Natural Laws To Aid Your Online Business.

Law Of Attraction

There are countless Natural Laws of the universe. If you have been paying attention to the self-help section in a book store, you might have probably heard of ‘The Secret’ which is mainly based on the law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is just one of the many natural laws that govern the universe. So how then can a normal online Entrepreneur take advantage of these laws and use them to help your business grow.

Natural Laws To Aid Your Online Business.We shall explore deeper into some of these Natural Laws and we begin with…
The Law of Attraction.

The Natural Law of Attraction is a law that helps you attract the things which you want in live by focusing your thoughts on what you want. Many believes that the Law of Attraction is some kind of magical power but in fact, when you focus your thoughts on what you really wanted in life, you turn your attention into getting things done.

You become a lot more positive because you will shut down all the negative thoughts you have on getting what you’ve always wanted. Hence, when you apply the law of attraction into your business, you get a lot more focused, and you will start taking actions with a positive attitude towards your business. Things happen when you take actions, and the positive and constant thoughts attract what you want for your online business.

The Law of attraction is said to be a scientifically proven law where your thoughts vibrate and lets out a signal to the universe, and it operates based on quantum physics. Let’s put all the technical terms aside because many Internet marketers who succeed are those who believes in their success even when at times, the situation seems to be utterly hopeless. However, when they shift their thoughts to a ‘sure win’ mentality, they took away all the worries in their mind and focus on only the positive thoughts. This kind of focused mentality also means that you will be able to cut out all the unnecessary distractions that you get online every day.

The results are naturally in the good side because they were able to make things happen with their focused efforts… and maybe… just maybe, their focused thoughts and positive believes attracted the success that is engraved deep inside their hearts. Therefore, if all else fails, you should always try putting aside the negativity and give it a final push with the best of attitude and belief where you have already succeeded, and you might just find the path to success.

The Law Of Reciprocity.

As you progress through your journey as an online entrepreneur, you will soon come to realize that this very Law plays a huge part in your business. Take joint venture deals for example. Rarely will larger marketers take notice of a smaller marketer who is just starting out, unless the smaller marketer reaches out to help the larger marketer first.

In fact, one of the best ways that is taught by countless marketers is to try and help out bigger marketers and get noticed first for free and unconditionally. Only when they feel ‘in debted’ to you will they give in and hear your needs. Such is the way the law of reciprocity works in the online joint venture world. Hence, the next time you wish to be able to get a good joint-venture partner for your project, think of how you can help them first before you try to get them to help you.

Another good way to look at the laws of reciprocity is by helping out your potential customers first. If you see some of the marketing models today where you give out ‘Free’ content and value first before you ask for money, you will realize that there is the Law of Reciprocity at play. This is because when you are able to help out the people for free, they will be inclined to learn more from you. People would never mind to pay for results, and thus they will repay you when you are able to reach out and help them first.

Some of the bestselling products online such as ‘Double Your Dating’, ‘Mass Control’, ‘Product launch formula’ are based on this law of reciprocity where they will provide you with the best method that will help their customers instantly and then people will naturally buy their stuff for more. These products made millions of dollars by giving away their best content first.

If you check out the ‘Double Your Dating’ affiliate program you can see that they are giving out 200% of affiliate commissions. What they are doing here is that they are rewarding affiliates a lot more than any other affiliate programs out there. In return, they get a lot more affiliates who will work for them twice as hard. Such is the nature of a product that gets over 10 million dollars of revenue each year.
The Law of gratitude.

It is said in the ever popular book “The Science of Getting Rich” that a lot of people who are doing the right things are deprived of the things they want because they lack gratitude. This is indeed a valid saying because without gratitude of what you already have you will never be able to appreciate the things that you already have.

Always be grateful for each visitor who comes to your site. Be thankful that you have a working internet connection so that you can work with freedom at the comfort of your home. Be happy that you have the time to spend with your family members, and you do not have to face constant pressure from your boss. It really does not matter if you are earning the bare minimum of survival or a million dollars a month because deep inside you, you know you do not need more than the bare minimum of survival to meet ends meet.

