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Facebook and Twitter are probably the top two most used social networking service on the planet today. Facebook being a place for people to hang out and connect socially and Twitter is used to quickly and speedily broadcast short strings of thoughts that you have on your mind out to the world both like to share photos and videos. People who are related and connected to you are constantly listening. So as an internet marketer it makes sense to put our efforts into these two giant platforms because as a marketer we are always hungry for more attention to the products that we are trying to market.

Here are some awesome guidelines for Facebook and twitter that you should follow to see outstanding photos and videos results.

Automating your ‘workload’.

The key to successful social marketing is constant posting and activity to engage your fans and followers. However, this could easily lead to some very heavy workload. Therefore, the best way to do this is to try and automate a lot of the work so that you can free sometime up for yourself and other important tasks in your business.

Automation can come from softwares and scripts that are readily available on the internet. Some might have to be paid in order to use and of course there are free ones out there as well. Make sure you automate most of the ‘tedious’ work but still try to monitor the response that you are getting out of your automation. For longer posts and contents, you might want to outsource the work to freelancer or your in house workers so that you can free a lot of time. Perhaps the most time consuming work you might get is from getting more followers or fans and churning out constant content for your social network accounts.

By outsourcing these two tasks that takes up a lot of your time, you will be able to quickly see a huge difference in your workload. Make sure that when you are outsourcing your work, you select only the best to get the job done. Otherwise, the outcome from a bad ‘work’ that you get from crappy freelancers can be disastrous. Understand that in social network marketing, silly mistakes or bad post can turn sour very quickly. Hence, it would be wise to personally check all the work that is outsourced carefully or entrust it to someone who is careful and understands the nature of your business to the core.
Be responsive.

The whole idea of using Social networks to market is to encourage activity and interaction between your company and your prospects or fans. Therefore, it makes sense for you to be responsive to their requests and questions or even the comments that you get. Ignore silly, troll or negative comments. At best, you should let your other happy fans or followers defend you, or you could make a quick comment and make a firm stand to defend your business. Try not to escalate it and turn it into an argument. When you are responsive, your business and offers will stand out to the crowd, and people will know that you are not trying to hide behind your computer or anything like that. It is through this kind of interaction, people will get to know you as a real character better.

If you communicate with your fans or followers properly you will quickly see that you can win a lot of hearts and your sales will generally soar. You can never sell well if you are not in tune with your crowd. So make sure to man up and blend into the crowd like you are one of them and show them how hard you are trying to help them improve their lives. Show them how you would bend the rules sometimes just for them. Even better… you could even constantly organize fun events where you will give away some of your products free to the winners of your events. Connecting well with your fans is a wonderful marketing tool and there’s no better and cheaper place to do it via social network giants such as Facebook or Twitter.

Photos and Videos go a long way to make a better post.

Most people would think that posting on Facebook or Twitter needs to be only done with text. However, that kind of post will always be labeled as boring. A boring post can only get you so far. Truth be told, people will just turn their head every time when they see a wall of text and mind you that your competitors might be posting something that is so much more interesting together with the use of great accompanying photos and videos.

Besides that, expert marketers has also proven statistically how much better the general public will respond to good catchy photos and videos as opposed to boring plain text posts. The colors and play button will also play a huge role in getting you more views, shares, likes and also click through. Needless to say, using photos and videos is a great way to get attention from people who do not know of your existence yet. Therefore, be smart and place good-looking photos and viral videos along with your post and watch how your followers and fans will grow virally without you having to put much effort into following others or paying for new fans.

Ask questions.

This is a wonderful way to start a conversation with your audience. It will show the people that you care, and it will show them that you are a real human that is trying hard to please them. Ask relevant questions and sometimes, you can be playful and joke with them on your posts as well. Life is short so learn to be more flexible and don’t be too serious all the time. This way, the people who listen and follow you can ease their guard a little, which is all good because this will prime them towards your marketing messages later.

Photos And Videos Business Tactics For Results.


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