may focus on the psychological aspect of succeeding in any business. An Internet marketing newbie can be transformed into an Internet marketing millionaire if the right psychology game is handled properly.

The first psychological point in an online business venture is to stay focused on the component that would generate profits instead of being involved with a variety of possibilities. Other potential profit generating options can be outsourced while sufficient energy and time is concentrated on the selected business focus. The choice could be a simple activity such as tweaking the business advertisement for more clicks and sales or concentrate on list building or branding to secure a stronger market position.

Proper planning is required to ensure the success of the entire marketing campaign from start to finish for the rewards. Many Internet marketers stay as novices when they concentrate on unprofitable activities such as installing new tools, reading emails, watching YouTube videos or buying hot products from the market. Great wisdom is required to identify profitable activities as an Internet marketer to be successful and move forward to the millionaire path.

Another psychological impact that causes the Internet marketer’s downfall to be a millionaire is the lack of business goal and direction. This is crucial to the Internet marketer to move on from newbie to millionaire status. When a well defined goal in clear view, the Internet marketer can steer forward confidently or work backwards to enhance profitable business activities.

Internet marketing newbies must take the right action, even when overwhelmed by the myriad of choices in front. Failing to take action causes the business opportunity for profit to slip away immediately with no possibility of second chances. Such marketers may feel a lack of skills or knowledge to take an action, but experience comes from trial and error in many business ventures. Success comes with persistence in the midst of failures in many occasions.

A successful Internet marketer who wishes to be a millionaire must be fully committed without giving up regardless of circumstances and situation. Every business opens up to a host of potential failures and obstacles which are actually stepping stones to success with persistence and humble learning.

Last but not least, Internet marketing millionaires dare to invest their time and effort as well as money. Newbies may opt for freebies to lower expenses in the hope of sustaining their online business without incurring extra costs, but successful businesses require certain investments to enjoy good returns on investment.

Business profits need to be reinvested; it can be on the latest technology tool that can boost the business brand or image, marketing resources or advertising opportunities to secure greater profits. Wise investments need to be made via the right ROI to be on the path of an Internet marketing millionaire.

Pragmatic actions

Besides the psychological aspect of succeeding in a business, there are many pragmatic opportunities the business owner can consider to elevate to the millionaire platform in online marketing ventures.

One of the most pragmatic course of action in modern businesses today is the implementation of search engine optimization in every aspect of the online business. It is imperative for modern businesses, large or small, to include SEO features and tools in their modus operandi in website maintenance that would boost the business presence in the market. This would involve the adding of keywords in web articles with interesting videos and web designs that would augur well with top search engines for a higher SERP.

Another potential course of Internet marketing success towards a millionaire status is the inclusion of affiliate programs which can be a simple link at the website. This generates commission without any effort in promoting the product or service. Many Internet marketers join several affiliate programs with advertising links on their website to generate residual incomes which accumulate to a substantial amount over time.

Blogging proves to be another excellent course of action for any Internet marketer who wants to earn big bucks quickly. It is also an ideal way for the business to be branded as well as securing industry recognition for the marketer. Blogging allows web readers to understand the marketer or business owner better with a deeper online relationship developed that can boost the bottom line.

Social media is the key component to Internet marketing success today with the millions of members and users in popular social media networking sites like Facebook. Promotional articles and videos can be professionally referenced with a high potential of going viral very quickly via the connection between members. Modern web users are able to bookmark many favorites via social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Pinterest. A high ‘Like’ volume generates a higher ranking with popular search engines.

Another secure way to market on the Internet is through eBay which is a well established online marketing platform. There are safe online auctions to buy and sell for those who want to make quick profits. Creative marketing strategies can be activated to secure more interested targeted customers to move goods or services through easily and quickly.

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Free and Effective Affiliate Marketing Using Articles and Traffic Exchange Sites

As more entrepreneurs jump onto the bandwagon of affiliate marketing, there is a growing demand for more tools and resources to help them draw more traffic to their websites for more income. Affiliate marketing has become very popular across the globe with a myriad of potential business options for one and all regardless of industry, product or service. Business experience is not really necessary to indulge in affiliate marketing to earn handsome commissions quickly as the learning curve is quite short.

Successful affiliate marketing

A successful affiliate marketing venture may be simple to kick start, but diligent effort is required to nurture the business with the right course of actions to be taken to promote it. Many enterprising marketers may not have much fund to subscribe to powerful online marketing tools and solutions such as software to build up their affiliate marketing program quickly to earn higher income.

