Dennis Dartram Self Treatment Introduction

Dennis Dartram Self Treatment Introduction

Discover the Power of Self-Help: Exploring Foot Reflexology and its Impact on the Body

So, I’m here to introduce you to a series of videos that I want to do on self-help. We will start with the foot and work our way through the body with different movement and pressure application methods. Some essential release points that you can work through. Dennis Dartram Self Treatment Introduction

The acupuncture system reflects zones through sexology; many things are put into one place. My story started with my interest in the foot in 1976. I took a course in reflexology, which taught me that reflexes on the feet moved things in the body, flushed organs out, and other things of that nature.

That started my interest, and then, of course, the self-interest of reaching my feet and working things began a journey for me. But then, as I learned other skills, I discovered that we have the anatomy of a foot, and you could influence lots of things by working with the ligaments.

Exploring the Neurology and Mechanics of the Foot: A Comprehensive Approach in Dennis Dartram’s Self-Treatment Introduction

We also have muscles in the feet and nerves in between the toes. So we can look at the whole neurology. We can look at the muscular and fascial systems that encapsulate the foot. We can look at the tensible system of the foot. This model was made by tom, flemings who’s, a model maker for integrity a little bit sad. Now it needs to tighten up a little bit.

Still, it shows again a tensile way of the foot dynamics working as opposed to the standard foot mechanics that we understand from Newtonian principles, uh, and so that’s what the video is going to do is to encompass All of those and the 40 years of experience.

I’ve put that into one place, and then we’re going to work through the body in that way slowly, yeah, one day in training, that’s only explained. It was many years ago that we should wiggle our big toes, and he said we should wiggle it 90 times in both directions. It’s not essential to count. Dennis Dartram Self Treatment Introduction

Understanding the Importance of Toe Movement in Self-Treatment

The important thing is to understand how to wiggle your toes so ligaments, facial things, and some muscles connect your big toe to the rest of the body. So on the influence and free the big tool, we can free off our neck, but even when we free them off, I’m going to show you ways where you tension couple: the joint to mimic the loads that would be put on it during the walking Phase, so you can correct and send the right messages to the feet.

We’re going to teach you how to separate where the nerves are. We’re going to teach you how to free meridians off so one day had somebody said as well as woodland. Toes, you should always walk home from the pub, and he explained that because of the liver and the spleen meridian or on either side of the big toe when you walk home, you exercise to spin the liver and metabolize the alcohol before you get home. So all these ancient things – people sometimes don’t know why they’re there.

Understanding the Importance of Fundamentals in Dennis Dartram’s Self-Treatment Introduction

Why do you use that in for bacon in, you know, that sort of old secret? It’s the old secret that there are no new fundamentals, and what I want to teach is the fundamentals. So you understand why you’re doing something? And if you have enough reasons to do it with enough understanding, you will go towards the corrections you want. You

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