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Getting good customers or clients for a business on a consistent manner is the primary goal of the company to stay relevant in the market. With the emerging technologies of today, Internet marketing keeps evolving with different emphases which business owners and marketers must keep track of. Search engine optimization techniques are to be applied generously to content to win more customers for the business and brand.

Optimized content is critical to the desired increase of web traffic to the web business site as search engines like Google would check and reward with better page rankings in search results. An effective freelance SEO copywriter must be apt in 4 distinct tips and tricks to earn more clients with more income.

1) Appealing Story Teller

Every SEO freelancer who indulges in copywriting services needs to be a dynamic and vibrant story teller. The contents must be appealing and entertaining to reach the hearts of targeted niche markets. Quality contents must include the right choice of keywords used in ideal density to provide interesting reading materials.

However, detailed research must be executed in piecing the contents for a dynamic story flow that would be captivating to readers while the format and layout are aptly applied. A creative writing style is advantageous to interest readers who are kept entertained and want more.

It is a challenge to stay on the top page of Google’s search exercise with the constantly changing search algorithms such as its Panda update. This requires freelance copywriters to write in such a manner that would engage readers to be turned into customers or potential business leads as quickly as possible. This would be the bottom line or objective of quality, attractive content developed by any skilled and creative copywriter.
When a freelance SEO copywriter exhibits consistent skills in weaving dynamic contents that would attract more readers, the earning potentials increase exponentially with a wider market audience especially if the best of marketing strategies is implemented. This may be an innate gift or learned from excellent writers in the market.

Some tips on premium content that would attract more readers include the application of concrete and relatable examples that appeal besides knowing the audience well in the copy.

2) Results Oriented

A successful freelance SEO copywriter must be results oriented; otherwise, all efforts would be wasted without any outcomes to show off. Results especially favorable ones are highly sought after in every online marketing endeavor executed by business owners or marketers.
Freelance writers today need to engage in various metrics that are effective in measuring results as proof of effectiveness and validity in content development and marketing. Search engine ranking is one such measure which relates the success of the freelance writer who complies with the high search indexing demands.

Some measurable metrics include the number of clicks received, the frequency of contents shared and forwarded on social media platform and the volume of web visitors to the website or blog. Good results confirm or establish the good reputation of the freelance SEO writer’s capability in churning out quality content which is favorable to web readers who would want more.

This all leads on to how well the content is distributed and the best means which were exercised for greater effect.

3) Manipulating Social Media Networks

Social media has become a very important component of Internet marketing as an integral SEO content marketing feature. The proper and wide distribution of quality content is vital to the success of drawing in more traffic to the website for more business opportunities.
Every Internet marketer and business owner must be aware of the demographics and user behavior of targeted niche markets via social media networking platforms which boast of millions of subscribers. These outlets are excellent for identifying the preferred potential leads and customers who would display stronger support for the brand or business.

Hence, quality content must be aptly distributed to as wide an audience as possible to create market awareness for the brand or business offers. As the business owner or marketer increases their business mailing list, their sales conversion rates would increase to benefit their business bottom lines. Business owners and marketers must be proactive in this facet of SEO content marketing as web consumers today are inclined towards a strong personal relationship before sales.

4) Effective Headlines

Effective headlines are crucial in drawing more traffic as these seemingly simple statements form the first point of contact for web readers to connect or relate to the brand or business. Hence, the article headline must be appealing and compelling to entice readers for a closer read. The choice of keywords must be included in the headline to help web users find the desired item quickly and accurately. The short find would delight web users who would then be lured to open the file to read the entire contents if the headline relates closely to the theme or topic of the web user.

The right headline stirs up the interest of web readers for a full reading of the content while generating joy that the right article is found. However, the contents should be equally compelling to move readers on to the preferred call-to-action option rather than being disappointed at the irrelevant content with a misleading headline. Accurate headlines are dynamic in leading potential customers to opt into the business mailing list readily as more such works are expected.


Although innate writing skills are a plus point for good writers, a passion for writing and a focused mind on the task with the right theme and creativity pushes the journey much further to reach the desired goal. Successful freelance SEO writers must manipulate all available resources, innate and out, to ensure guaranteed success.

High earnings could be generated by smart freelance SEO copywriters who understand the market perimeters and web readers’ demands to produce relevant value-added content which would be enjoyed. A higher demand for more such exquisite productions would arise with the SEO copywriter making a strong market presence.

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