When you are thankful for what you have, you will take extra care in your work, and you will treat your customers with respect. People can tell when you care, and that’s when the magic happens. When you care, people will respond and buy from you over and over again. The repeat customers whom you build carefully and with gratitude will ensure that your product is working and doing the best it could for what it was created for. You will live a happier life, and you will be satisfied with the money that you’ve earned.

Embrace these laws of the universe and you will fill your marketing life with not only good profits, but a life you can be proud of.

Law Of Attraction

Natural Laws To Aid Your Online Business.

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Learn the psychology behind a good web design for online businesses.

Your Visitors

Does proper web design only makes your site look good? The big and obvious answer is no. A good looking site does not always mean a profitable site. Hence, a proper web design has both the good looking element and good conversions element within it. Therefore as an internet marketer you must always look to improve your web design to reap out the best for your visitors benefits.

Learn the psychology behind a good web design for online businesses.Web designers often never take the time and effort to learn more about the psychology behind their designs. They work with their inspiration and most of the time, the work that they come out with is purely coming from instinct and quite frankly, the designs only look good but are utterly useless in the sense of your visitors marketing.

There are many reasons why you should look into the psychology of web designs and the most important one would be to make your site get a getter attention rate and stick rate. With a better attention and stick rate you can hope to get people your visitors to do whatever you wish them to do be it a click or a subscription and sometimes a sale.
With proper psychological elements playing on your website, you can be sure that your site visitors arrive at your site with a good first impression and leave your site thinking that they should come back sometimes. Your site should make your visitors happy and satisfied.
Here are a few psychologies that play in common web designs.

Building better trust levels.

The first thing your web design should be able to do is to help you build a strong trust with your visitors. The thing is with web visitors if you wish them to act the way you want them to and that you wish to lead them towards a sale, you have to get them to listen to you first. And without trust, you can never get them to listen to whatever you are trying to tell them via your site message. Therefore, one of the most important things you should focus your site design on is to build a certain level of trust.

A good design that looks professional and one that resonates with your audience can easily build trust. You can include little testimonials or results of your expertise in your website to help with the trust level. Include sufficient contact information and be sure to put your face on your site so people can see who you are in real life. All these can help your visitors trust you more. Another thing to take note is that your profile picture should look professional. Please avoid pictures that you took using your camera phone and be sure to be neatly dresses to instill the effect of professionalism on your image.

This is all part of branding yourself and your own business as well so be sure to get this right so that people can tell right off the bat that they can trust you to help them solve their problems.

Psychological triggers.

Psychological triggers can be emotional triggers as well. These triggers are important to help you direct your site traffic and point them in the right directions every single time. Make sure that you have proper arrows and little images or graphics that shows the way to slowly navigate them around your site the way you want them to and ultimately achieve your goal with the visitors with small triggers. These triggers can be the work of emotions and psychological needs such as fear, want, relieve of pain and etc.

When you use these psychological triggers properly you will see tremendous results with the majority of your site visitors getting slipped into your marketing messages. When you push enough of their psychological buttons, you should end up with some sales and conversions that can pay your bills.
Image reinforcements.

You should always include images that back up whatever message that you are trying to convey to your audience. This is very important because when people are reading your text, it can be hard to visualize what your message is in their mind. However, if you have a strong image that backs up your text, your visitors will not have to work hard to visualize and comprehend the message that you are trying to share with them. They will be able to understand your argument instantly when they relate your message with the picture.

Now an image can work the other way round as well. A well placed image (of course the image should be an interesting one) can usually help people focus on your message better as well. Strong images bring curiosity to the reader and keep them reading. It will also take away a lot of the pressure of reading through a plethora of words on your website. Therefore, make sure you have lots of images that matter on your website and place them accordingly so that you can keep your visitors on your website a lot longer.

Font size and colors.

Use the proper font size and color for your website. The font should be easy to read and the size should not be too small or too big. The color of your font should stand out from your background color so that one will not have to strain their eyes trying to make out each word that they need to read. Try to avoid using fancy looking fonts unless you intent them to be used as a headline or on an image. All other written text should contain a readable font and size that is easy on the eyes.

