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Established Affiliate Programs

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing CampaignEvery established affiliate programs must have its expansion plans as top priority to ensure a continuity and relevance in the market. This is crucial in maintaining a fresh presentation and offering of the Internet marketing venture as competition continues to grow more intense. The expansion of the affiliate base is necessary to establish the business in the market.

Business established affiliate programs expansion plans are common and actively instigated in every business. The plan may comprise generating marketing strategies to draw in more traffic and sales, developing dynamic and successful recruitment campaigns, enhancing market visibility through promotional events, active participation at relevant industry conferences, and re-structuring paid placement opportunities that would boost the affiliate program.

Well established affiliate programs still require active planning for further expansion. Top expansion priorities may include improving engagements with existing affiliates, greater equipping of current affiliates for bigger targets and motivating affiliates for more recruits.

A well crafted expansion plan must be carefully formulated with deep thoughts and research. An initial step of this action map would involve a careful evaluation of the established affiliate programs especially marketing program’s current activation rate. If the figure is less than 30%, more dynamic marketing strategies must be considered and implemented. Relevant activation campaigns with short term and long term goals must be developed with a stronger priority on immobile affiliates to stir up the whole team.

Potential Options for established affiliate programs Expansion

Generating an action plan to expand the affiliate marketing is necessary to avoid staleness in this online business. There is a myriad of ways to promote or enhance the affiliate business with some initiatives and effort.

Video marketing is an ideal business expansion potential which is guaranteed to influence viewers in exercising their purchase decisions. Promotional videos are easy to generate without incurring heavy costs through professional video development services. A dynamic marketing video could be easily developed with the right theme and contents identified using the best of marketing tools and solutions.

A Clear Map for Success Any affiliate program could be set for success when the right map of action plan is designed and implemented correctly. This would commence with a setting of realistic goals that are appropriate to the maturity of the program. These goals could be mapped out throughout the year to be achieved at the right season.

Primary revenue drivers need to be identified and evaluated to consider their current effectiveness. Adjustments and drastic changes may be needed, especially for mature affiliate programs if there is staleness permeating. Current affiliates need to be motivated, equipped or re-trained to drive sales and recruitment to enjoy a revival of vibrancy in the online business venture.

The necessary marketing tools and solutions need to be farmed out to current and new affiliates to prepare for targeted expansion in 2015. One-on-one meetings with affiliates as well as team meetings must happen regularly to be accountable for performance and productivity. Question-and-Answer sessions could be conducted online or offline to clear all doubts and insecurity towards the business venture. Future business placements and operating budgets need to be identified depending on demographics and business objectives of the entire group or individual affiliate marketers.

The last component of a successful action plan in building up the affiliate marketing business is to review the previous financial year calendar and its promotional activities. It is vital to identify the peaks and troughs of the business performance as well as the cause factors to improve for this year. This would help the affiliate marketer map out established affiliate programs for the perfect action plan for the affiliate program to bloom and blossom. A well structured or strategic business plan forms the firm foundation for uncharted growth that would outlast the competition. Every hit and miss would be recorded with errors bumped on in the previous year to be better.

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Established Affiliate Programs


Easy But Effective Tricks To Video Marketing Success


Video Marketing Success

“There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life – happiness, freedom, and peace of mind – are always attained by giving them to someone else.” ~ Peyton Conway March As Flora Edwards said, “In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.”

“No day is wasted in which I touch another person’s life in any positive, meaningful way. And so it is that I enrich my days by giving something of myself whether through a warm smile, a kind word, a sympathetic ear, a gentle embrace, or a helping hand.” ~ David L.Weatherford What’s more important than making a meaningful connection with another?”Happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not material wealth…

Happiness comes from giving, not getting. If we try hard to bring happiness to others, we cannot stop it from coming to us also. To get joy, we must give it, and to keep joy, we must scatter it.” ~ John Templeton It’s not about being a people-pleaser, it’s about shining our light and openly sharing our gifts. Mother Teresa explained, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

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Wise Tips For Getting Into Karatbars Gold Market


Gold Market

Gold MarketThe surge in popularity of gold buying and selling in recent years is likely the result of the perfect storms of financial insecurity and economic turbulence. If investing in gold is something you have intended to learn more about, you have come to the right place. Continue on for some terrific tips that you can put to use right away.

