Elements of a good sales letter

A sales letter is like your full time sales person that will engage your site visitors automatically. The best thing here is that your sales letter works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fail. Your sales letter is only paid for once and thus your cost is kept very low. All you need to do is ensure that your sales letter converts like a boss! Now in order to have a good sales letter that work, you must first ensure that your offer is indeed a good one. No marketing in the world can cure a bad offer. Once you are sure that your offer is wonderful, you should proceed to create a good sales letter. Let us break down some of the important elements that should appear on your sales letter.


Perhaps the most important thing you can have in your sales letter is your headline. What does a headline do? Well the headline’s sole purpose is to actually attract the attention of your site visitor, show your site visitors that this will be worth their time and also make sure that your site visitors do not leave your site early.

There’s a Chinese saying that goes something like this “A good beginning usually means that you are half way there”, and to apply this saying to a good headline is very appropriate. Your headline can make or break your campaign. In fact there have been many tests and studies that show just how important a headline is to a marketing letter. Without a good headline you stand no chance to get your target visitors interested in your marketing message. Only when your headline is doing its job will you get people to spend more time on your web page and read what you’ve got to say.

Imagine a sales person who approaches you can just start pushing a product to you and ask for money? You will reject him within seconds. However a good sales person will approach you can try to highlight the problems that you might have and tell then tell you that they can help you solve your problem. The difference will be immense. Get your headline right and you should be good to go.

Sub headlines

Sub headlines are a very important element within a sales letter. We all know that humans and site visitors tend to scroll and skim though contents especially on a sales letter. What your sub headlines do is to actually summarize the entire paragraph for them and these sub headlines will often serve to stop a skimmer and get them back on track.

Many times, when serious buyers are actually reading your sales letter, your sub headline can serve as a rest point to your visitors. What this means is that the readers do not get a wall of text and they get to take a break every time a sub headline appears. Therefore always make sure to insert relevant and interest subject headlines in order to help your readers concentrate better on your body content.

Body content of your sales letter.

Now the next element of a sales letter is obviously the body of your copy. The general rule of writing a sales letter body is to make sure that your copy is not boring and instead you should try to be as compelling as possible.

A good way to help readers understand your product is to use bullet points in your body copy. Bullet points are easier to read, easier on the eye and the best part is, they get read more often than a wall of text and this is probably due to the fact that they look a lot more organized. When you are writing your content, make sure that you give enough ample space in between paragraphs and make sure that you have a paragraph every 3 to 4 lines of text. What you are doing here is to essentially give a lot of white space on your sales letter.

A very famous copywriter cum marketer once said that the best way to convert a site visitor into a sale is to actually make the process as smooth as possible and take away any sort of rejection that might exist. And if we think about it, eye strain is a big factor and it could demotivate anyone from reading your letter. Hence giving ample white space to help users read your letter will definitely help you improve your sales numbers.

Money Back Guarantees.

Placing a money back guarantee helps take away the risks on your buyers. This is a must have element in your sales letter when selling online. The main reason here is simple. People are very skeptical of buying stuff online because of all the horror stories of being scammed and such. However with a money back guarantee, the risk is not on them but the risk is actually on the merchant which is you the internet marketer. This will help people to decide much easier to give your product a try. If your product isn’t suitable for them, then they could easily get their money back. Hence don’t get caught with a sales letter that does not offer a good and strong guarantee period.

The next element that you should take note of is the post script section. Two of the most read sections of a sales letter is essentially the headline and the postscript. As you might have heard, people usually skim and scroll through the sales letter and goes right to the price. They want to see how much is the product before deciding if this is something within their comfortable price range. With a good post script you can be sure that after they scroll to the bottom of the page, they will arrive at your post script. Use this chance to get your visitors interested and read your entire letter. With a good post script, you could usually change the mind of your site visitors and persuade them find out more about your product.

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6 benefits of Infographics

The marketing tactics that we see on the internet are very dynamic. We see changes every now and then and one would really need to pay attention in order to keep up. And in recent years people are flocking into the world of social marketing and within it a new marketing medium was born and it is known as infographics. Infographics is the new trend for today’s marketing tactics.

Infographics are created to educate important facts and they are usually paired with sensible and easy to understand visual graphics to help the comprehensive level of the information that is being conveyed. They are beautiful, attractive, effective and useful. They can however be quite expensive sometimes. Nevertheless, we shall explore some of the reasons why you should look into using infographics in your marketing arsenal.

Bad Reading Retention Rate.