People rarely read every word online; instead they will browse through your website. That is why you should never try to make it any harder to read your messages, and the use of images can help to stop avid browsers in their tracks, get them curious and finally read your message to find out more.

With a better attention and stick rate you can hope to get people to do whatever you wish them to do be it a click or a subscription and sometimes a sale.

Your Visitors

Learn the psychology behind a good web design for online businesses.

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How to write juicy product descriptions.

Your Product Descriptions

Writing a sales letter or a marketing message is a job of a copywriter. However, as an internet marketer you can’t just outsource every single task to copywriters. They are very expensive, and they are very busy. That is why when it comes to your product descriptions or a small ad copy with just a few lines on it, you will not have to trouble your copywriters. Most of the times, if you do have copywriters the only tasks that you will have them help you out are the sales letters.

How to write juicy product descriptions.So you are on your own when it comes to writing compelling your product descriptions. No worries because your problem is solved. Just follow the below steps to write your own stellar product description that will grab the attention of any site visitors and entice a click to find out more.

Your Product Descriptions Who are your targets?

The very first thing that you will need to do is to find out who are your target markets. Knowing your target market is to say that you should go out and actively do your market research and learn the proper demographics of on your target markets towards your product descriptions.

Find out what are their age and gender. Find out what kind of working class and pay grades that they are in. Find out their hobbies and what the activities that they are engaged in are. Find out what kind of website do they hang out on and what conversations are getting them interested. These are all the useful information that you will need later on when you are writing your product descriptions.
List the benefits of your product.

Once you have done all the necessary homework, you will need to know what kind of information you are going to be using on your descriptions. The best information that you can include in your description is without the doubt the benefits that your target market is looking for. This is not to be confused with product features like how your product can do extra stuffs.

List your benefits out nicely. Are the users of your product going to solve their problems fast? Are they going to be able to ease some pain or fear? Use emotional benefits for the best advantage because humans are a very emotional being and people can relate to these kinds of benefits the most.

What is the probably result.

Think about what the users will be getting after using your products as in how their lives can be improved. Are they going to be smiling? Are they going to have more time to spend with their families? Include these special moments in the future to help instill an image of how your product will give them what they want and expect from your product. Make sure that if you have the sufficient space on your product description area that you include as many details as possible to help people visualize a good time and experience with your product.

Product Image.

Normally, most people will just include their product image or cover. However, if you have the sufficient space on your product image area, it is advisable to edit your image and place a few happy customers and pair them up with the image. It might do well to include a before and after image as well. Remember that really matters to potential customers is what is it in for them, which is why if your product image can project a successful use of your product, then it will aid them in deciding on paying you for the product.

Don’t be caught without putting up an image though, because on the internet, people can’t touch or feel your product so the next best thing that you can give them is a tangible looking image so that they know what they are actually buying.

The Headline and the Description
As with most marketing messages, it is a must to include a headline for your product description. This is where your list of benefits will come in. On your headline, if you are not going to write anything fancy, all you have to do is just state the problem and how your product can help them while including the benefits. If you are going to go a little more fancy or creative on your headline, be sure that the headline is catchy and able to attract the attention of your site visitors. The headline is your first line of offense so be sure to highlight it in bold or underline it.

Only when your headline is able to catch the attention will people go ahead and read your descriptions. Therefore, you must be sure that your headline is a good one so that your description or body copy and work the rest.

Now when it comes to writing your body copy, you will try to elaborate your benefits while explaining on what kind of results that they can expect. Remember to explain on how their live will change after using your product. If you have any useful testimonials that you would like to include this is the place you can include as well (testimonials can be used as headlines as well).

Test And Tweak

As with all marketing campaigns, there is no right or wrong. This is why an age-old way of doing this right is to actually monitor your campaigns closely where you test and track your Ads and product descriptions.

Split tests them if possible or you can also tweak your copy slightly every time just to see how you can improve your ads. Only by doing this kind of careful tweaking and passionate testing will your product be truly optimized and bring in the most out of your product descriptions.

Your Product Descriptions

How to write juicy product descriptions.

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How should you deal with Negative Reviews?

How should you deal with Negative Reviews?