However, there are plenty of free and effective tools and resources on the market that would boost affiliate marketing. These are simple online marketing options that do not cost the online marketers too much money. Many successful affiliate marketing gurus and marketers may not want to share their proven affiliate marketing secrets as these are considered ‘trade secrets.’ Others may be willing to impart some in bits and pieces while demanding some remuneration in return.

The competition is growing intense in the affiliate marketing arena as more consumers jump in for a slice of the pie. Many are striving to secure five figure incomes per month via affiliate marketing through engaging cost effective tools and solutions. There are certain key elements that are critical to the success of an affiliate marketing program which the online marketer must discover and adopt before the lucrative incomes start pouring in.

When these elements are implemented properly and consistently, the affiliate marketing program would operate smoothly to generate high incomes for the marketer.
Two of these effective and free elements are quality articles and traffic exchange sites.

Effective articles

One of the key elements to a successful affiliate marketing program is the quality of content posted on the marketer’s website. High quality content that is fresh, original, relevant to the current time, helpful and useful to readers contribute to the success of an affiliate marketing program.

Marketers need to promote their affiliate program to draw in more visitors; this can be done through high quality content which contain useful information that consumers want. A blog site would be an ideal space to post high quality articles containing useful and relevant content which web visitors would want to get their hands on.

Blogs are effective components that attract search engine attention with a boost in market visibility. This in turn would draw more traffic to the website as the high quality articles in the blog would generate a high SERP by search engines especially the more popular ones. Search engines love blogs, especially well designed and optimized ones with high quality content.

The constant updating of blogs keeps them fresh and interesting; either by the blog owner or visitors who make a relevant contribution. Smart online marketers manipulate blogs in affiliate marketing activities to advertise and drive traffic to their websites.

It is easy to track and monitor the effectiveness of articles promoting the affiliate program to improve the online marketing strategies for higher income generation. The identification of traffic source from blogs is useful in developing more effective marketing campaigns and strategies to bring in the best results and be rewarded with higher earnings.

Another aspect of blog articles in generating income from affiliate marketing activities is to carry Google AdSense ads on the blogs. This offers easy extra cash without doing anything; traffic comes in easy to generate the income for the online marketer.

Traffic exchange sites

Web traffic is crucial to the survival and expansion of any web business today. This is the key component to a successful website, whether it is a business or personal site. Traffic is cheap today with the millions of Internet users plying the net everyday from across the globe. It is quick to generate traffic using the available traffic exchanges for web business sites like affiliate marketing.

Credits can be earned by surfing other websites; these earned credits can be manipulated to display a targeted website to others. It is simple to join these traffic exchange sites as simple information such as name, email and website is required. The registered website would go into a rotation to surf other websites while earning credits. Credits are reduced when other members visit the website.

The use of a multi-tab browser permits the online marketer to surf multiple exchanges simultaneously by operating a few websites in multiple tabs with one display window in the browser.

It is wise to manipulate only 3-5 good exchanges at any one time for better focus and results. Time and effort is required to surf other websites and collect credits. Discipline is required to work on this activity to garner sufficient credits for drawing more traffic from the exchange sites.

Another useful feature of traffic exchange sites is to advertise traffic exchange referral links in other exchanges to build downlines as well as secure more credits. These actions are free without incurring extra cost to build a successful and lucrative affiliate marketing venture.

Smart online marketers use more than just their main website on traffic exchange sites; additional pages can be advertised elsewhere to draw more traffic from other sources. Freebies can be offered to attract more traffic to the website. E-books, reports and software can be offered free to those visiting the website as a token of appreciation. This is very effective in attracting more traffic to promote the affiliate marketing program involved.

Traffic exchange sites are great for building up the potential leads and customer list to support the affiliate program. Secure as many emails and contact information as possible from visitors to promote the affiliate program offerings.

Search and join highly ranked traffic exchange sites on Google and paid ads that can contribute effectively to a successful affiliate marketing program.

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Five Cs of Affiliate Marketing

As affiliate marketing continues to grow in popularity, affiliate marketers should consider the important aspects that make this online marketing approach tick. This can be listed as the 5Cs of affiliate marketing.


High quality content that is original, fresh and relevant would draw the attention of consumers to any business offering. Useful content is essential to drive the mechanics of affiliate marketing. It becomes the main building block of an affiliate marketing program to secure the required market presence through top search engines for building traffic to the site for more customers or potential leads that would fuel the business.