It is no secret that people generally do not read on their PC screen and on the internet. People tend to browse quickly and skim through contents these days. It is pretty much part of the human nature to do this and this comes as no surprise as well. Our daily lives are pretty much bombarded by too much marketing content. It could come from emails, articles, newspapers, billboard signs and pretty much everywhere we go.

What this means is that people are generally busy and they are exposed to too much information. Naturally when you are busy you will tend to skip and sacrifice some of the stuff in your life in order to gain more time. Also when you have too much information, you will want to tone down the amount of information that you receive each day by choosing only what is important for you. Hence the average reading retention rate of a visitor to a written text is very poor. But this is where infographics comes in.

The idea of infographics is to convey a message effectively using visually stimulating graphics with the least amount of text used as possible. People seem to be able to keep their attention better on an infographics than they ever could on a wall of boring and endless text. Think back the last time you saw a huge amount of text laying right in front of your screen. Your brain will automatically try to draw you away from reading all the text. However, when you see a nice looking picture, your eyes will automatically stick to it and you will find that you can focus so much better on the picture rather than a lengthy article.

Infographics are easy to understand.

As a human, we are mostly visually sensitive. What this means is that we usually are able to interpret visual information much easily that written text. By using infographics we can effectively make complex text and written work easily comprehensible to your target market. People will be more receptive to your marketing materials.

Imagine that all of a sudden your target market starts to absorb all the information regarding the problems within your niche; you will be able to educate them more effectively and then try to sell them a solution. The power of infographics is not to be underestimated. They will be a part of the future of marketing. When you take away the black and white of the usual written text and replace it with bright and attractive colors, you will also be able to get more attention to your infographics as well.

Short attention span.

Another big problem with marketing these days is how we can battle with people with short attention spans. The bad news is that this group of people is in the majority. People with short attention spans will find it hard to stay on your webpage for long and they will definitely find it hard to even read anything that is on your webpage.

When this happens, we need something attractive to keep their attention. We need something that isn’t boring and something that will actually feed them what they need to know when they are on your website. That answer is infographics. It is no surprise now to why more and more internet marketers in multiple niches are starting to use infographics to get the attention and profit from it. The interesting thing here is that people are actually using infographic style sales letter and it works wonderfully. Since everything is new it is no surprise then that infographics are a rather a fresh concept and not overused which also explains why it is pretty effective as of now.

Clever infographics not only attracts the eyes, it will also arouse a certain amount of interest and at the same time makes your customer smile so that they can take in more data willingly.

Why should you use infographics.

Obviously, infographics are usually used on social media post such as on Facebook and Pinterest. You can post them onto your blogs as well to give your blog a fresh content that isn’t too text heavy. You can even turn them into PDF reports and give them away for free and hopefully earn some sort of viral traffic in return.

There isn’t a best place to use infographics but one thing is for sure you can’t use them on a video site like Youtube as it won’t be as effective as it should. The use on infographics also helps improve how people look at your business. You will be viewed as the industry leader and you will earn a lot of trust, respect and also more brand awareness. Do you want your Pinterest images to stand out and get repinned? With more than 12 million users posting pictures to the image-based social network, it’s important to make sure images grab the attention of fellow Pinterest users. A properly optimized pin can make all the difference between 50 repins or no repins. This infographic gives you information to optimize every pin you post — it includes best practices for sizing, linking, sharing and repinning.

Give these tips a try and let me know if they make a difference on your Pinterest boards.

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4 ingredients of a good successful email marketing campaign.

Want to make money online the legitimate and stable way? Well one of the best way to do this is to actually build a list and employ email marketing to your list. Most successful internet marketers have a strong list of their own. When we talk about a strong list, we are not only talking about numbers, but the responsiveness of the list as well. What this means to you as an internet marketer is that if you wish to success as an email marketer than your list has to be sizable and they need to be responsive. Now build a list in itself is a challenge. You need to get a good amount of traffic that goes to a good incentive.

When you have a list, you will then need to know how to manage that list. Managing a list requires a lot relationship building which usually involves giving away free and quality content and slowing gaining trust and brand awareness around your product. When you do that, you will slowly be able to see more and more people connecting with you and getting closer to you as well. So then what are the other elements that play good key roles to email marketing success? Read on to find out more.

The subject line is important.

The very first thing you want to look out for to improve your email campaigns are your subject lines. If your subject lines are not strong and if they do not matter to your subscribers, they will just start to ignore your emails and it won’t be before long that you feel as if your list isn’t very responsive.