Karatbars Help you Manifest Your Potential

Do your research on the fee and commission structures for the dealer you are considering. Every dealer will have slightly different commission structures. Some may be more fair to you than others, so use it as a way to comparison shop against multiple dealers. This way, you can get the best deal for you possible.

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Earn As You Learn Duplicate System To Revenue


These are still completely sensible advertising tools, the Internet is the new very hot asset in the marketing market, and holds opportunities for online marketers without the deep pockets needed to advertise somewhere else.

Essentially, “media acquires” involve acquiring banner marketing area on sites, with the price depending on the web site’s importance as well as blog traffic, the dimension of the advertising and marketing campaign, the times at which the banners are to be displayed, and also various other criteria.

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How to connect with your customers?


Connection With Your Customers

One of the most underestimated ways to improve your online business is creating the connection with your customers. Your customers have never seen you. They do not know if you are real or not. They are not sure if they could trust you or not. And based on all the scam news and alerts that they read every other day online, they have the right to be skeptical. And this skepticism is a barrier that you as a business owner have to overcome before you can get them to trust you can hand over their hard earned money in exchange for your product or services.

connection with your customersIn marketing, we all know that people will need to be exposed to your offer multiple times before they can make a buying decision. Anyone who buys immediately is probably buying on impulse. This phenomenon is because people need to know more about you first before making that decision to invest their money in your products. This is why we need to establish a connection with your customers and prospects for a long term business relationship. With a strong connection your business will definitely soar to greater heights.

Write like how you would talk (through Your iPhone).

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Which Types Of Traffic Generation Methods Produce The Most Quality Subscribers?

Good traffic generation for any Internet business must be translated into quality subscribers before the marketer becomes satisfied with the marketing campaign executed. It is possible to generate a high volume of web traffic to the website for the business, but a low conversion rate would render the marketing campaign or strategy useless or a failure.

Online marketers should be equipped with the availability of dynamic web traffic generation methods that would be most effective through a high volume of quality subscribers enlisted into their business mailing list.

The Internet offers a myriad of dynamic traffic generation methods which any aggressive Internet marketer or business owner would want to deploy for optimal business results. However, it may not be possible to guarantee the best of quality subscribers that would boost sales unless the marketer is experienced or performs the required market research for the desired business outcomes.

Content Marketing Dynamics

Content marketing is a very wide scope of online marketing which covers blogging, ezine articles and even video marketing that generates web traffic on the Internet. If web readers like the content read and absorb it properly, trust and interest would be sown for repeat visits and potentially opt into the business mailing list if they are part of the Pay-per-Click marketing campaign.

Good content draws the crowd to the marketer and the brand with a greater interest towards the brand and business stirred, especially if the writing style and flow are compelling and captivating. These would be willing to become a business brand subscriber if value-added videos or contents are offered. This opens the door to great business opportunities where the marketer could continue following up with each opt-in subscriber to promote the business brand and products more easily and effectively.

However, it is not all a bed of roses on content marketing which requires good writing skills in developing interesting and relevant content for web consumers. Time and effort would be required to generate quality content which web readers deem as ‘value-added’ and useful to want more. Moreover, marketers need to keep a constant supply of quality articles to keep the targeted audiences interested in the business and brand.

Solo Ads Dynamics

Solo ads prove to be another equally effective traffic generation method which modern marketers with a fluid budget are engaging in for more traffic, especially if these ads are targeted at the right niche markets. When that is applied rightly, more quality subscribers are generated to boost business sales and brand presence in the market.

Solo ads are very powerful business promo tools as high-quality potential leads are referred from a third party that has put in a lot of time and effort in building up that list. If the list pertains to the web business, marketers would have a field day in reaping quality subscribers. The success rate of the solo ads would be high. Less effort and time is required to push the business brand and products as these targeted audience is ready to embrace the business offerings.

