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FutureNet – The World’s first social media platform with the RevShare program.

Online advertising market is being developed with insane speed and today it reaches a billion dollars a day. Standard adverts in newspaper, radio or TV reached plateau, and are now in serious decline. Online Advertising is the Future and each month the number of companies switching to online advertising is rising. This is your chance to be part of the Global Advertising Revolution.

I expect you realise there are over 1 billion websites in the World at this present time. In order to stay in business each of them has the same target which is to generate huge amounts of visitors to their website. The FutureNet Advertising Program, which is connected to their own social media platform (like Facebook) is the perfect solution to creating more targets streams of leads to the business or opportunity.

futurenet social media FutureNet = Social Media Platform  Do you know,how social media platforms get such a big income? In 2015 Facebook revenue was $17.9 billion up from $12.4 billion in 2014. So where do these huge amounts come from – the answer is really simple: on adverts!

So if you have a Facebook account how much did they pay you? Unless you are a shareholder like Bob Geldoff I can pretty much guess you got nothing or maybe did something to get some payment. But now FutureNet is changing the way to do social media by giving its users a share of the revenues.

FUTURENET ADVERTISING PROGRAM = This is really easy to do, simply watch 10 adverts each day. By doing this daily action you will get money. Bonus calculations are added to your account every 15 minutes . Registration of new partners and product sales are not necessary.


futurenet get paid on social mediaTo start earning, you have to buy at least one advertising package (AdPack) worth $50 After the purchase, you get the right to get 800 views of your advert. To get qualified to everyday bonus, you have to watch 10 adverts each day. To get higher profits you can purchase more advertising packages (AdPacks). Purchasing advertising package (AdPack) worth $50 and watching 10 adverts each day, you get % share of amount based on company’s income. When the Adpack reaches its max. value $60, the advertising package is “closed” and $60 is transferred on your Online accoun.t Your income can be withdrawn or can be used to purchase another advertising packages (AdPacks)


1. To purchase advertising packages and be happy of your growing sales rates on your website

2. To purchase at least advertising package, (max. 1000) and watch 10 adverts a day, and you get % share of amounts, which are based on the company’s income. To start earning, you have to buy at least one advertising package (AdPack) worth $50 After the purchase, you get the right to get 800 views of your advert. To get qualified to everyday bonus, you have to watch 10 adverts each day. To get higher profits you can purchase more advertising packages (AdPacks).

As you can see, the amount of your income in FutureNet Advertising Program depends on the amount of advertising packages (AdPacks) The more advertising packages you have, the bigger company share you get. Higher amount of owned packages will provide you with more viewers of your advertised pages. Earning in the program do not require Registering new Partners or selling any products!


By recommending FutureAdPro to your other people, you can really increase your income and get 1.000 AdPacks much faster. Show everyone the fantastic opportunity of building a permanent income with FutureAdPro. You will get income for friend’s purchases up to 5 depth levels.

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ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Campaign


Established Affiliate Programs

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing CampaignEvery established affiliate programs must have its expansion plans as top priority to ensure a continuity and relevance in the market. This is crucial in maintaining a fresh presentation and offering of the Internet marketing venture as competition continues to grow more intense. The expansion of the affiliate base is necessary to establish the business in the market.

Business established affiliate programs expansion plans are common and actively instigated in every business. The plan may comprise generating marketing strategies to draw in more traffic and sales, developing dynamic and successful recruitment campaigns, enhancing market visibility through promotional events, active participation at relevant industry conferences, and re-structuring paid placement opportunities that would boost the affiliate program.

Well established affiliate programs still require active planning for further expansion. Top expansion priorities may include improving engagements with existing affiliates, greater equipping of current affiliates for bigger targets and motivating affiliates for more recruits.

A well crafted expansion plan must be carefully formulated with deep thoughts and research. An initial step of this action map would involve a careful evaluation of the established affiliate programs especially marketing program’s current activation rate. If the figure is less than 30%, more dynamic marketing strategies must be considered and implemented. Relevant activation campaigns with short term and long term goals must be developed with a stronger priority on immobile affiliates to stir up the whole team.

Potential Options for established affiliate programs Expansion

Generating an action plan to expand the affiliate marketing is necessary to avoid staleness in this online business. There is a myriad of ways to promote or enhance the affiliate business with some initiatives and effort.

Video marketing is an ideal business expansion potential which is guaranteed to influence viewers in exercising their purchase decisions. Promotional videos are easy to generate without incurring heavy costs through professional video development services. A dynamic marketing video could be easily developed with the right theme and contents identified using the best of marketing tools and solutions.

A Clear Map for Success Any affiliate program could be set for success when the right map of action plan is designed and implemented correctly. This would commence with a setting of realistic goals that are appropriate to the maturity of the program. These goals could be mapped out throughout the year to be achieved at the right season.

Primary revenue drivers need to be identified and evaluated to consider their current effectiveness. Adjustments and drastic changes may be needed, especially for mature affiliate programs if there is staleness permeating. Current affiliates need to be motivated, equipped or re-trained to drive sales and recruitment to enjoy a revival of vibrancy in the online business venture.