Whatever you do online to make money, you cannot hope to please everyone. That’s the one rule that guru’s abide by and understand better than anyone else. They will try their best to build a specific product for a certain type of people and that’s it. They will never try to please everyone because they know in their heart that this would be an impossible task and will end up getting a negative review.

How should you deal with Negative Reviews?More often than not a negative review, if you are running a business both online and offline, you will have to learn how to handle those difficult customers. There will always be people who are hard to please and there will always be people who will criticize your business. Because this is totally unavoidable, any business owner will have the chance of getting a negative review at a point of time even if they are doing everything the legitimate way while offering a totally quality product.

Even on YouTube, you will rarely see a video that has a 100% like rating on it. In fact, there are probably no videos with a 100% like on it some even getting a negative review, and you will see a few dislikes every so often like it or not. The main reason here is probably because everyone thinks differently and everyone has a different opinion and view of the world.

So the question now lies in how do you act when you get a negative review? Do you simply delete them as fast as possible before anyone sees it? What else can you do? Well, most of the time you are able to delete them however there could be instances where you are not an admin (like in the forums) and there are no options for you to delete a negative comment at all unless you contact the admin of the website directly.

When this is the case, you might need to handle the situation just a tad bit differently. You could try to turn the a negative review into your advantage.

The email feedback

Most of the time, a negative review of feedback will come first from an unhappy customer. That means that something is wrong, and they are trying to resolve the issue with you personally before going out and spoil your reputation. This is still a good sign because in this situation, you can easily turn things around and find out what is wrong and help them out with the issue professionally. Most of the time, dealing with the problem maturely will douse the flame and the issue can be solved.

In an extreme case, where things cannot be solved, you should honor your refund policy and hand them their money back. Most of the time that should solve the problem right there. Remember to add a ‘thank you for trying’ note after the refund. If you do this right, you can change their mindset to think that you are an easy person to deal with, and although they are not happy with your product, the overall experience was not so bad and doing business with you is not risky at all. If you can get them to think this way, there is a chance that they might still buy from you again in the future.

The rule of thumb here is to never leave an unsatisfied customer unattended because you will never know what they will say or do outside your website and in this social era on the internet, it is easy to spread some nasty rumors about you via social sites such as Facebook.
Customer Service to the rescue.

Whenever you get a negative feedback or comment on or off your website, you should always deal with it professionally and maturely. If you can just reason with them appropriately some people will come to their senses and back off and even apologize. If the problem is beyond help, it is very useful to state your points clearly and explain the situation to the best and try to turn the general public’s support to help you out.

The by passers and your own customers will always stand by the one who is reasonable so make sure that you argue reasonably and turn the situation around and get more a support then the ‘difficult customer’. Always be humble and use the right choice of words and toning in your replies so that you do not appear to be ‘afraid’ of the negative comment and there should be a balance where it shows that you are not agitated by the comment as well.

Too many good reviews can be suspicious.

Sometimes if you get too many good reviews, people might wonder if the reviews are fake or are they a form of paid reviews. Therefore, once in a while when you get a bad review it can work to your advantage and show that the other reviews could be legitimate too. Just as long as you deal with the bad reviews the proper way, you will be able to walk away looking like you are a legitimate business with pros, and cons. Remember, nothing is perfect in this world even when we try hard to be one. So just be natural and handle the problems naturally and show to the world that you are human after all.

Negative reviews are good critics.

Whatever bad things people are saying about you and your business, always be sure to take not of it and try your best to use the feedback to improve your business. Sometimes, when you get a bad review, you could always answer by saying ‘Your suggestions have been noted and we will include it in our future updates’ or something similar.

This way, you will always appear to be the winner. The people who were complaining will not know how to respond to that usually, and they will just leave it as it is. You in another hand get to learn what is wrong with your product which you thought was perfect all this while and use the suggestions to improve. Other website visitors will be able to see clearly that you are a business owner who cares and do provide consistent update to your business.

In the end, one do not always need to delete the negative comments. What does not kill you only makes you stronger!

How should you deal with Negative Reviews?

How should you deal with Negative Reviews?

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