The marketer could build a strong relationship with each of these subscribers from the third party when the subscribers also opt into their personal business mailing list. This would be the pinnacle of success in online marketing where the marketer does not need to refer to various marketing sources or engage different tools in procuring targeted niche markets.

These subscribers are more open to the web business brand and offerings to boost the marketer’s business sales and profits.

Buying Leads or Self Generated?

Another dynamic traffic generation option is to buy leads from third parties. It is common among Internet marketers and business owners to buy network marketing leads from established and reputed lead providers in the market.

However, how the leads are to be deployed determines the success of traffic generation. Marketers must confirm that these network marketing companies offer leads that pertain to the marketers’ niche business areas to be proven useful and effective in generating quality subscribers.

Many marketers have been frustrated and duped into buying useless leads that are not interested in their business brand or products and services. Successful leads from third parties should be from a reliable network leads providers at reasonable prices and best of outcomes.

With every potentially useful lead purchased, marketers must consider effective online marketing strategies that would translate these leads into business customers through a subscriber mailing opt-in feature. Marketers would also need to implement versatile marketing strategies to strengthen relations with opt-in subscribers to enjoy higher conversion rates and sales.

However, many experienced and skilled Internet marketers may choose to generate their own leads instead of purchasing, especially if they do not have a strong marketing budget to buy leads. Marketers who are dynamic should have no problem generating their own personal leads using versatile and cost effective measures such as lead capture pages.

These mini websites comprise only one page designed to attract web visitors in subscribing to the business mailing list. A well developed lead capture page is quite simple and fast to entice targeted niche audiences to its shore. Good language construction and creativity in web design would convince or compel web visitors to sign up on the business opt-in form with the required contact details for the marketer to follow up.

Creative marketing features by innovative online marketers include a variety of marketing approaches that would compel web visitors to sign up immediately. This includes free offers that are enticing for an immediate sign-up. Creative marketers may exploit cost effective marketing measures that include eBooks, training webinar attendance, free software or business tools that would benefit the web reader.

Hence, a well designed lead capture page with free value-added content or giveaways proves to be an extremely effective marketing tactics to generate quality subscribers for the brand or business.


Internet marketers and business owners have more than enough traffic generation options to choose from to procure the best of quality subscribers in fueling their business operations and bottom lines at the end of the day.

Viral Advertising and Promotions 101: Not Utilizing It Can Kill Your Company’s Creativity

Any Internet business today must be aggressive in its marketing endeavors to remain relevant in the market as competition intensifies. Businesses are scrambling for the most effective and efficient marketing strategy or tactic to grow their bottom lines quickly while aiming to be a market leader in their industry.

It is not surprising that every form of advertising and marketing ploy would be checked and engaged for optimal results. Businesses would want to engage in Internet marketing activities and solutions that would boost their market presence and sales with a favorable SERP ranking by top search engines.

Dynamics of Viral Advertising

Every marketing strategy must be effective in bringing in the desired potential leads that translates into higher sales. Viral advertising is one such marketing strategy that reaches a very wide scope of audience for a business which manipulates this technique effectively.

Viral advertising refers to the marketing of business brands or products dynamically through multiple media channels with recipients of messages being compelled to share or forward the information willingly and quickly. The essence of a business brand and product is passed on effectively to a much larger than expected crowd without incurring more cost from the business owner or marketer.

Businesses are banking on supportive consumers to advertise their brand, products or services on their behalf without payment. There are many ways in which businesses could be creative in viral advertising. Media sponsors in entertaining videos or logo competitions are very effective in spurring the web community to activate viral marketing.

Dynamic Channels
The social media networks prove to be dynamic platforms for viral advertising or logo, which may interest a lot of consumers either for fun or rewards. These subtle marketing options are likely to spur hype and buzz in the market through active sharing of the business promo message. This form of advertising is common on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest Newsfeed that motivates a higher response from consumers.