Great content functions in a variety of ways to benefit the business; there is a greater opportunity to be professionally recognized as credible in the market by other established online publishers. As other websites and blogs approve of the content, there would be more opportunities to have the business site referenced by other websites which promote the business and offerings. This can also lead to higher web page ranking by top search engines.

High quality content is hard to come by as many companies manipulate automated content that is not original. Great content provides useful information for solving problems potential customers may be facing. Problem solving content coupled with affiliate products in promotion can boost sales and bottom lines.


Good affiliate programs must be wisely chosen to complement any great content. This would refer to the affiliate program’s cookie length. A cookie is used to tag web visitors at the site using an affiliate link. This tag would ensure the right credit awarded to the visitor for any commission computation.

Varying length cookies appear in different affiliate programs, although long length cookies are preferred to secure the desired credit even if the web visitor does not make any purchase on that day of referral as long as the cookie does not expire. A longer cookie length allows more time for a visitor to return to the affiliate website to make a purchase that would earn the affiliate marketer the sales commission.


Click-through-rate (CTR) measures the quality of content combined with creative components of the affiliate program. This includes banners, text links, videos and search boxes that are attractive to entice a click through by the visitor to the affiliate website.

Different affiliate marketing programs offer different CTR by computing how many users clicked on the attached online advert. This measures the effectiveness of the affiliate program advertisements. A higher CTR with excellent content and appropriate ad placement tends to win more visitors or web traffic to the affiliate site via affiliate links attached.


Generating web traffic to the affiliate site is only half the battle to a successful affiliate marketing program. These visitors must click on the ad and visit the affiliate website with a purchase to secure the commission for the affiliate marketer. Hence, web visitors are desired to become customers where a definite purchase is made when visiting the affiliate website.

Such conversions are crucial to the income volume of affiliate marketers. A good affiliate program should be able to convert a potential lead to a customer who makes an actual purchase or perform the necessary desired action set by the affiliate merchant. Hence, the landing page of the affiliate marketer’s website is crucial in converting visitors to become customers. Studies reveal that a high percentage of first time visitors may not make an immediate purchase. A long cookie length plays a prominent role here to secure the credit when the same visitor returns to make a purchase.

It is crucial to stay alert to the sales conversion of different affiliate programs joined to ensure an accurate computation of commission credited to the affiliate marketer.

Calls to action

The successful affiliate marketer would go the second mile in encouraging visitors to sign up as members of the affiliate program with varied benefits and advantages such as freebies and discounts on purchases. It is important to tag every visitor to the website while directing these to take the necessary actions that would earn the affiliate marketer commission.

There is no coercion, but gentle persuasion that is so convincing that visitors would be compelled to take the desired action to enjoy the benefits. A simple hyperlink can be employed to direct visitors to execute the desired action. Visitors need not be asked to consider taking the action, but directed gently with a Call-to-action prompt that is compelling. A content page can be peppered with different Call-to-action prompts to instigate visitor’s decision for the required action.


The 5Cs of affiliate marketing are easy to implement to improve the chances of success with affiliate marketing. Kick start with excellent useful content with backlinks that would gain the favor of top search engines.

Identify affiliate programs with related products or services to content that would attract the right circle of customers. Ensure that cookie lengths are as long as possible to ensure credit awarded by the affiliate program on same visitors referred over time with or without a purchase.

Join affiliate programs that offer longer cookie lengths and a good monitoring of visitors clicking through to the affiliate website via affiliate links. It would be easy to track the number of visitors and their types with the proper creative components of any attached online ads on the website. Conversions should be kept high with a high web traffic volume through various means to enjoy higher commissions. Exciting affiliate marketing strategies need to be implemented to generate a higher traffic volume to the website to enjoy a higher conversion rate.

Affiliate marketers need to employ ‘Calls-to-action’ tactics that would compel visitors to make a purchase to secure the desired commission from affiliate merchants. The best of affiliate programs should be one that offers simple actions which visitors would be more inclined to take on.


Affiliate programs can be quite lucrative when the best of marketing programs are indulged with careful seeking. There are plenty of good tips, guidelines and helps on the Internet to assist the affiliate marketer in succeeding at affiliate marketing programs regardless of experience and industry.

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Email Marketing – Why You Must Build Your Own Opt In List

The progressive technologies impacting the business world today include email marketing which is extremely convenient and lucrative for all business owners. However, greater income can be generated with some effort in manipulating email marketing features such as a personal email opt-in list.

