Networking for Bloggers

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Networking for Bloggers

by Chi Chi Okezie

Some networking is more obvious than others. Believe it or not, you can network through blogging or as a blogger. Both provide a platform for communication, involve engagement and build a community or network of support. Whether you write about fashion, food, travel, music, entertainment, art, makeup, restaurants, politics, education, photography, finances etc. you can use your blog (or someone else's) to develop a viable and expansive network.

Below are ways in which you can strategically extend your reach to make new connections.

Get on a Schedule

If you are a blogger, consider doing scheduled posts or be consistent in your postings. There are plenty of online blogging host sites and social media tools for automatic posts and managing content. This is terrific if you have more than one social media platform to engage your followers. Having regular posts builds your website's search optimization and your personal brand. It keeps followers engaged and expecting to hear or in this case read your content. If you are following a blog(s), post, like or forward content on a regular basis, keep up with the posts or subscriptions.

Mix It Up

It is always good to make posts relevant and interesting to read or view. From time to time, post a video on your blog or extra photos. Include sound bites to music or interviews if applicable. Show graphs, charts or maps to be creative. Try to engage your followers through various senses and touch points. The point is to keep the appearance and content of the blog fresh, modern and upbeat.

Think Globally

Having a blog really means that the world is your oyster. When you post and connect with your followers, keep in mind that others can be reading your info from around the world. In that regard, be culturally sensitive and global minded when necessary. Acknowledge your global audience and consider making your posts ethnically sound. Embrace a mindset of inclusion and diversity.

Hopefully, these tips can enhance your existing blog or encourage you to create your own. If you are a follower, use the blog and social media platforms to connect and build relationships.

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