Put Your Business on Autopilot with 3 (Powerful) Marketing Automation Tools

– How can you generate leads and sales for
your business online on autopilot? What's the process? What are the structures? How do you put your business on complete autopilot
online through marketing automation? My name is Benson Sung, and today, I'm going
to be sharing with you the three core marketing automations you must have in your business,
and that's generating my companies, my partners and private clients, hundreds of thousands
of dollars a month, on autopilot. At the end of this video, I'll be giving you
the exact email and automation templates that you can implement into your business without
spending a ton of time or money on your own trying to figure this out.

At the end of this video, you're gonna be
getting all these things, so make sure you watch until the end. Why marketing automation and having your own
email list is so important is because when you're building your audience on platforms
like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, the reason why these social media platforms are so powerful
and relevant today is because they have our target audience and your target audience on
those platforms. They got the attention, they got the focus,
and a lot of the time is being spent on there. The day comes when some of these social media
platforms are going to die out, and your audience is gonna move on to the next platform, the
next social media. So that's why having the marketing automation
in place, your own email list, and also having your own website, is so powerful. That's what you want to focus on building. The first core automation that we want to
implement into your business, is called the Welcome Automation. Now, the marketing automation process that
we want to use as well, is active campaign. Active campaign allows you to drag and drop.

They have a beautiful user experience, they
keep it easy and simple for you to use. You can go on there, you can set up an account. It's very inexpensive, it allows you to build
your own email list, and most importantly, it allows you to control the communication
that you have with your target audience, so you're not dictated by social media rules
or any platform's liabilities and all these different things. You can say the most important things that
you want with the communication. Now, the first sequence that we want to set
up is the Welcome Automation. So Welcome Automation is the first important
foundation that we want to have. Now, what the Welcome Automation is, is it's
a five part sequence. So five emails are gonna happen, and they're
gonna be sent to them when anybody joins on your email list and becomes a lead.

Now, the first email that we want to send
them is going to be talking about, what is the value that we're giving them? That's the first email. We want to thank them for joining our email
list. We want to thank them for entering into our
world, and then also want to tell them what they can expect. The second email we want to do is we want
to tell them about your business. How was your business founded? The third one, we want to tell them about
our community. We want to tell them about your customers. We want to tell them about what you represent
and how your community empowers your business.

That's the third email, and we can use testimonials,
we can use video testimonials, which is even more powerful. The fourth one that we want to do is we want
to send them more value. We want to show them that we can solve their
problems and that we can also help them achieve the results that they want. So, whatever problems that they have, I want
you to send the fourth email and type up, and be able to just say you can address those
problems and also help them with the results that they want.

Now, the fifth email is just going to be the
bridging between your story, the business that you have, and then also how you can help
them solve their problems and their results. Help them achieve those things, and this five
part sequence is the welcome sequence that you want to implement. Those five parts will allow you to warm up
the relationship, build the trust, and cultivate that relationship. That is the most important thing at the start,
especially if they don't know much about your business. You want to warm up their relationship through
this Welcome Automation. Now that we've got the welcome sequence in
place, we want to make sure that when they go through this welcome sequence, there's
one core result that I want them to think about when they hear about your business. I want them to know that you are the trusted
resource and guide for them, to solve their problems and achieve the results they want.

That is the statement and the thought you
want them to have. That's how you want them to feel about your
business when they hear your company name. And the next part that we want to do is called
the Value Automation. The Value Automation is where we set up, again,
a four to five email sequences, and we add value to them. We want to do this through the videos, how-to
videos on giving them value on how to overcome, again, a problem, or solve a result, and help
them achieve it, through the videos, through guides, through the blog posts that you have
or through content, through testimonials, and this, the whole goal of this is to show
that you can actually help them.

You want to make their lives better. You want to move them towards the result that
they want, for free. You want to really help them and add value
to them and give them the stuff that they want. That's the whole goal of this Value Automation,
is to really show them that you can give them value, whatever value means to them. So the five emails are gonna be, it can be
one on a video, one on a guide, one on a post, one on another specific, let's say a ultimate
resource kit, or all these different things that you can put and just add value to them.

