Beginner Guide Choosing the Right Domain Seller

This one is for the total newbies out there who are just starting out and learning the curves. One of the very first obstacle that you will face when you are first starting out as an internet marketer is when you have finally decided to grab a domain name of your own. But before you decide to choose or purchase a domain name it is very important for you to choose the right domain sellers. There are tons of domain seller out there and for the most part of it, you will have to get a decent seller so that you can have an ease of mind for a long time in your business.

Your domain seller is very important because more often than not you will find yourself sticking to just one seller for your entire internet marketing lifetime. Rarely will you choose to move your domain elsewhere and rarely will you be buying from a different domain seller because it will be very hard to keep all your domains organized. Hence, here are a quick few tips to help you choose the right domain seller for all your domain needs.


Obviously, you will have to be paying a yearly fee for your domains. Hence, you will want to seek out for a seller that is offering a competitive price and still be able to provide the best service to you. You will need to keep a keen eye out for their marketing strategies especially if they tell you that the first year is a domain name are very cheap or the first few years. You will need to make sure that after these discounted time frames what are the nominal fees that you will be charged at and thus you will need to make adjustments. From our experience, we rarely have a domain that we want to keep for less than 1 year. There will be domains that you will be keeping for a longer period of time (5 years and above) and thus it is important for you to plan long term instead of try to get a cheap domain for a few years only.

Note that some domain sellers do bundle extra goodies to your purchase. Some domain sellers will give you a free whois guard which you use to hide your private data that is associated with your domain name. Note that these whois guard is only free for a limited time (mostly 1 year) and then you will have to renew it every year after the first year. Of course you can choose to cancel these extra charges later on if you are not going to use it.


Do a quick search for coupons for the domain seller that you have shortlisted. If the domain seller constantly or frequently released discount coupons for their domain buyers and for their existing clients who are renewing their domains, than this could be a good sign for you to safe on your domain renewal fees in the future. This means every year before you go about to renew your domain name, you can go for a quick search for a coupon on the internet and see if you can find a good bargain and then use it for your domain renewals.

This could potentially save you a lot of domain money if you are like most of the internet marketers out there who holds more than 5 domain names. Yes, the more you get into internet marketing, the more domain names you will own and any saving is a good saving and you will be grateful if your domain seller has tons of discounts in store for people who renew their domain names and not just for those who are new to the game and just looking for their first domain name purchase.


Obviously, since we know that one would rarely want to move on to different domain seller from time to time (big hassle), you would want to test out your domain sellers, services. Shoot them an email or give them a shout on their forums or live chat and see how fast they will respond to your questions. This is ultra-important because you will never know if there will be any accidents or any unforeseen circumstances in your domain and business and you want them to be ever ready to help you out whenever you need their aid. Note that you might never need their help at all, but knowing that they are there all the time and willing to bend the rules just to help make your life easier makes a great insurance reason to become their loyal customer.

Their reputation online.

This is a good factor that you should definitely check out when choosing the right domain seller. You must absolutely visit their forums or do a general search on Google and see what others are saying about the seller? Are there any unhappy customers? Are the negative feedbacks higher than the positive ones? Are there any of their fans willingly helping each other out and recommending their services? These are the most reliable information to help you choose the best domain sellers out there. Without a doubt this is a great way to find out more about your domain sellers which is via the opinions of others who have already spent money on their services.

Keep away from the ones that get the worst reviews no matter how cheap they are. You do not want the problem that arises in your business later on as this might jeopardize your entire business. All in all, do not take this step which is choosing the right domain seller lightly. A wise decision now will mean a lot fewer worries and hassle in the future. Remember, when you buy a domain, more likely than not it will stick with you for a long time and if you are with the right domain seller you will definitely have a lot less worries.

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