Viral advertising is known to be a relatively affordable marketing strategy for business owners and marketers on a tight advertising budget. It avoids the business mail being labeled as spam mail as it is passed around by willing recipients to their personal circles of contacts. Aggressive Internet businesses engage in special incentives such as cash rebates and discounts in motivating viral marketing on their targeted brands and products or services.

Benefits of Viral Advertising

Viral advertising proves to be a very effective business promotion tool with a myriad of benefits. Great hype and buzz is generated with viral marketing with a clear recognition and acknowledgement from the public on the business brand and website as well as the marketer instrumental in the marketing effort.

A substantial circulation on target traffic is generated to boost the business sales and profits. It is very easy to strengthen the business brand’s market position with well planned and implemented creative marketing strategies via viral advertising.

Marketers who engage in viral advertising are likely to combine with other dynamic marketing strategies such as SEO. This augurs well with top search engines that accord higher website rankings that incorporate SEO features. It is easy for companies deploying viral advertising and other dynamic marketing strategies to be noted as market leaders in their industries.

Well structured marketing strategies could easily become viral through a simple, compelling suggestion or an addictive game. Even a hilarious story or free giveaways at a limited time offer could generate a viral response to kick start viral advertising. Many great ideas for generating viral advertising are possible to benefit the company and business brand in enhancing brand visibility in the market.

The low cost of viral advertising is particularly attractive to small and new businesses for a fast and effective reach in the market to be established. This would cut down their marketing budget dramatically. A lot of promotion with wider public recognition is possible on the business website and brand.

This dynamic marketing strategy requires little effort to stir up the momentum in reaching wider audiences if the promo message is well thought out. Once a viral advertising is activated, it is very easy for the company to repeat similar success for different products, services and brands.

Without Viral Advertising

Great disadvantages arise when businesses today refuse to consider viral advertising. Businesses would be stuck in a rut with their routine marketing strategies and campaigns that could become stale and boring to consumers over time.

High cost would be involved which leads to a high budget on marketing and advertising which is crucial to businesses that want to stay relevant in the market today. The increasing cost of marketing and advertising in the market could cripple or limit the business potentials if viral advertising is not considered.

Viral advertising also helps boost the business creativity as it is part of a dynamic innovation in marketing. If a company’s marketing campaign is successful via viral advertising or marketing, this would be proof of its creativity in engaging the market to be interested in its brand or products.

Lots of potential leads could be generated through viral advertising due to the quick sharing and forwarding of messages to all walks of consumers. The company would enjoy reaping more than enough potential business leads to be followed up and enlisted into the business mailing list. However, such opportunities could be lost if the viral advertising or marketing is not implemented.


Viral advertising is now considered business promotions 101 that all modern businesses should engage in for a greater business or brand awareness and visibility in the market. Higher sales and profits are expected through viral marketing as more consumers are informed of the availability of promotions and business benefits.

Companies that engage in viral marketing are seen to be creative in the industry with a connotation as market leader. This would augur well with top search engines which would accord higher website rankings that would attract more traffic to the website.

Without viral advertising, companies would struggle constantly to find cost effective and efficient marketing solutions that would promote them and their wares.

The Question of Link Velocity – How Many Links Does My Site Need?

Internet marketers know the importance of links on their website to attract more web traffic to boost sales. Hence, link building is a dynamic component in website design as part of good SEO essentials. Every website that wants to be visible in the market must include certain good links that would draw web traffic to its shores; the question that begs to be answered is: how many?

Links as Dynamic SEO Tools

With the right understanding of links in a website, webmasters and marketers would need to include the right number of links without search engines frowning on an ‘over-stuffing’. This would not reflect well on the website in securing high page rankings when good quality links are one too many.

As dynamic SEO tools in a website design, good links are crucial in attracting targeted web traffic for more business opportunities. Great links are well designed and natural with a high relevancy that prompts web users to click on and be directed to the website for more information. This could lead on to a higher sales conversion rate that benefits the bottom line of the business.