Just keep giving, keep giving, and then we'll
get into the next sequence. How to make sure that your value automation
is extremely powerful is you want to make sure everything you're sending them is gonna
make their life easier. It's gonna help them solve a problem or help
them achieve a result. When you make it easy and simple for them
to understand how they can do this, then you'll be able to bridge that relationship and build
that trust and cultivate everything that you need to have.

Here's the first email that I send when someone
joins my Marketing Automation. You can see that on this email, that it leads
with the three statements. It thanks them for registering for the 9 Pillars
Video Implementation, the video series, and then it tells them again, go on to the Thank
You page. I actually recorded a video, and you can see
this email actually has a GIF, a very small sized GIF that loads on their mobile, which
is another tip that you can use. GIFs convert extremely well when you send
them through an email, especially if it's a very short clip, and you send it to them,
it builds engagement, it gets higher click-through rates, and the next thing, I tell them what
they can expect. I want them to know that they're gonna receive
the login, they can take Step 1 to subscribe to the YouTube channel that you're on right
now. The second one is they can shoot me via FB
messenger questions or anything that they want to get, and I can answer them back every,
time of five or six days or seven days if I have the time, and I get them to just do
a simple call to action to go on to watch the video short message.

So that's what you can do for your own business
as well. You want to keep it short and simple. Why the Welcome Automation and the Value Automation
are so important is because, someone just went on the Market Automation, they're usually
a cold audience, which means they don't know anything about your business, they don't have
the trust, they don't know much about the product or services that you have, they don't
know what you stand for. And so the reason why you want to cultivate
the relationship through this, is because, you want to be able to build all those different
things, the qualities of the relationship online, through these automations, specifically.

That is why it's so important to do this,
to warm them up so that they know, understand about your business, and be able to cultivate
this. This is how you build a successful business
online in the long term. Don't just focus on the conversions, and focus
on the sales, but focusing on warming them up with the right Marketing Automation for
your business. Now that we have the first two Marketing Automations
set up, the next Marketing Automation that's super important, and it's core to your business,
is the Segmentation Marketing Automation. Now, the segmentation part is gonna be key
because you, just like any of your target audience, is a unique individual. So we want to personalize the journey, the
sequence and the roadmap that they go through with your business.

So what you want to do is you're able to segment
new people based on the interests that they have, the results that they want to achieve,
or the challenges that they want to overcome. So for example, in the fitness space, there's
people that want to focus on losing weight, there's people that want to focus on building
more muscles, and there's people that want to focus on living a healthy and active lifestyle. Based on these three results and the challenges
that they want to overcome, you personalize the sequence and the emails that you send
them, because if someone wants to build more muscle, you wouldn't send them something about
a healthy, active lifestyle. You can really hone in on the content, you
can really hone in on your messaging, and how you communicate with someone based on
that specific result they want to achieve. So the first thing you want to do in that
email automation is you want to focus on segmenting them by asking them a simple email question. So you're gonna send the email out, say it's
something like, hey John, hey Julie, thanks for joining the list.

I want to know more about you so I can add
more value to you and help you solve your problems or help you solve the results that
you want to achieve. So it can be something where you say hey,
ask them a question, what are the top three results that you want to achieve? And you list them out, is it to lose weight,
is it to build more muscle, or is it to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Based on that, they can actually click on
it, one click or one tap on the mobile, and it'll segment them automatically into Marketing
Automation, and you can personalize their journey. The next automation that we want to focus
on once you've got the personalized segmentation of understanding their interest or their results
or the problems they want to overcome, is we want to understand, how's their experience
with your business? This is the best Segmentation Automation to
implement because we want to understand the experience that they're going through.

Are they having a great experience? Are they having an alright experience, or
are they having a bad or poor experience? You want to send that email out, you want
to, again, simple click or tap of the thumb on their mobile, and it will add, automatically
put them through a sequence where if they have a great experience, for example, you
say, that's great, I want to help you more. You keep adding value, sending more assets,
sending more videos, how-to documents, guides, resources, so they can even get more value,
and you warm it up even more, that relationship between you and them, because you want to
follow up with them, you want to add more value, and you want to make sure that they
don't just buy from you once, but they buy from you over and over again every month,
every year, and they refer a lot more people to you.