It may be tempting to get a free listing or buy one to kick start the business with the myriad of websites on the Internet offering such purchases. It is possible to secure an email opt-in list with over 10,000 subscribers for a certain sum of money. But generating an email opt-in list for personal consumption offers more benefits.

Benefits of opt-in lists

Email opt-in lists may be readily available from a variety of sources on the Internet. The question that begs to be asked with such lists is whether the list is beneficial to the marketer. A lucrative online business venture requires a hyper-responsive opt-in list with consumers who are very inclined to support the business offerings and brand. This would lead on to bigger income generation by the marketer with little effort and time required to close sales.

Email marketing may be a challenge to some online marketers who do not know how to manipulate the features and components correctly. Web consumers are currently being flooded with huge chunks of email that they are deemed to experience ‘email fatigue’. Too many advertising emails are flooding the inbox that recipients now react indifferently to the title, subject line or content. Such advertising emails are often trashed without being opened.

But an email opt-in list ensures an opening of the email sent to targeted email recipients. This list should be well guarded to avoid falling into the wrong hands or parties that compete for the same slice of the market pie.

In email marketing, email opt-in lists identify the subscribers to the brand and business offerings easily and readily for better customer services rendered. It becomes easier for online business marketers to select appropriate products or services to be promoted with the relevant information about the subscribers stored and reported. The right choice of sale recommendation helps close the deal faster for a higher commission.

Email opt-in lists are usually subscribed by consumers who trust the marketers promoting some product or service. They would be more open to the online marketer’s recommendation of business offerings or helpful articles to venture a buy call if they deem the promoted business products appealing and useful in enhancing their lifestyle.
Without establishing trust on opt-in lists, the spam filter is set and the corresponding promotional emails are trashed before the recipients have an opportunity to note its arrival.

Cautions to email opt-in lists

It is possible to build an original email opt-in list today to support almost any online business with the modern technologies and tools available. A huge electronic footprint can be found on the web that sly scammers tend to take advantage of using simple electronic and technological tools or resources.

Purchased email opt-in lists can be generated by online con artists that may not be genuine or approved information. Legal procedures can be taken against those who misuse or abuse the information from annoyed subscribers who did not consent to certain actions undertaken.

Email addresses may not be genuine from paid sources as fake email addresses can be readily generated with a little time, effort and creativity. These are sold on the net for a high profit with no guarantee of desired results. No refunds or exchanges are allowed and a lot of money can be lost without any viable return on investment.

The rookie marketer on the Internet may be taken for a ride with fake email addresses on email opt-in lists where the auto-responder system sends out email advertising materials using email on the acquired opt-in list. Instead of sales enquiries and purchases, a lot of emails rebound. Hence, a personally built opt-in list is preferred.
A lot of money can flow down the drain with buying opt-in lists that may not have genuine email addresses. The wrong type of subscribers can be included in paid opt-in lists that waste the marketer’s efforts in closing a sale.

Process in list generation

A personal and original email opt-in list can be built from scratch to last a lifetime for any online business venture with some effort and understanding of its concept and process. The list building process may be slow and tedious with a lot of hard work to gain a reasonable list size that can support the business viably.
However, the ROI on an originally built opt-in list can be higher than expected to make the building process all worthwhile.

The process to build an original and personal email opt-in list is easy, although time and effort are required for a successful list that benefits the marketer. Customers to any web business today must be attracted by the benefits of the brand and product offerings to consent to an opt-in list subscription. Meeting needs is crucial to a successful built in list of potential leads and loyal customers.

If the proper solution can be recommended for the consumer, he or she can be transformed into a loyal customer for life. These consumers would readily get into the built in list for email opt-ins. Equipping potential leads and customers with the necessary useful information can win over these parties to be long term subscribers on the email opt-in list of the business entity.

The process of building up an opt-in list involves understanding the needs and expectations of the consumers with the best of solutions. Freebies such as useful small gifts, discounts and promotional vouchers can be offered to entice a willing opt-in. Such actions also establish better relations with the potential leads and customers while ensuring trust in the brand or company.

List building for email marketing takes time and effort, especially a good and effective list that supports the business. A personal email opt-in list is developed over time when the marketers or business owners make the effort in getting to know their prospects to be transformed into loyal customers.

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CPA Marketing – Underground YouTube Domination Method

The vast variety of available tools and methods for Cost-per-Action marketing ventures today is mind boggling even to the affiliate marketers. The growing popularity of CPA marketing compels the tech gurus and creative experts to generate useful tools and solutions that marketers can manipulate in succeeding at this online business venture that is taking the world by storm.