Good links that are helpful in boosting the online business must be generated from skilled SEO professionals birthing at reputed and authoritative sites. These links could be developed using dynamic SEO software that would augur well with top search engines.

Features that are of concern for dynamic links include:
? The number of links
? The location of links
? The velocity of link building

Relevancy in Number

Many webmasters and marketers are fraught with the age-old question of how many links they should put into their website for optimum results with web traffic. There is no exact number as different websites operate differently with different types of content and SEO implementation. Hence, some webmasters and marketers may flood the website with many links to offer web visitors more chances of being directed to their web business sites.

Others may choose to be more subtle in their links availability within a webpage to project a more professional image that would draw targeted niche market audiences. The adage, “the more the merrier” is not foolproof with links in websites where quality prevails over quantity.

Quality Links from Source

The source of links proves to be more important as it reflects on the quality of links supported by the source. A link from a market reputed site is deemed to be reliable and approved with relevant or helpful information to web users who would be compelled to click.

Webmasters need to work on building as many as good quality links as possible to draw in the desired huge web traffic to their websites. Quality links serve to boost webpage ranking that would push the competitors down the rank regardless of the number of links included.

Links from respected sites would also gain consumer respect as the website benefits from the good market credibility of respected sites. The business enjoys a rub-off of the subtle benefits from well established sites to secure better market presence and perception.

Many link building tools are now readily available to webmasters in generating quality links that would serve to draw more web traffic. Advanced SEO tools are available in building great links which would be welcomed by reputed sites that would benefit the business. The success of any online business today requires strong connections with reputed sources.

Homepage Links and Webpage Links

Internet marketers and webmasters need to know how to attach links dynamically in helpful sites that would draw in the desired targeted traffic instead of massive links homing in to the homepage of the business displaying brand and products unscrupulously.

A better alternative would be to have some links pointing to relevant internal web pages which are of interest to the web visitor with helpful information. The web visitor is more likely to check out the homepage as well once the web pages prove helpful.

Links to web pages are easier to build than homepage links. These are more attractive to web visitors seeking for specific information than a general page which requires more searching.
Velocity of Links

Besides the number of links a website should have, webmasters need to address how fast these links are required to generate the right amount of traffic to the website. Quality links that are clear cut and clean are quickly built especially once experience becomes the master and guide.

A good link building strategy is to engage link building over a longer time period in a consistent manner. The number of quality links could increase over time once the momentum is built upon the business activities.

A couple of direct links to the home page could be built and implemented first before moving on with internal web pages to generate a wider scope of targeted audience. This would generate a gradual increase in web traffic that would benefit the long term performance of the business with favorable rankings from top search engines.

A Strategic Approach on Link Building

The basic approach to link building is related to the structure, format and placement of the URL to enhance marketing strategies.

A website should have about four active or inactive links that could be placed in the article and Resource Box. A strategic marketing approach on link building is the attachment of 2 self-serving links and 2 non-self serving links in the article. A self-serving link refers the website that is targeted to attract web traffic while a non-self serving link refers to third party websites which could add value to the article.

The Resource Box which is usually located below the article body is an ideal spot for placing links. It is a strategic link location to direct web traffic to the website. Good links could also be placed below the bottom half of the article or beneath the fold after web readers enjoy the bulk of the content.

These link marketing strategies augur well with top search engines to offer higher page rankings to the website or webpage.

Skyrocket Your Sales With Google +

Internet businesses face challenging times with more competition sprouting in the market, but there are still many tools and solutions which could get them a bigger piece of the pie through innovation and creativity. Besides warding off increasing competition, Internet businesses also have to mind Google’s constant changes in its search algorithms with updates of Panda and Penguin that exercise more stringent requirements.

Google+ Dynamics for Internet Businesses

It is crucial for online business owners and marketers to take note of the search algorithm initiations which Google has implemented to restructure their online marketing strategies for more dynamic online results. This is necessary to ensure a favorable standing with Google based on its updated search algorithms to enjoy high web page rankings that would attract the desired web traffic to the website.

