?How to earn money on YouTube – 6 tips for beginners

how to earn money on youtube. 6 tips for beginners okay so you’ve heard about it there’s all these people making money on youtube how are they doing it well i’m gonna give you a little hint. it’s not the way you think in this video i’m gonna show you how you can quickly make money on youtube and you don’t need any subscribers and you don’t need tens of thousands of views or anything like that i’m going to show you how to make money quickly and we are starting right now hey welcome to my channel i’m J.R. Fisher i’ve sold millions of dollars of both digital and physical products and on this channel all i do is teach you how to start run and grow an online business i’ve been doing this since 2009 and i love it i love being able to work where i want when i want when i want and making a good living so in this channel i teach you all these things in this particular video i really want to talk to you about youtube because it’s it’s kind of mysterious how people make money and i want to kind of uncover these things by the end of this video you’re going to be really shocked at the way people actually make money on youtube and it’s not what you think now do me a favor and hit that subscribe button down there and ring the bell turn on the bell notifications turn on all notifications that way you’re notified every single time i do a video and you don’t miss a single one you’re part of the vip fisher family so make sure you do that i also i want to remind you i have a 97 course that i’m giving away free for a limited time you’ll find the link down in the description there all you have to do is click and learn fact is youtube has become the world’s portal to learning and entertainment as a matter of fact i actually have youtube tv now and it gives me access to all kinds of stations and everything it’s a lot cheaper than satellite or cable youtube has really morphed into something different and it’s time that you took advantage of it too because a lot of people are now i want to put a graphic up on the screen here and talk about it for just one second total youtube users now this is for 2019 worldwide youtube has over 1.