The necessary marketing tools and solutions need to be farmed out to current and new affiliates to prepare for targeted expansion in 2015. One-on-one meetings with affiliates as well as team meetings must happen regularly to be accountable for performance and productivity. Question-and-Answer sessions could be conducted online or offline to clear all doubts and insecurity towards the business venture. Future business placements and operating budgets need to be identified depending on demographics and business objectives of the entire group or individual affiliate marketers.

The last component of a successful action plan in building up the affiliate marketing business is to review the previous financial year calendar and its promotional activities. It is vital to identify the peaks and troughs of the business performance as well as the cause factors to improve for this year. This would help the affiliate marketer map out established affiliate programs for the perfect action plan for the affiliate program to bloom and blossom. A well structured or strategic business plan forms the firm foundation for uncharted growth that would outlast the competition. Every hit and miss would be recorded with errors bumped on in the previous year to be better.

Tips to Double Results Source: ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Established Affiliate Programs


Easy But Effective Tricks To Video Marketing Success


Video Marketing Success

“There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life – happiness, freedom, and peace of mind – are always attained by giving them to someone else.” ~ Peyton Conway March As Flora Edwards said, “In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.”

“No day is wasted in which I touch another person’s life in any positive, meaningful way. And so it is that I enrich my days by giving something of myself whether through a warm smile, a kind word, a sympathetic ear, a gentle embrace, or a helping hand.” ~ David L.Weatherford What’s more important than making a meaningful connection with another?”Happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not material wealth…

Happiness comes from giving, not getting. If we try hard to bring happiness to others, we cannot stop it from coming to us also. To get joy, we must give it, and to keep joy, we must scatter it.” ~ John Templeton It’s not about being a people-pleaser, it’s about shining our light and openly sharing our gifts. Mother Teresa explained, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

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Wise Tips For Getting Into Karatbars Gold Market


Gold Market

Gold MarketThe surge in popularity of gold buying and selling in recent years is likely the result of the perfect storms of financial insecurity and economic turbulence. If investing in gold is something you have intended to learn more about, you have come to the right place. Continue on for some terrific tips that you can put to use right away.

Karatbars Help you Manifest Your Potential

Do your research on the fee and commission structures for the dealer you are considering. Every dealer will have slightly different commission structures. Some may be more fair to you than others, so use it as a way to comparison shop against multiple dealers. This way, you can get the best deal for you possible.

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Earn As You Learn Duplicate System To Revenue


These are still completely sensible advertising tools, the Internet is the new very hot asset in the marketing market, and holds opportunities for online marketers without the deep pockets needed to advertise somewhere else.

Essentially, “media acquires” involve acquiring banner marketing area on sites, with the price depending on the web site’s importance as well as blog traffic, the dimension of the advertising and marketing campaign, the times at which the banners are to be displayed, and also various other criteria.

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How to connect with your customers?


Connection With Your Customers

One of the most underestimated ways to improve your online business is creating the connection with your customers. Your customers have never seen you. They do not know if you are real or not. They are not sure if they could trust you or not. And based on all the scam news and alerts that they read every other day online, they have the right to be skeptical. And this skepticism is a barrier that you as a business owner have to overcome before you can get them to trust you can hand over their hard earned money in exchange for your product or services.

connection with your customersIn marketing, we all know that people will need to be exposed to your offer multiple times before they can make a buying decision. Anyone who buys immediately is probably buying on impulse. This phenomenon is because people need to know more about you first before making that decision to invest their money in your products. This is why we need to establish a connection with your customers and prospects for a long term business relationship. With a strong connection your business will definitely soar to greater heights.

Write like how you would talk (through Your iPhone).

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Buy Term Life Insurance Online It’s Quick And Easy

The purchase of term life insurance can be easy and painless. The online shopper can search the web for term life insurance rates and find enough information to make a decision very quickly. The key to shopping for life insurance is pre-determining the amount that you need and the type of term policy to cover that need. Once you resolve these two issues then you are able to go online knowing exactly what you are looking for and that is a major time saver.

Single Needs Purchases

1.Final Expense Fund Final Expense insurance is a basic single need purchase. Shopping for final expense is the simplest single need life insurance purchase that you will ever make. Determine the amount that you want for burial expense and go shopping for it online.

2.Mortgage Life Insurance Mortgage life insurance is another basic single need that you can shop for online. This is a decreasing term policy that is issued to cover the mortgage balance on your home.

3.Readjustment Period This is another single needs purchase. This policy is purchased to provide an income for the beneficiary for a pre-determined length of time.

The combination of all of these needs can be purchased in one or two policies as well. You will shop with greater confidence and purpose if you can pre-determine the amount that you need. The type of policy is your next decision. Do you need a Mortgage policy for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years? Level Term insurance is usually purchased for income replacement. How many years do you need your income replaced? When you answer these questions then you are off and running. There may be a waiver of premium rider available with your term policy. This rider will pay your policy premium should you become disabled. Make sure that you are comparing your term policy with and without this rider.

