AI inside of WordPress And a free plugin

AI inside of WordPress And a free plugin

Let’s highlight; now that I have that highlighted, the assistant is ready to come to work. We can generate an outline from this title, create an introduction, an entire paragraph, a conclusion, or paraphrase a paragraph. Let’s do an intro from this title, and you can see it thinking right here as that little wheel spins. And there you go. Taking care of your dog is an enormous responsibility, and one of the most important things is ensuring their nails are trimmed regularly. So it goes on; it gives us about four sentences here. Now, let’s enter and keep the conversation going by adding more content—the best tools for cutting your dog’s nails. I’m going to highlight that. I will set it to an H2 now, and let’s go ahead and use the generator. Generate an entire paragraph. See it turning right up here? It’s thinking. And there we go. When it comes to cutting your dog’s nails, several tools are available, and this gives us more ideas. Again, we can always add two things, right?

10Web AI Assistant – AI content writing assistant

Unlock the Power of AI-generated content with the AI Assistant Plugin for WordPress.

– Hey, all of you have been hearing about AI-generated content. Are you ready to add it to your WordPress website? I will show you how to use this free tool to help you write blog articles, product descriptions, or company information in just a few minutes. I’m talking about the plugin from 10 Web, the AI Assistant. And for a free budget, you can get up to 2000 words per month. If you have just a little bit more budget, you can get up to 10,000 or more. Check out their pricing page in the description box below. Let me show you how to use this tool. So, if we add a new post, let’s give it the title How to Cut Your Dog’s Nails Easily. Again, if you are a blog writer with all sorts of different content you’d like to write, this tool’s power comes into play. Let’s go to visual. You can see these excellent suggestions now that I’m in visual mode. Let’s go ahead and write our first title here, and I will set this in an H1 for a heading.

AI inside of WordPress - Add a free plugin

Discover the Essential Tools for Safely Trimming Your Dog’s Nails with AI in WordPress. Harness the Power of AI to Generate Free Blog Articles with WordPress

We can add any content we’d like, but what’s great about this tool is that you can see right here, right here at the bottom, it says, ” We’ve used 232 words of 2000. ” So even in the free version, it will allow us to have up to 2000 words monthly. So you can, in the sense, use this to write your one blog article every month. Let’s add one more section, and I will give it a H3. Brilliant, and let’s highlight that and ask the AI assistant to generate a conclusion paragraph. Click that, and it’s thinking. There we go. So, I suggest adding your call to action with your phone number and bolding that out so your call to action is clear. You can always add in your featured image like you would on any regular blog post, but now you have AI-generated, totally free blog articles. Let’s save it and take a look. Well, there you go. Looks great. Let’s take a look at some of the AI assistance features. It’ll keep track of how many words you’ve used based on your account settings.

Integrate AI Assistant and Optimize Meta Titles and Descriptions with Yoast Plugin in WordPress.

Now I’m running on the free version, so I get up to 2000 words for free, and it’ll show you when your word count is set to renew. It also shows us that the AI assistant is available on Ginsburg and the classic editor. And just below this area is one of the most incredible features of the AI assistant. It can help you optimize your meta titles and descriptions by leveraging the power of the Yost free plugin. So, let me walk you through that installation. Click download and activate. And that activates this component of the AI assistant. Now, we need to ensure we’ve installed the free Yost plugin. Let’s head to plugins, add new ones, and search Yost; it should be the free version. Click Install Now and Activate. Once that’s there, we can go back to our post. You’ll see the Yost SEO ad below, and this is where you want to get creative and be strategic with your content. Let’s add our focus keyword here. Cut your dog’s nails, and watch this go to work.

Boost Your Content’s Readability and SEO with AI-powered Tools for WordPress

Once that’s all written for you, go to the readability section below and optimize your readability. It’ll show you other alerts based on your individual post page or product description here, but you’ll easily be able to fix them by just clicking the button. As an example, there you go. Let’s jump up here, and it will write the meta description for you. This tool will help you write ten times faster, and you’ll be able to optimize with SEO-friendly, easy-to-read content. Now, speaking of SEO, you might think, is Google okay with a tool like this? Well, Google has been chiming in on this conversation since it’s trending right now, and what they’re telling us is as long as the content is good, meaning you’re using a tool that’s not spammy, as long as a human can proof it and be confident that it makes sense. In my opinion, as long as you add in a little bit of your content, which is precisely what I did here, you can use this tool and provide high value to your consumers.

Discover a Free AI-powered Writing Tool for WordPress: Try it Today!

Give it a try yourself. I’ll put the link in the description box below. Remember, it’s free every single month, up to 2000 words. If you use this tool, comment below. I’d love to hear how it performed for you. I’ll see you next time. Bye, you all. (gentle music).

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