Word-of-mouth marketing, as you know, is extremely
powerful so you want to make sure that you fully tap into that for your business through
Marketing Automation. Here's an example of a Segmentation Automation
that I send to people that join the Marketing Automation from me. I have the DMU, the Digital Marketing University,
on BensonSung.com, where you can learn everything you need to know about growing and starting
a business online, successfully. So the first email you're gonna see is right
here. So you're gonna see in this email, I talk
about, you know, where are you on your journey as a subject line. Then I go into talking about, you know, before
I send you the implementation videos, I've got one important question I want to ask you
about your business. All it takes is one click and tap the answer. This way I can personalize your experience
and our communication going forward in the training. So I talk to them about, you know, what is
the current stage of your business? Initial traction, are you a startup, are you
a growth stage, are you at scale stage? This is so I can personalize and streamline
our communication so I can send you the most relevant in strategies, tactics, and campaigns
for where you are today for your business to grow, and do a P.S., just select one of
the stages that best represents where you're at.

So this is an example of a personalization
email that I send because I'm in the B2B space, I'm helping you grow your business online. The way I'm segmenting is based on the stage
of the business. What you need to grow as a startup and what
you need to grow as a business that's doing $10,000,000, is very very different. Now at this stage, we've warmed up the contacts. We've cultivated the relationship, the trust,
and we've added value to them through the Welcome Automation, through the Value Automation,
and through the Segmentation Automation as well.

We've personalized their journey, we have
shared with them that we can help them achieve the results that they want, solve their problems. We've also told them more about your business
so they understand what you represent, what's your story, and also, how you can help them. That's the most important thing. So the next automation that we want to set
up is the Conversion Marketing Automation. Now, the Conversion Marketing Automation is
going to be a five to six step email, where we start going to introduce to them about
your product or your service. The first email we're gonna do is gonna show
them what products or services you have and how you can solve their problem and how you
can help them results that we want to achieve for them. So we share that in the first email, it can
be something like this. Hey John, hey Julie, I saw that you were looking
through, you've been on the list for about a few months now. I want to understand how I can help you. I want you to know that we have this product,
we have this service, that you should check out.

I think it's gonna really help you with this
result that you want or this problem that you want to overcome, and I wanted to just
introduce you to. The next few emails that you're gonna send,
it's gonna be sharing with them your existing customers, your successful customer testimonials. They can be video. I highly recommend video. It communicates it much better, and then you
use, let's say you have written testimonials to back it up.

After that, then what we want to do is we
want to make them a special incentivized offer if they have not bought in the first four
emails based on these testimonials and the introductory one. So once we go through that, then you make
a special incentive. For example, you give them 25% or 50%, whatever
special you want to offer on your product or your service, and if they don't buy for
that, you want to position your highest product right there. Then, after that, if they don't take that,
you want to move the next tier down. You want to show them a product or service
that's in the next descending product, let's say. So if you have a product that you're positioning
in this Conversion Sequence, $100, then you want to move your product that's $50 under
this if they still do not buy. The goal of this is to get them to make that
first commitment with you by leading with your best product or service. Once they make that financial commitment with
you and they want to, through the, all the automations that we have set up, and you've
done this properly, here we will convert a percentage of the people that go through this
and generate sales through your business, all on autopilot, through Marketing Automation.

Now, a key distinction I want you to know
about is that, if you are in a service business, this four-part emails are gonna work for you
as well. The difference is, you don't have a physical
product. So what you want to do is you want to have
a service attached to it, and another thing too, if you're selling a product or a service
that's under $100, this conversion automation will work extremely well for you. Now, if you're selling a product or a service,
from my experience, that's over $100, you want to do two things. One of two things, actually. One of the things you can do is have them
go onto the application to book a call to speak with you, especially if it's a product
that's over $100, they need to be able to have more confidence in themselves.

They need more certainty, clarity, and direction. Your target audience wants to speak to someone
on the phone if they make a big financial commitment that's over $100. Now, the second thing that you can do is,
if you are selling a product or service that's over $100, you want to use a webinar. Webinars are very powerful ways to build even
more trust and relationship right within the marketing automation process. So at this stage, we're doing conversion and
you invite them to a webinar, we're going to invite them to an application form, and
through the webinar you can build that relationship and you can even sell a $2000 plus product,
or service, through the Marketing Automation and the webinar combined. Now, that's what's powerful about these two
things and I want you to know, based on your product or service price, you want to use
the simple email sequence.