Replace Your Lost Income With Income Protection Insurance

There is no longer such a thing as a ‘job for life’ and while no one likes to imagine the worst happening it can and it does and if you haven’t taken steps towards planning for what would happen if you were to lose your income, then you could be in great financial difficulty if you cannot afford to pay your essential monthly outgoings. Income protection insurance, however could give you great peace of mind not to mention security by replacing your income should you become out of work, providing it’s suitable for your circumstances.

An income payment protection insurance plan will give you a tax free sum of money each and every month once you have been out of work usually for 30 days or more. It will then continue to cover your lost income up to a set amount for up to 12 months if it is needed and some providers pay for up to 24 months.

Income protection insurance is an invaluable safety net on which you can fall and can make find another job and get back to work. While it can be valuable protection the product isn’t suitable for all circumstances and this isn’t always made clear at the time of taking out the policy. Exclusions that could mean you wouldn’t be eligible to claim include being in part time employment, being retired, and self-employed or suffering from a pre-existing medical condition at the time of taking out the cover.

You should always check the small print for any exclusions along with the key facts regarding an income protection insurance policy and you can get these facts from a standalone provider if you are not sure. A specialist in payment protection can always give you advice along with giving you the cheapest premiums for your income protection insurance policy.

Income Protection Insurance Can Work For You When Bought Correctly

If you should become unable to work due to accident, prolonged sickness or through unemployment such as unforeseen redundancy then you could find yourself having a real struggle to pay your essential outgoings unless you have income protection to safeguard against the loss.

If income protection insurance suits your circumstances then it would replace your lost income up to a pre-determined amount each month which would enable you to carry on paying your essential bills without having to struggle to find the money to meet essential bills if you lose your income.

Once you have been out of work usually for 30 days or more, then the policy would kick in and you would receive a tax free amount each and every month that you are out of work up for to 12 months (and with some providers, for up to 24 months). You do however have to ensure that a policy would be suitable for your needs and that if you should have to make a claim, you would be able to do so without any problem.

Checking out the small print for any exclusions as well as seeing exactly what the income protection insurance cover entails will ensure you get the right protection.

Finding income protection insurance that is affordable can be a problem and can be time unless you go with a standalone provider. They can offer inexpensive income protection insurance, especially when compared to their high street counterparts.

In an uncertain world where redundancy and accidents are on the increase it is essential that you do everything you can to protect yourself against a loss of income and providing you have read the exclusions and small print in a policy, income protection insurance can be a safety net to fall back on but you have to ensure it is the right product for you.

Protect Your Income With Income Protection Insurance

Income protection can give you peace of mind in a world where nothing is certain and the unexpected frequently happens. While we don’t like to think of the worst situation arising, sometimes it pays to give it some thought. For example, if you have monthly commitments such as a mortgage, rent, credit card or loan repayments, then considering protecting your income with income protection insurance is something that needs careful consideration.

Income protection insurance can help to safeguard your income and give you peace of mind if you should come out of work through having an accident, falling sick or becoming unemployed. The cover will protect you for a period of time by providing you with a tax-free monthly income which ensures that you can afford to meet your monthly bills such as credit card and loan repayments. Unless you have your own little nest egg on which to fall back in times such as these, then income protection should be given some serious thought.

However, when it comes to protecting your income it can be expensive depending on where you choose to take your cover from, and that it is why when it comes to saving the most on your premiums, you should shop around. Going to an independent, specialist provider for a quote is a good place to start.

It is important that you understand any policy that you take out. As with any type of insurance there are factors that have to be taken into account and there normally are exclusions within policies. Again this is where you gain the benefit from going with a standalone provider. A reputable provider will have the expertise and knowledge to not only pass the savings onto you for the policy, but also to be able to give you the best advice possible. Income protection insurance can be a good thing to have, but only when purchased correctly and from a reliable provider.

All About Personal Accounting

If you have a checking account, of course you balance it periodically to account for any differences between what’s in your statement and what you wrote down for checks and deposits.

Many people do it once a month when their statement is mailed to them, but with the advent of online banking, you can do it daily if you’re the sort whose banking tends to get away from them.

You balance your checkbook to note any charges in your checking account that you haven’t recorded in your checkbook. Some of these can include ATM fees, overdraft fees, special transaction fees or low balance fees, if you’re required to keep a minimum balance in your account.

You also balance your checkbook to record any credits that you haven’t noted previously. They might include automatic deposits, or refunds or other electronic deposits. Your checking account might be an interest-bearing account and you want to record any interest that it’s earned.

You also need to discover if you’ve made any errors in your recordkeeping or if the bank has made any errors.

Another form of accounting that we all dread is the filing of annual federal income tax returns. Many people use a CPA to do their returns; others do it themselves. Most forms include the following items:


Any money you’ve earned from working or owning assets, unless there are specific exemptions from income tax.

Personal Exemptions:

This is a certain amount of income that is excused from tax.

Standard Deduction:

Some personal expenditures or business expenses can be deducted from your income to reduce the taxable amount of income. These expenses include items such as interest paid on your home mortgage, charitable contributions and property taxes.

Taxable Income:

This is the balance of income that’s subject to taxes after personal exemptions and deductions are factored in.