Branding yourself via email

Branding is a good strategy for any business person who thinks in the long term. It does take some effort, time and money to brand yourself but a well brand will give you so much more benefits in return. Branding to a business is essential because the awareness that you create will help the trust level between you and your clients grow. The more recognizable your brand yourself is the more people will put their trust in you.

Imagine every single time someone is in need of a product inside your niche, they think of you and your brand first. Imagine not needing to have to push the sales as much as your competitors but you will push it hard as always anyways if you do not brand yourself. The money potential here is immensely huge. People will love you and give you their money willingly and when it the brand recognition is at its peak, you will have an army of supporter who will defend your glory whenever it is challenged by other competitors. You will have a good name and your happy clients will add tons of testimonials and say good things about you. There is no doubt that is you wish to build a huge and successful business that survives in the long run… you will need to start branding your products.

The problem is, branding is often quite and expensive task. However, there is one particular way for you to quickly brand yourself fast and effectively. To do this, we will slip in small branding snippets via emails so that the person who reads your email gets to know more about you.

The One liner.

The question is, how can slip in branding within your own emails to your own subscribers. Many times, we see gurus saying that people are not interested in you and they would like to know what is in it for them. Which is correct, but once in a while it is good to quickly slip in a line or two that tells people who well you are doing. One quick line that does not bore them and you will see that you can quickly and easily establish a sort of authority within your message.
For example, if you’ve recently came back from a vacation, just slip in a short line that says ‘I just came back from a long vacation in London and I want to quickly show you how to make more money when you are on a vacation.’ Doing this can easily help show your readers that you know what you are doing and that you are certainly doing something right. The more often you slip in these kind of sneaky branding… the more you will find yourself establishing a certain type of strong branding on yourself while you can build trust and authority within the eye of your customers.

Within the signature.

Another great way to brand yourself within your own emails that go out to your subscribers is to insert as many websites of your own as possible at the signature. It does not necessarily gets clicked on but one thing is for sure, when people see all your ‘established’ sites, it tells people that you are an experienced and you have a lot of years of hard work advantage over them. Hence, if they were to try and listen to someone, you will be that someone what is worthy of their time. They will listen to what you have to say or teach them because they know deep inside you have done a lot of your homework and that you are not just making up things to say. Plus you have the ‘sites’ and ‘results’ to show it. Make double sure that you include your best sites and links that still work because more often than not, people do occasionally click through to learn more about you.

The good news is that your existing sites will help to brand you even more from here onwards. If you do not have a series of sites to show, you can place some credentials of your own (if you have any) or any accomplishments that you have in the past. If you have successful earned $1000 a day, put it down right below your signature and say something like ‘I’ve achieved $1000/day and I am now going for $5000/day’. Any accomplishment of yours can help you build your image. Your portfolio and resume will definitely look good to their eyes and many times, people will make their decisions to spend on your products based on your past credits and experience.

Let your affiliates brand you for free.

Yet another great way to brand yourself using emails is to actually use Affiliate Swipe emails that you hand out for your affiliates. Inside these emails, you will make sure to mention your name and accomplishment to your products that you are launching. For example you can say something like ‘My friend David B. is the best in what he does and I am not saying this lightly. This is because he just showed me his earnings in his CPA campaigns that made him $2533.46 in just 2 weeks!’.

See how the emails are clearly branding the product owner and how the bragging on the success is helping the reader understand that whoever this David B is, he knows something that other people do not. And after such a branding you will jump straight into the benefits of a product. When you do this correctly, you will get people from other list to be aware of your brand name and you will also be able to establish a strong presence in other lists. This is a very strong technique that can help you leverage yourself in the eyes of other list. Keep doing this and you will soon have your name known all across the web. Remember, the consistency here is important to any branding tactics so try these tactics out and make sure you do it often for best results.

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