If you want to do a more expensive product
or service that's over $100, you want to make sure that there's something that is attached
to this, whether that's a call with them or a webinar with them at the end of the conversion
process. So I'm gonna lay this out more in detail for
you. I don't want you to be overwhelmed on the
end of this video. Now, two core parts to make your Marketing
Automation extremely powerful and you can tell the core piece that really makes a big
difference is the emails themselves. That's why the subject lines and the content
in the emails are so powerful and extremely important to get right. Now, I don't want you to be overwhelmed because
at the end, as I promised at the beginning, you're gonna get the exact email templates
and automation templates to plug and play for your business. But the first thing I want to talk about is
how do you write the right subject lines? Because right now in your inbox and in your
target audience's inbox and the people you're trying to reach, you get endless amounts of
emails every single day, every week and every month, and you don't open all of their emails.

You have spam boxes, you have promotional
tabs, so you don't get all of the emails that you get, so how do you write emails that are
high open rate and also high click-through rate? Those are the two core factors. They open, and then they click-through and
we get them to take the action that we want them to take in the email, and make them read
the emails. So the first thing to do with the subject
line to get a high open rate is we want to build curiosity in the subject lines. We want to make them open the email.

That's what's important. That's what you want to focus on and you want
to make sure that you build curiosity in the email. For example, in the emails you can use unfinishing
lines, so for example, you can say, did you know that this is what's going to happen? Question mark, dot dot dot, or you can use
shocking statement subject lines, like this. You won't believe what just happened, question
mark, dot dot dot. You want to make sure that you build curiosity
in subject lines so you make them open the email itself. That is the whole goal of the subject line,
is that it builds curiosity and it's related to what you're about to tell them.

Or it builds curiosity in what you're about
to tell them. That's how you get them the open. That's the whole purpose of a subject line,
is to get your target audience to open that email. Next core part, is to make sure that the subject
and all the content that's in the emails themselves, is relevant and it builds curiosity. So what we want to do, too, is we want to
make sure that the emails are short and sweet.

Maximum two to three sentences per a line
before you go into the line break, and you want to make sure that it also builds curiosity. You give them some little bit of description
of what you're about to tell them, but you also want to make sure that you build curiosity
so that they click on an image, and they go into the next part. So how you want to do this is, you want to
start with hey, personalized line, then you want to have brief, three to four mini paragraphs
about what it is that you're gonna be building curiosity and giving to them. You want to have an image in the center. Usually a GIF converts really well, and then
what you can do is, you end with two to three paragraphs, again, mini ones, two to three
lines max, and you end with your name or your company name and then you go with a P.S.,
again, they can click here and go into the page.

The whole goal of this email is to get them
to take action to go onto your website, or watch a video, whatever action you want them
to take, that's the whole goal of the content in the email. So that's what you want you to do, and also
at the same time, keep in mind, the first sentence that you lead with, you want to make
sure that it's a statement or something that catches their attention, hooks them in, and
moves them to make sure they read the next line, the next sentence.

That's the goal of proper copy. You want to make sure that it glows and they
keep reading through your email. You don't want them to get stuck on one line
or they read the first few lines and it's boring. You want to hook them in. Once you hook them in, take them to the next
step. Another tip here is that when they see the
first line of the email, you want to make sure that it's also very curiosity-based and
it's a shocking statement. Why? Because you want to connect it with the subject

If you notice in Gmail or any of the mail
servers or services that you use, it shows a subject line and it shows a little bit of
the first sentence of your email. So you want to make sure that subject line
connects with the first line of the email so that they click and open and they want
to read. That's how you generate more high open rates,
and high click-through rates with your email. Now let's take a look at an example. So here is an example of the marketing automation
email that you receive when you opt in to the Digital Marketing University on the website.

So you can see that here we lead with the
image and then we go into four specific lines that we build more curiosity. They go, hey, here are how my companies and
prior clients feel confident with spending millions of dollars every month through their
entire marketing system. You can see I emphasize certain words and
certain lines, that catches their attention in the first line. Afterwards, I go into saying how it personalizes
their communication. I'll talk about how we're gonna dive deep
into this. I'm gonna show them the exact templates, show
them everything they need to know, and as you can see, there's a GIF here that's sped
through on the slides, because this is based on a presentation that I gave to a few hundred
business owners and I use this as the GIF that's scrolling through the slides really
fast. The reason why I do this, too, is it builds
curiosity. They can't read, and they don't give them
the time to read, so that they click through to actually watch the video.