9 billion monthly active users and that means logged in youtube has over 30 million visitors daily think about that guys youtube is available in more than 91 countries and it supports 80 different languages every minute 300 hours of video are uploaded on youtube and youtube is currently the second most viewed social platform and the second highest ranked site out of 86 overall on demand music streaming demand youtube accounts for 47 of music content in 2018 youtube doubled its number of pre-rolled display ads and youtube contributes six percent of the total google’s ad sales revenue youtube is the fourth most valued social platform according to b2b marketers so youtube is a place you got to be i think you figured that out youtube is you’re here now you’re listening to me now there’s got to be a reason for that right i want to talk about first off the six things that beginners and hec pros need to do this too they don’t all do it the six things you need to do to set up your videos for success okay now the first one number one is a well seod headline okay that title of your video needs to be something that people are searching for so a lot of people will create a video and go well i want to do a video on x that’s not what you should do what you should do is figure out what your niche is whether it’s survival whether it’s you know making money online whether it’s cooking whatever it is and figure out in that niche what people are searching for now the best way to do that is through using tubebuddy and i will put a link below in the description to tubebuddy if you click on that you can get a free account and if you decide to upgrade later on you can get 30 off so make sure you use my link down there for tubebuddy but in tubebuddy you can actually type in a title and it will tell you if it’s going to be a title that’s going to get views or not wouldn’t that be helpful right before you title your video so what i do is i actually come up with some ideas and i will put those titles into tubebuddy and i’ll figure out which ones have the highest ranking and then i go do a video on that particular subject best way to do it number two thing you’re going to need a lot of people just delete this they don’t have this and blows my mind is an engaging thumbnail keep in mind when some people search on youtube they’re going to see a whole list of videos there and the videos with thumbnails that stick out the videos with thumbnails that look engaging that look exciting that look funny look cool whatever it is that gets their attention they’re gonna click on those so without a good thumbnail you gotta understand nobody ever clicks and they never watch your video thumbnails are really really important that’s number two number three the video has to be the right video link now here’s the truth the way youtube makes money is that they run ads and they run ads on your videos okay so they do want your video because they have to run their ad somewhere that’s the only place they can do it is on your videos unless you run an ad directly to your own video but the bottom line is for them to run ads on your video it has to be long enough for them to put enough ads in there if you’re doing a bunch of one and two minute videos they can’t squeeze in ads on your video they certainly can’t do but maybe one if they were going to do that so what they do is they look at the videos that are long enough which is about 10 to 14 minutes that’s what most of my videos are and they take those videos and they show them more to people they show up more to people because they know they can put more ads in those videos so if you’re doing these little short videos i see it all the time a two-minute video i know that they’re only going to get but so much views unless it’s some viral thing but they’re never going to make any money on those videos because no ads can be run on them they’re not long enough number four a good description a good description is super important uh that’s the description below the video you’re gonna see a description on this video here and i’ve got links down there and i’ve got a matter of fact i got that free course down there you can get my free course that link is in the description there but it should tell people what your video is about you can also put time stamps in there that show people at what time you’re talking about a particular subject the next thing you need to add is tags this is another thing tubebuddy can help you with because tubebuddy will actually suggest tags for your videos you can click on them and just automatically add them to your video tubebuddy looks at your video looks at the title and makes these suggestions these tags are super important because what these tags are is they tell youtube what your videos are about for example if you’re doing a video on getting more traffic you may have seo techniques you may have blog content you may have a bunch of terms that have to do with getting traffic to your website and then when somebody types in the search bar you know seo content or how to do seo your video is going to come up because you tagged your video with that term that’s why it’s so important you’ve got to have tags on your videos or youtube can’t even show them to anybody because they don’t know what your videos are about and number six super important used closed captions on your videos now there is a generator that comes inside youtube and you can click on it and it will generate a text version of your video it’s not accurate you’re still gonna have to go through it and you’re gonna have to make whatever corrections you need to make now keep in mind it’s not available in every video i’m not quite sure why that is if somebody knows you can put it in the comments below but it’s not available in every video it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put the closed captions on your videos you should still do it you’re just going to have to listen to your video and write it down and put it in there or have somebody else do it for you okay so we’ve got those basic steps down let’s get into how you’re really going to make money everybody thinks it’s just from paid ads that that’s just further couldn’t be further from the truth i mean let’s think about this to get paid ads you’re going to need at least 4 000 hours of watch time within the previous 12 months and if you think about that that’s over 300 per month that you’re going to need to get maybe 300 and some odd you know i don’t know what it is right now but bottom line is you’re going to need a lot of hours of watch time and how are you going to do that if you just got a handful of videos in addition to that you’re going to need to get a thousand subscribers if you don’t have a thousand subscribers you can’t even monetize your channel but that doesn’t have to stop you from making money number one way to make money on your youtube videos without any of that stuff is with affiliate links okay you’re gonna notice on this video right here in all my videos below are affiliate links to amazon to you know different things that i’m gonna sell to my courses or whatever and when you click on those links that’s where i make money so do click on those links by the way but that’s where i make money number two way to do it is opt-ins to a list if you notice i have opt-ins below here people can click and opt into my list i can market to them i can sell them things i usually give them something free for opting in like that course i was talking about you can get that for free still it’s down there don’t forget to grab it but these opt-ins help me build my list for free otherwise i would have to run ads and get opt-ins that way number three is i can actually sell something in my description i can put a link in there to a product i’m selling i can put a link in there to a course i’m selling to some training i’m selling uh to some downloads whatever it is i want to do i can put that in the description when you put that in the description down there it will generate you money a portion of the people will actually buy what you got if they like your video number four is sponsored videos now when i first started doing videos i thought this is crazy you know who’s gonna pay you to do a video who would actually give you money and you know it’s funny in recent months i’m getting contacted by people who want to sponsor my videos i built up a little bit of traffic not a lot we’re working on this channel but it’s interesting that once you get a little bit of following there’s companies will just contact you and say hey you know we want to pay you for you to talk about our product now i don’t really talk about other people’s products that much but another thing you can do is let’s say you’re a photographer and let’s say you like a particular line of equipment you can actually approach that photography company maybe it’s a website that sells equipment maybe it’s the actual company that makes it and say hey i’ve got a following of ten thousand people or fifty thousand whatever i’ve got and say i will do a video and i’ll review your camera i’ll review your light your stand whatever you have and you’ll find a lot of these companies will actually give you the equipment or at least send you the equipment so you can do the review on it and it gives you content for your site now i will tell you if you’re going to do these reviews make sure you only review things that you really believe in that you really like because this is your credibility and it’s super important that you do that and number five the original one was paid for ads that’s right if you have videos on youtube and you finally reach this 1000 subscriber mark and you finally reached 4 000 hours of watch time you can monetize your videos now the things you want to watch out on monetizing your videos is you don’t want to put too many ads in there you can decide what you’re going to do you can decide what type of ads are going to be in there but also keep in mind that when you monetize your ad that your competitors can actually run ads on your videos that can happen i’ve seen it happen and it’s not necessarily bad i’m just letting you know that that can happen now keep in mind i think you have to have a hundred dollars in your account before they’re gonna pay you out so they will pay you out once you get to a hundred dollars and that’s usually a monthly payment but that’s something you can do make sure like i told you in the beginning though your videos are long enough to run ads don’t do one and two minute videos for three minute videos it’s not going to do you any good even if you’re getting tons of views the odds of youtube suggesting your videos because of the fact that they’re short is almost nil they won’t do it and the number one way to get views is through suggested videos so youtube has to like what you’re doing they have to like the looks of your video they have to like the fact that people are watching it they have to like the size of it and then they’re going to suggest it and they suggested it starts the ball rolling and you’ll get paid now how much you get paid really depends on the niche you’re in you know if you’re in one niche that is maybe just entertainment you’re gonna get a whole lot less than one is maybe financial because that pays more i don’t have a scale for that i don’t know if anybody has a scale for that basically what youtube does is they pay you what they’re going to pay you and you accept it that’s how it works you know that that’s their terms of service and how they’re going to pay you that’s just the way it is but i look at that as extra money you don’t need that extra money but it can come in helpful i mean some of these youtubers who have millions of followers are making thousands maybe tens or fifty thousand or a hundred thousand a month just on advertisements running on their videos so that’s kind of an overview of how our beginners get started on youtube i like it uh we’re building our channel it takes a lot of time guys this is not an overnight thing it’s something that you’re gonna have to work on all the time to build it up and then once you get it built up you got to keep working on it then too make sure you respond to comments make sure you ask for people to subscribe don’t forget to subscribe do that right now ring the bell ring the bell turn on bell notifications turn on all notifications okay and you got to tell them to do that because if you don’t tell them to do that they won’t know or they’ll forget so it’s really important to do that to build your channel also don’t forget one more time 97 course down in the description there click and learn no credit card required all right thank you so much for listening this video give me a thumbs up and i will see you in the next video hey thanks for watching my video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and click that little bell right here so you can be notified every time i do a new video also click on one of those videos there keep watching on my channel

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