A good responsive list needs to be trained. What I am indicating here is simply the fact that when you have a good strong subject line every time you mail out to your list, you are in fact training your list to open your emails. The more they like your subject headlines the more they will open your emails, the more they like the content that you give away, the more they will trust you and the more sales you will make. Pretty much common sense here but it is always easier said than done. In fact, many marketers out there are still making the mistake of just chunking out a useless or boring subject headline praying that their emails will be opened and read.

Tracking is your friend.

Whenever you are sending out a broadcast or mailing a newsletter, you will want to track your email open rate and click through rate. These are very valuable Intel to help you understand how well your campaigns are doing. The more you track, the better you will do with your campaign as you begin to understand what is right and what is wrong with your emails. The thing with tracking is that when you do it, you will be able to see how well your emails are performing.

If it isn’t doing well, you can always go back and find out what is wrong with the email that you have sent out. Was it done to a bad subject headline (a quick look at the open rate and comparing it with your usual open rate should be able to tell you if that’s the problem or not) or was it a problem with your body copy (similarly you should be able to tell if you are tracking the click through rates).

Call to actions will improve your click through rate.

The next important element that you should take note of is called to action. It is proven that using proper call to action can help boost your click through rate. This is generally because humans are prone to be led. And as their leader you should always guide and urge your subscribers to take action within your email. As you are doing this you are also training your subscribers at the same time. The more you do this the better response you will start to see from your email campaigns.

Of course the results will only show if your email’s body copy is well written and relevant to what your subscribers want. The best thing you could do now is to actually try your best to show the people in your list that every time they click on your link, they will not be disappointed. This in return will show your list that you respect their time and you will only ask them to click on your links when you have the best and helpful information available.

With the right timing.

When it comes to sending an email, you must absolutely try your best to send your emails out at the right time. There are times when people are just not in front of their PC. There are times such as holiday seasons where your subscribers are not into your offers. Hence, the right timing of your email is essential to your email marketing success.

Try to get into the shoes of your subscribers, ask yourself what is the best time to receive an email and when are you most probably at your desk. This timing could differ greatly in between niches so you have to understand your own niche thoroughly in order to get your timing right. When we talk about time, you should understand that the hours, the days and the season that you send out your email will affect the outcome or results that you seek. Hence, try your best to test and track your emails if you do are not certain when is the best time to send out your broadcast emails within your niche.

Another great way to find the best email timings is to sign up to the newsletter of the industry leaders. Find out when they send out their emails and copy their timings (of course you will still need to test and track). Chances are these industrial leaders have done an extensive research and testing to get the best mailing timing so that you don’t have to.

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The true power of call to actions.

The typical human beings are screaming to be led by a leader. As a marketer, it is your job to take your visitors by their hands and guide them towards taking the actions that you want them to take. The good thing is, we marketers know this very well. Hence one of the most famous marketing tactics that we see being used today is call to actions. Humans are not prone to take actions instead the average human needs to be lead into taking actions. This explains why the use of call to actions has been seeing great results throughout the history of marketing.

It is safe to say that the call to action is almost as important as your headline. Your sales headline is what gets your average prospect to start and read your sales message and your call to action is at the very end of your sales message to get them to actually take action. Where there is a strong beginning we should always end it with a strong ending and there is no better tool to get the job done than a simple yet effective call to action.

Why do we need call to action?

One of the most obvious reasons why we need to use call to actions is that we want to make sure that the site visitors know what to do next. That is why call to actions is usually very detailed in what the users need to do next. For example you will use a call to action that says ‘Click here now to grab a copy of my extended … before it’s too late’. We can see clearly here that the call to action actually has a sense of urgency to it as well.

The more precise and clear your call to action is the better response you will be able to get from it. Be careful not to use confusing call to action. The more simple it is the better because we do not want to get anyone confused with what to do. Without a call to action, most of the time people will just move intuitively and on the internet the intuitive ‘x’ button is just one click away. Therefore make sure you always have a good call to action to avoid people from closing your website intuitively.

Where should you place your call to action?

There are many places you can use a call to action. The short answer to this question is that you will want to use a call to action whenever you want someone to do a specific task on your website, blog, sales letter or emails.

You will use call to action when you want people to subscribe to your newsletter. A good example to get people to subscribe is to use a call of action that sound like this ‘Just fill in your name and email address below on the white box and we will send you this wonderful gift right away’.

Take extra note of all the details on the call to action. Since they are required to fill in both their name and email address in the opt-in form to subscribe, we will explain it on the call to action. Some call to actions is shorter and some are longer. Whether it is long or short, it should be precise and understandable for the site visitors.