It is noted that the search algorithm changes include various factors that are likely to affect rankings on every website that does not comply fully with the new requirements. Diligent webmasters must search out these factors to benefit from the algorithm updates employed by Google.

Online business owners and marketers would be glad to note the dynamics of Google+ that would help in overcoming new search algorithm updates by Google on websites. The stringent requirements could be complied with the incorporation of Google+ to the marketing strategies of the marketer or online business.

This social media site could benefit the online web business site with the right tools or features aptly applied in a dynamic Internet marketing campaign. It is possible to be ranked on Google’s first page using a series of competitive keywords or key phrases via Google+ features.

Google+ platform enjoys over 100 million users with a steady growth rate today. It is not surprising that Internet business owners and marketers would be well rewarded if they deploy Google+ in their online marketing endeavors as it is part of Google dynamics.

Understanding the available features of Google+ helps marketers and business owners plan strategic online marketing campaigns that would attract more traffic for more sales and business promotions on the web.

Features that Boost Online Marketing

Online marketing is easy and effective with Google+ pages. When these pages are linked to the web business site, massive traffic could be generated from all spheres of life on the Internet. Google+ programmers are on hand to assist in the linking of pages to the website for free. This is a plus point for new or small businesses emerging on the Internet with a small or tight marketing budget.

The user friendly navigation and creation of links among multiple pages encourage many modern business owners to consider Google+ in their dynamic online marketing endeavors. The profile page is flexible with an introduction space to drop the link to the web business site or blog that would boost web visitors. These links are displayed as blue hyperlinks.

Other dynamic profiles are readily at the bottom of the page where more links could be attached to popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

With regards to content, high quality and value-added content would certainly win Google’s favor for a higher ranking. It is also possible to secure a favorable social reputation rating with frequent contributions of useful and fresh contents which are posted regularly in blogs or reputed article directories.

The stringent article standards which Google implements disapproves of articles stuffed with keywords, which water down the quality of the article. Contents must conform to the accepted formal writing format and style which makes reading easy and enjoyable to leave readers entertained and benefited.

Another personal feature of Google+ is the display of marketer’s picture on the network, which could mark the authoritative position and market credibility of the marketer or business owner. Hence, this picture should be displayed on social media sites, online forums and message boards for a quick recognition by Google to pour more favor for higher ranking.

Progressive Technologies

Google+ keeps improving with newer and more dynamic features based on progressive technologies; one of which is the posting of appealing images, entertaining videos, interesting articles and absorbing blog posts.

These could be linked to preferred websites and blogs as well as popular social media sites with high subscriber lists for a search and match by Google. A link could be placed on the Google+ page directed to the promo website in attracting web traffic.

A WordPress blog could also include a Google+ button as an auto-responder in securing potential business leads. This method ensures that the promo message is farmed out to all contacts in the mailing lists at appropriate times.

Better visual online communications are possible via Google+ tools that encourage online ‘hang-outs’ like Skype even in different languages as there is an online translator tool on Google+. Google has developed a new rating system that is similar to that of Facebook ‘Likes’ but in the form of +1s which are instrumental to boost Google’s ranking on the website and social content.

Having quality content is great with Google+ dynamics, but positioning the content is also crucial in Google’s eyes. Hence, the contents found in established and reputed platforms such as would augur well with Google while link juice from Hub Pages and Squidoo gets approval by this search engine giant as long as link farm article directories are avoided.


Google+ seems to be well structured to be a dynamic social media marketing platform that would delight online marketers and business owners looking for a breakthrough in the competitive marketplace. High SERP rankings with Google and skyrocketing sales could be boosted through an indulgence in Google+.

It is not difficult to get started on this enticing social media platform with the necessary helps and guides available easily for free. Although Google+ is a late starter compared to other social media network giants, it is fast climbing up the ladder of success with a growing reputation in the marketplace to be a new force of contention. Free tools and user friendly navigation on Google+ with obvious results should be sufficient reasons to entice marketers to its shores.