Avoid These 3 SEO Tactics That Wastes Your Time.

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Getting free traffic online is one of the most in demand knowledge on the internet today. Generating traffic in itself be it paid or free is always a hard work and this is especially so for those who prefers getting traffic for free. Now the best kind of free traffic online these days seems to be coming from the search engines and thus people use smart search engine optimization strategies in hopes to get their website to rank high on the search engines to enjoy constant free and targeted traffic that can potentially make SEO (search engine optimization) users a lot of money.The entire SEO (Search Engine Optimization) scene is full of misleading information and outdated techniques that can harm your Search engine Optimization efforts on your website. It is then very important for those who are in the business of SEO to thoroughly understand that there are tactics that are currently out there that are useless, outdated or a complete waste of your time. Let’s take a look at some of the tactics that you should avoid below.

Blog Comments No Longer Work.

In the past, one of the most important backlink methods that we all use to get more backlinks to our SEO efforts is to use Blog comments to get a backlink back to us. However, because using blog comments to get backlinks has been so abused over time, it no longer works. It is an utter waste of time, so be sure to avoid using this tactic at all cost. They have a relatively low value now and yet it takes a lot effort to get a backlink via blog comments. Most of the blog comments these days are ‘No Follow’ links anyway.

If you are using some SEO companies to help you in your search engine rankings, ask them to show you what are the main strategies that they use to get your site to the top? If they even mention about blog commenting on their task list, then it is a sure sign for you to look for another company who knows what they are doing to and move on to them instead.

Blog commenting is still a good tool to use to build some relationship or to contact and interact with the blog owners. If the blog is getting high traffic your links on the comments may get you a small drip of the traffic from it but as an SEO tactic, you are better off without it. Stop wasting your precious time and resources that just do not work anymore.

Traditional Article Marketing Is Dead?

Article marketing is one of the most important methods to get your website to rank high. This is because you can get backlinks out of the distribution of your articles and people use to use short articles to quickly get small clips of content and with a mixture of their links out there. And then there were tons of article directories out there like Ezineearticles.com that get values highly in the eyes of the search engines. However those are a thing of the past. Today, search engine giants like Google no longer place a priority for Ezine directories or Article directories.

Most importantly, you must understand that this is happening due to the fact that there were too many junk articles and content dwelling in the article directories (not to mention duplicate content as well). There is without a doubt that content is very important to help you rank your site but when it comes to content, you really need to step up your game these days and make doubly sure that your content are on par with the content of your biggest competitors and that you are using unique and well written ones that your site visitors will love.

If you get lazy with your content, then say goodbye to your good rankings. So now we know that Article Marketing via Article directories are no longer an option, which is why, you should consider Article syndication instead. Article Syndication is the new ‘Article marketing’ and what you do is you will go and produce the best articles you can (or within your budget if you are outsourcing this), and then go and find if there are any high traffic sites (or high ranking sites) that needs content to help their site grow. When you find one, offer your article to be published on their site at no charge and in return you get a link back to your site.

That link will serve to be a very valuable permanent link on a high ranking site and not only will you get the link juice out of that site, you will also get a good flow of traffic back to your landing page. It is then safe to say that the changes or the evolution of the SEO game has actually become a benefit to some of those who plays the game fair and square.
Buying Links Is A ‘No-No’.

In the past, buying links was the shortcut to success. Sadly this is no longer the case. In fact, those who did make it big back then are left with nothing to show today and most of these people are forced to move on to other projects in life or to actually adapt and start from scratch doing things the legitimate way.

Private Label Rights, Master Resell Rights, Master Resale Rights and Private Label Rights to Thousands of eBooksThere are of course still a lot of shady marketers out there who offers to sell you links. Just make sure you know what you are buying and be extra careful not to buy anything that is useless to your marketing campaigns no matter how ‘cheap’ or tempting the offer is. Gone are the days where there were virtually free lunches out there where you could spam links and buy your way with-out search engine optimization to the top of the search engines. Today it’s all about trying to please the audience the legit way and when you are able to do that, Google will give you a reward that most will never achieve.

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