If you have a blog and not selling anything on your blog post, you should always end your blog with a call to action to get them to read more of your other posts or get them to subscribe to your website’s newsletter or etc. This is so that they do not just use the close button and leave your website. If you do not provide a path for the visitors to move on to, you are essentially leaving your blog visitors hanging and not knowing what to do. Hence, try to use a good call to action at the end of your blog to direct them to more good content or get them to leave their contacts so that you can reach them again in the future.

If you want your visitors to contact you directly for more information, you need to show them where to do it and how to do it. All these details do make a difference. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a site visitor that is desperate for help to solve their problem. They will arrive on your website in a panic and in their search for aid, they will quickly move on to the next website if they could not figure your website out. However, if you place a huge button that says… ‘Need Help? Click here to contact us now!’, the visitor will know exactly what to do and contact you via your support form or phone contact that you provide on your website.

On a sales letter, you will need to use a strong call to action to close your sales each time your visitor reaches the end of your sales letter. Let them know that they are in good hands and that their purchase is secure and then slap them with a definite call to action that goes ‘Don’t hesitate anymore, get yourself a copy of Product X now by clicking on this BLUE button below. Don’t worry because your purchase is secure and protected by our money back guarantee’. Note that not only are you showing them how to purchase, you are also reassuring them that they are not making a mistake. When used correctly, a single call to action could make a huge difference to your marketing efforts.

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The relationship between stick rate and conversion rate.

What is the best way for you to make a sale online? The easy answer here is to place a targeted visitor in front of a converting sales letter. We all know that to get a target visitor one must get the traffic source from the right place. However, when it comes to conversions, there are a lot of factors at play here. One of the most neglected conversion rate boosters is the stick rate that helps with conversion rate. Let us look deeper into the relationship between stick rate and conversion rate and how you can utilize this relationship to help you increase your overall sales.

What is stick rate?

When we talk about the stick rate of a site visitor on your website, we are actually talking about the average amount of time people who stayed on your page. There are generally four ranges in stick rate. The first one being the 30 second range, and then the 1 minute range and then 5-10 minute range and lastly the more than 10 minute range.

The first range which is the 30 second range is the time where people stayed on your website for less than 30 seconds on your website. If people are leaving your site within this time range, then something is definitely turning them off the very instant they arrive on your site. It could be that your site is not loading for them; it could be because your website is down or it could be that your site’s first impression is annoying them. When you look at the numbers and seeing people leaving almost as soon as they arrive on your site, you need to quickly check and try to fix the problem. Find out if your headline is the problem or not by doing a split testing.

The second range would be the 1 minute range. If people are leaving your website after the 1 minute mark then you can be sure that this is due to the fact the your body copy is not interesting enough. They were definitely interested in your advertisement and your headline copy but after a quick browse or read on your body copy they decide that this isn’t for them or are not compelling enough to read on. Hence when this happens you will need to make changes to your body copy so that people will stay longer on your website.

The third range is people staying on your sales letter and reading for more than 5 to 10 minutes. These people are obviously very interested in what you have to offer and they are taking the time to actually read through your sales letter and making sure that what you have to offer is right for them.

The final range would be people who stay on your website for more than 10 minutes. People within this range could be due to the reason that they are hesitating with your offer, your sales letter is too long or it could be that they left their browser window open and went away from their computer to do something else. If the people in this range are high then you might want to strengthen your offer or use some scarcity tactics to help the people in this range be a little more decisive.

What is the relationship between stick rate and conversion rate?

The relationship here is massive. The better your stick rate the higher your conversion rate will be. Recent studies have shown that people who leave your sites early are likely not to convert at all and those who stayed on your website for more than 5 minutes are where most of your conversion rate will be coming from.

Not surprising is that people who stayed the longest still converts but not as good as those who stayed for 5 minutes to 10 minute range. What this ultimately means is that people who stayed too long could be due to hesitation or leaving your website on their browser while they went away from their computer to do something else.

The important thing to note here is that if you wish to improve your conversion rate then you must try your best to get your visitors to stay on your website for a long period of time (at least 5 minutes or more). To do this you must find out if there is anything that is causing people to leave your site early or not? Could it be your introduction video that loads too slowly? Could it be that your headline is not attractive enough? Once you are able to pinpoint the reason why people are leaving early, then you should be able to easily get more people to stay longer.

The next thing you would do is to make sure that they stay long enough to make a buying decision hence, your graphics and body copy has to be very interesting and benefit oriented to get the visitors interested and curious enough to read your entire copy or at least half of it.

There are many tracking softwares out there that is capable of tracking your visitors stick rate these days. Some might be even be able to show you the exact spot on your sales letter where people are leaving your site. All this information is crucial if you wish to tweak your sales letter and optimize it for the best conversion rate.

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