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Infographics are on the rise when it comes to social media marketing. There are many advantages of using an infographics to improve your marketing campaign. It is very effective because the idea of an infographics is very fresh and everything is presented in a very attractive manner. When it comes to facts, people usually associate it with the word ‘boring’. Humans are usually impatient when it comes to reading the facts and educative articles. One of the main factors is probably because when you present your information and content via written text, it becomes rather unattractive.

When it comes to creating a response or a presence in your niche, you need to be able to attract attention and in this new age, nothing does this better than a visually rich infographic campaign. Anything better would have to come with audio and video presentation. It is no surprise then that many people are actually turning their sales message and sales video presentation into a similar infographic style to help improve attention grabbing factor to their campaigns. And of course, the results are stunning and impressive. Hence it is without a question that one should essentially be trying their best to improve their campaigns especially in this social media era by utilizing the power of infographics. Let us take a look at some of the impressive statistics and the impact that an infographic campaign has done for marketers in the social media world.

Traditional vs. Infographics post.

Take for example, on Facebook or Pinterest, a traditional post would mean a normal picture or a small post with a link with some clever lines in between the contents. One would need to keep it short and try to find an attractive picture to help get more attention and response to the post. Video post would not be the best option here as well as Video post gets a lesser amount of interaction, meaning shares, likes or comments. This is probably because it takes a longer time to consume the video then a simple picture and hence your response and interaction that you get from a video post will be hampered.

Statistics has it that on Twitter, when you pit a traditional post vs. an infographic post against one and another you are likely to get 6 times more retweets or tweets for an infographic post then you normally would for a traditional post. This is a HUGE amount of increase. It’s no wonder why we are seeing a lot more infographics getting tweeted via the tweeter platform these days.

On LinkedIn, you will be able to see that the amount of shares that you get from your traditional post and an infographic post double in the sense of shared content. This is again a huge gain when it comes to a comparison between a traditional post and an infographics post. Another study which is done of stumble upon will suggest the same kind of results as it is reported that on stumble upon, a page view of an infographics get a rough estimate of 7 times more page views than a traditional post. This is a very huge change and a marketer could consider this radical increase to be very beneficial to the exposure of their products.

It is without any doubt then that an infographic campaign is the way we will be doing things from now on and it is the future of marketing in the social media. Any smart and sharp marketer will realize the significance of the ability of an infographics. Bloggers will soon pick this up and post more infographics, more and more online graphic freelancers will start to provide a service in the infographic field. The price of creating an infographic will greatly reduce as well (very expensive as of now) because of all the amount of people who starts to provide infographic service to the marketers online. No matter what the changes are, one thing is for certain, you will not want to be left out of this massive rise in the use of infographics as now is the best time to reap its full potential instead of waiting it to become a common marketing medium which will certainly mean a tone down in its overall effectiveness due to saturation.

Trending Trends With Infographics.

One interesting fact that is being released by marketing experts is that not all niches are exposed with infographics yet. Infographics are now mostly used in the Business niche where a total of 12.7 percent of the infographics are in the business category. This is great news for those who are in the other niches because we know that those niches are still very fresh and new to infographics and the potential of a huge impact made in those niches with infographics are still strong.

However, this does not mean that in the business niche, infographics are getting old or ineffective as this the infographic boom is still very young. If this is any indicator at all, then this statistics would indicate that the use of infographics is largely effective in the business sector which is why people are flocking into this new trend and started to use infographics in this sector which usually smells of big money. If you wish to make money in this sector then a wise move would be to cash in on this trend. Or if you wish to try infographics in other niches as well, you are surely not going to be disappointed.

Besides business, the next few niches that are seeing a rise in the use of infographics are the social media niche, the technology niche, the health niche and also the economics niche. It does not come as a huge surprise then that in some of these niche, a lot of the users are interested in the cold hard facts that are associated with the niches. This then explains why these niches are getting a huge increase in the use of infographics to help spread the facts that people would love to know… in a much more attractive and unique way.

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