However, CPA marketing programs are only as successful as the number of traffic to the promoted website. This is where innovative CPA marketers need to consider the best of online marketing tools and methods to promote their website and draw in more traffic for higher income gains.

Underground YouTube domination

One of the growing popular methods in promoting CPA marketing ventures by its marketers is video marketing. Web consumers enjoy watching a video more than reading text on the net. It is easier to steer targeted visitors to the CPA promotional website using videos than emails. A popular underground method is available from YouTube, where high traffic can be funneled easily and quickly to enjoy a booming CPA business on the web.

YouTube videos command the highest view counts with front page status on SERPs. These videos are usually viewed by millions across the globe with a snowball effect. The millions of members of social media networks play an active role in promoting a video on YouTube with a simple, favorable comment that can cause the video to go viral as nobody wants to miss out on that video.

An easy way to promote the CPA network is through YouTube. A simple keying in of related keywords to the CPA program offerings on YouTube would generate a long list of available videos with their view counts. It is possible to collaborate with any of these video creators to promote the CPA program cost effectively. Most video creators would be willing to earn some extra cash with a simple link posted on their video that leads web visitors to the CPA website. This is a very cost effective way of generating traffic to the CPA website to generate extra income for the marketer.

An alternative to a simple link to the video is to include the CPA website URL at the description section of the video to have web visitors transported immediately to the CPA website.

YouTube as an online video sharing platform allows the sharing, viewing and downloading of video clips for free. CPA marketers can dominate YouTube subtly to earn big bucks for their CPA business venture through simple tactics on this platform.

Easy process

The first step in a YouTube domination to draw in web traffic is to be a member of a music or ringtone affiliate program. Next, search for viable videos that are uploaded on YouTube. The latest music videos by famous music artists of today can be easily sought and manipulated as long as the copyright issue is not violated.

It is also possible for the creative and innovative marketer to produce an original video that can function to promote the CPA business. Watermark the video with the CPA website to ensure that video viewers would be able to see the website address as they view the video. The best position for this viewing is at the bottom right hand corner of the video where attention is easily grabbed. The watermarking can be related to the video being played with the CPA website URL for a quick transportation of visitor to the targeted site.

Another crucial point in ensuring a successful YouTube domination on CPA marketing is to ensure that the produced video gets top viewing positions on YouTube. This can be manipulated through blogs or forum signatures that function to secure more views on the video. A higher view rate would convert into higher sales that would bring in more income to the CPA marketer.

YouTube is a dynamic marketing platform when its features are used effectively. The CPA marketer can stand out above the crowd and bypass market competition with a well designed video that is interesting to captivate niche market audience.


The Internet is a vast platform of business opportunities to scoop in a lucrative income in a myriad of ways. No matter what the niche business is, there would be plenty of tech savvy experts with the creative juices to generate fantastic videos that would blow viewers away.

There would always be creative marketers excelling in marketing with their fields of expertise via YouTube. Many creative marketers have vast experience of riding on YouTube, but every online entrepreneur has the same business opportunity as long as hard work, passion and determination continue to fuel the marketer’s efforts.

Gaining market dominance

It is possible to gain market dominance via YouTube videos through a few simple tips and tricks. Firstly, upload as many videos that can promote the CPA business and website URL as possible as there is no restriction on the number of uploads by YouTube. Multiple videos, especially well choreographed ones will draw more attention from video viewers to check out the CPA website as well. The chances of the CPA website getting clicked to gain visitors increase with more videos promoting the URL.

This can be a very effective marketing strategy for promoting CPA ventures even if it is the only marketing strategy undertaken by the marketer. However, the competition would increase as other marketers catch on with the idea or tap into the profitable niche.

Another approach to channel traffic to the CPA website is to encourage subscriptions to the video channel related to the CPA website. This would ensure repeat views of visitors who like the videos produced and uploaded on YouTube. New and old video viewers would be captivated with the constant stream of videos produced and uploaded for their viewing pleasure.


CPA marketers who want to cut short their journey to success in their chosen online business venture in CPA marketing can consider YouTube video ad placements which work well in attracting potential leads and customers to fuel their online business. CPA marketers also gain a market reputation with quality videos produced.

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Learn from these inspiring successful internet marketing stories.

Million Dollars

Internet Marketing is a field full of million dollars success stories, and from time to time you might hear some nightmarish stories as well. Of course as an internet marketer these stories, good or bad can help us in our daily journey as an inspiration. We get inspired from the good and outstanding success stories, and we can learn how to avoid the bad mistakes that are taught in the disastrous stories.

