Affiliate program strategies that work!

Super Affiliates program strategies that work!

Having a product of your own to sell online have many known benefits. You can use the product to brand yourself, and you can use the product to show others that you are an super affiliates expert. However, even when you have a product of your own, there is no guarantee that your product will sell. The first thing you’ve got to do is to make sure that your marketing message converts. It helps if your product is of exquisite quality, and it will often help if your product is in a niche where the demand is high.

Hence not only is it important to be selling the right product to the right people, you need to make sure that you are selling in the correct market as well. Often when you have finally got a super affiliates product that seems to sell well, you will then be faced with the next problem which is traffic. When you have a good converting product, it makes sense to get as much traffic as you can to get the sales coming in strong each day. Alas, there is a limit to what one can do each day and thus a great way to increase the traffic that goes to your product offer is to set up an affiliate program.

Usually you can set up your own affiliate programs these days easily by joining affiliate marketing networks such as Clickbank, JVzoo or even Commission Junction. When you have your affiliate program set up, you can now think of ways to attract more affiliates to become your promotional army. This strategy is so effective that there are a lot of successful information product owners out there who are getting traffic mainly from their affiliates.

They do not even have to get traffic or any of that and their army of affiliates will get them all the traffic they need. Instead, these marketers focus on pleasing their affiliates and publishing new products, and they are pretty much set for life. Below are a few great ways to help you keep your assisting affiliates happy and get more affiliates to join your affiliate program.

Relevant Landing Pages

Having a relevant landing page for your affiliates is a great way to get your affiliates to promote for you. More often than not, these mega affiliates have their own reputation and presence online. They have a huge fan base and they might have a big list in your niche. So if Mr. X promotes your offers and when their traffic lands of their landing page that says ‘Mr. X Special Discount Page’ you will be sure that the conversions will be much higher and your affiliates will love you for it.

Hence, make sure to find out who are your best affiliates and try your level best to go all out and help them create custom landing pages or custom affiliate links that help them connect better with their traffic. Not only will you see a much higher conversion rate, your affiliates will stick to you and sometimes, they will even help you get more affiliates on board on your affiliate program. This thus brings us to the next point.

Offer 2nd Tier Commission

Mega affiliates usually know other mega affiliates in the same niche. Hence if you could offer them a 2nd tier affiliate commission (a commission for every sale that is referred by an affiliate that they referred), then you will usually be able to quickly and easily get a lot more performing affiliates on board. This leverage is very important if you want to find the best performing affiliates that can help you profit.

Besides that, super affiliates usually do not join an affiliate program unless they see a strong reason to do so. Hence if your stats are not top notch, they won’t even notice you. However, when you have a current affiliate putting out the good word for you, you will be sure that these other super affiliates will soon take notice of you and if you play your cards right, you can be sure to be able to add a few more super affiliates into your army.

Most big marketer knows just how much a super affiliate is worth to your business; therefore 1 super affiliate is plenty of success to any small starting online business.


One of the biggest problem that an affiliate will face is tracking. An affiliate marketer will usually need to place a code on the ‘thank you page’ of an order page in order to properly track a sale. And super affiliates will usually need to track their campaigns, and they have to approach a merchant to get the code into the landing page.

Here’s where you come in. You will approach your top affiliates and offer to place any code they want into your landing page. This move alone will show the affiliate marketers that you care and they will certainly stick to you as long as you are still in business. Be sure to help them out anyway you can and help them help you make more money.

Affiliates love conversions and commissions

Another great way to get your super affiliates to promote for you as often as possible is to actually give them a commission bump. That means if you are usually giving away a 50% commission per sale, you could offer to reward your super affiliates 60% commission rate.

Affiliate program strategies that work!Another great way to reward your affiliates is to actually offer bonus commission if they can make a certain amount of sale each month is the form of prize money reward or an extra percentage to the commission that they are getting.

The best way to get more affiliates to promote your offer is to have a good conversion rate and other important statistics (such as the EPC). The better your statistics show, the more affiliate will notice you and start promoting for you. Hence if your affiliate marketing is meant to be your main traffic strategy then you should spend a lot of time to test and track your conversions for best results.

Program Strategies That Work Well For Super Affiliates


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