How to create the ultimate landing page

What’s a landing page you asked? Well, a landing page is the web page that you use to get your traffic to land on right after they click on your link. There are many ways to explain this but quite simply, your landing page is where people land on after they click on your ad or links that you spread around the internet. So why is creating a good landing page such a big deal? A good landing page gets people to take action and in marketing, when you have a good landing page that can help increase your opt-in rate or give you a better conversion rate, your efforts to pull in traffic will not go to a waste.

To create the ultimate landing page, you must first know the goal of your landing page. It could either be used to collect user data to build your list or you can use it to sell a product. Now… creating the ultimate landing page does take some skills because there are a lot of psychological factors behind it. The use of graphics to enhance your visitors’ experience on your landing page is essential as well. Even if you plan to have less graphical images on your landing page, you will have to put in time to format your landing pages properly as well. The internet is more visual than most advertising mediums. People will more likely see the entire webpage as a whole instead of reading your words line by line unless they are very interested in your product already.

The reason is because most internet visitors tend to browse on your web page and this makes it a must for web developers to think of a way to make the overall look and feel of the website memorable and at the same time giving the readers a professional experience. All of these of course will contribute to your branding and trust in the long run and this will mean a growth in your profits as well. Below are a few factors that can help your landing page do better overall.

Landing page loading speed.

The very first thing that plays a factor to your landing page would be the loading speed. You will want your landing pages to look great and at the same time you will want your landing pages to load in an acceptable time frame as well. Too many sites out there that looks ridiculously good but takes up a long time to load. So much so that these sites have to put up a loading percentage bar on their site using some flash graphics to hopefully win some patience from the site visitors. However, because of the long loading time, people will just get distracted from your site and click away looking for other similar sites or anything that catches their interest.

Therefore, when you are creating your landing page, you will always have to place a priority on the loading speed. Test your website’s loading speed and make sure it only takes seconds for the site to load. Use clever softwares that can compress some of your graphics without losing in terms of quality. Most web developers had chosen the .Png file types for their web graphics because of its small size and great quality. Optimize your graphics properly and you will get a satisfactory loading speed for your landing page. When you have a landing page that loads fast, you will have a lot less people leaving your site without ever had the chance to see what you have to offer for them.

Place The Good Stuff Above the fold.

When you are designing your landing page, make sure you have done everything you can to place all the important benefits above the fold of your landing page design. Above the fold simply means the top of your page where your users will not have to scroll down. This way all the important element including your pictures, benefits and headlines are seen first without ever needing to scroll for more. This is because the average human attention span on a website is very short and you will only have a few seconds to make an impression. Therefore you will want all your best stuff to be shown immediately to the readers or visitors as soon as your page loads.

Studies have shown that this little tweak to your landing page will help increase your visitors stick rate and if they like what they see and they think it is worth their time, your visitors will proceed to scroll down for more information about what you have to offer. With that said, you must be extra careful not to try and stuff everything above the fold as well as white space is very important. Place the important elements in an organized way and if you have too much information or benefits that you want to chunk it in, you should just choose the best benefits and your strongest argument to be placed above the fold. Leave the rest of the benefits and points for later so that everything looks neat and well presented.

The Hero Shot Tactic.

Many times web developers are too spoilt for choice. They will go to a stock photo site and start to shop for pictures that they will want to use on their landing page. The problem arises when they have too much choice and decides to fit in as much graphics as possible. What you should do instead is to just choose 1 nice picture (could be stock photo or a cover picture of your product) and turn it into your Hero shot. Place the picture above the fold and make sure it is sizable enough to be noticed.

A good hero shot can help your product get noticed and a relevant one will certainly be memorable. Therefore, when choosing a hero shot, you will have to place a priority to your main goals instead of following your instincts or intuitive on which picture you would personally prefer. Remember, if your picture looks great but does not have the effect on achieving the goals that you want, you are better off using a Hero shot that actually works instead of one that you personally prefer. There are many other ways to improve your landing page so make sure you work on your landing pages diligently and relentlessly until you get the outcome that you desire.

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