1384374657000 Learn from these inspiring successful internet marketing stories.

Best Business Making Money

With that said, here are some of the best inspiring success stories found from people around the world that has made a huge impact to the way internet marketing is conducted today. The best part of these stories is that they come from ordinary people just like you and me and from these stories, you can learn a great deal about their work ethics and what you can do to achieve the same results.

One of the obvious traits that you can see from these stories is that anyone can become successful, and it has nothing to do with your race, your age or even gender. The playing fields are even and all you need is a willing heart that wants to succeed and work yourself patiently towards your goals.

The $1.4 million dollar a year super affiliate.

Perhaps one of the more known success story comes from a super affiliate who made $1.4 million dollars a year selling affiliate products on Commission Junction and a few more other affiliate networks. His story was first publicly exposed when he was featured in PPC Classroom. This super affiliate is known as Jeremy Palmer and his yearly revenue at that time was around $1.4 million dollars.

Imagine making that much money using affiliate programs where you do not need to have your own product. Jeremy’s traffic strategies were mainly coming from PPC (Pay per click) and amazingly, he could create stunningly profitable campaigns to make him a lot of money in the shortest amount of time.

According to Jeremy, he discovered affiliate marketing as early as 2003. He was working for a financial service company, and he noticed that some of the affiliates for that company was making a handsome amount of affiliate commissions.
It was this that encouraged him to give affiliate marketing an honest try, and it went on from there.

Within two months, Jeremy was able to earn more money than his current job and then in half a years’ time he was doubling his pay at his day job, and that was when he decided to pursue into the affiliate world as a full time affiliate marketer.

In his first year, he made over $100,000 and he didn’t just stop there because in the following year he reached the $1 million dollar mark. A remarkable feat by an ordinary person and is definitely an inspiring story that should be kept close at heart.

World’s most popular greeting card site is actually started by a 62 year old granny.

Jacquie Lawson is this 62 year old granny who refused to stop believing. Her site is estimated to double the traffic of her rival company in 2006. That same year her website has over 500,000 paying members that actually pays her a yearly subscription fee in which results in a $3.6 million dollars each year.

For years, Jacquie was a freelance artist. Her first greeting card was sent to 30 friends and as a surprise; she received over 1600 reply messages from people all over the globe that has received her card. Hence after that her first simple website was born, but the demand was just too big at that time, and it crashed.

However, learning from her mistakes, with the help of her friend, set up a more powerful site in order to meet the demand. It took off like a rocket from there onwards.

This story is amazing because it helps us understand that success is not just for a certain age group. Anyone can succeed as long as you still have the drive.

Plenty of money on

Yes, no doubt one of the more popular dating sites online until today is
Its creator Markus Frind earns an approximate o $10 million dollars a year working less than 10 hours a week, and the entire operation is run on his apartment alone.

The site was first started in 2003 and was soon to spread across Canada and then USA with very minimal advertising. In other words… the site went viral. In 2007 alone this site has over 600,000 members, and it is growing steadily every single day.

The revenue coming into plenty of fish back then were mainly from banner ads or AdSense ads. The pure amount of traffic going into the site is enough to bring him $10,000 a month from AdSense. Markus even posted a screenshot of one of his AdSense checks that holds a sum of $900,000 to which Google verifies that the check is in fact, genuine.

This amazing story teaches us important thing about the power of viral marketing. If you have an idea that people will love, you will get free advertising that will ultimately give you success like no other.

Everyone can learn something from these 3 remarkable stories which is shared here today. And the truth of the matter is, there are countless other success stories that are as awesome as the ones shared here. While some of this success could not happen without some ‘luck’, but many success gurus would then argue that L.U.C.K itself is actually ‘Living Under Correct Knowledge’ which is why people succeed in the first place.

No matter how gifted we are, if we just sit there and wait, nothing will ever happen. Big thing only happens when one chooses to take a big step to change and work hard in what they believe in. Hence it is also important for entrepreneurs to continually seek for more knowledge and at the same time trying to inspire them to never give up from time to time.

And what other better ways is there to inspire yourself then reading million dollars inspiring success stories from people who are already wildly successful.

Million Dollars

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Residual income on the Internet is dead: Panda killed it, on Fri, 11 Jul 2014 Residual income is a term that was batted around the Internet with great gusto during the last decade. People discovered they could not only make a nice monthly stipend for their amateur attempts at writing, but by building a library of content, they

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