The next thing you do, you can see that the
next few lines below the image of the GIF is just some summary lines, and I say here,
this is what's gonna happen. I tell them that next week when they receive
this email they're gonna get this on a communication adds, and then I have a green call to action
button below. You can do this as well, and then I just say,
my signature and it also has a P.S. So you can keep your emails like this, this
is the format, it keeps it very simple. It generates high open rates and high click-through
rates. I think this one itself was doing 50% open
rates with a few hundred people that are going through the emails.

Now, three secrets that I want to give you
to really over-deliver and take your Marketing Automation to the next level, is we're gonna
start with the first secret. I want you to reverse engineer the top five
to ten websites that you bought products or services from, and I want you to look at,
what emails did they send you? What were the communications that they gave
you? What assets did they send you? What videos did they make you watch? What did they use in the subject line? What did they use in the email content itself? How did they get you to click-through, go
on the website, watch the videos, read the content articles, or take any action through
the emails? How many emails did they even send you in
the first place? How did they go through and what did they
send you? And why did they do it, and when you do this,
you're gonna get so many key insights on people that made you take out money from your wallet
or take out your credit card and spend it online. Now, that's something extremely powerful,
and you can use the stuff that you learn, the insights, and the words that they use,
in your own sequence themselves.

Now, the next point, what you can do, is I
want you to take a look at your competitors. Go onto your competitors' websites. You can Google them, find the websites, go
onto the list, and opt in to their marketing automation platform. Find out, what emails are they sending you? How are they sending it? How are they doing it with their products
and services, and what they send, what's their sequence? What is the process they're using to get you
to buy? This is gonna give you a lot more critical
insights that you can use for your own business as well. Now, the third and final one, I want you to
go on DMU, Digital Marketing University, on BensonSung.com, and I want you to opt into
the list. I practice what I preach, and what I'm teaching
you as well. So you can go on there, you can see that you
can opt into copy writing, you opt into, if you want more traffic, you want more leads,
or you want more sales, any of those things are already personalized on the page so when
they opt in on the list, you can see that I'm gonna tell you first expectation email
you're gonna receive this, every single two to three days on just generating traffic for
your business.

I segment, I use all the automations that
we talked about before, the Welcome, the Value, the Segmentation, and then you can see how
I'm doing it through the B2B space. If you're in B2B industry, you can see how
I'm doing it, you can take it, you can swipe it, and you can copy it, use some of the elements
in there. You can even model what I'm doing successfully
today. So those are the three tips on how to amplify
your Marketing Automation for your own business. Finally, now that you know how to implement
effective Marketing Automation into your business so you can generate more leads and sales conversions
online, don't be overwhelmed, because as promised, I'm giving you the exact email templates and
Marketing Automation templates that you can just plug and play into your business and
you don't have to be figuring this all out and spending a ton of time or money and trying
to do this on your own or with your own team.

Just take it and plug it in. Now, also at the same time, you can see an
expanded post of everything you need to know and what I just taught you through this video
on Digital Marketing University on BensonSung.com. You can see the expanded post, literally a
step by step walkthrough on how to implement this into your business. Regardless of what product or service you're
selling, the industry that you're in, the target audience you're going for, or the stage
of your business, Marketing Automation is for you and you want to implement this to
really take your growth to the next level. Three things I want you to do, too, I want
you to comment below right now and let me know what is the first marketing automation
from this video that you watched that you're gonna implement to your business and then
let me know if there's any questions and I'll answer for you in the comments below. The second thing, I want you to like this
video. Let me know you're liking this content, this
video, so that we can keep making these for you to help you grow your business online.

I don't make any money from this. This is, again, for me to add value to you,
and really give back to the community from where I'm at right now. The third thing is, I want to make sure that
you subscribe to the channel because every single week, you're gonna be getting these
videos for free on how to grow your business with digital marketing and all the 12 things
that really matter for you to generate more traffic, leads, and be able to convert them
into sales and long-term customers for your business online. So thanks for watching this video and make
sure that I'll see you in the next one..

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