Numbers and Headlines A Great Combination

A Headline Combination

Making an impression and grabbing the attention of your traffic is not an easy task. The one thing that marketers do find out after years of trials and error is that the headline is very important for any marketer’s message to their site visitors. One thing is for certain, if you want more conversions for your sales letter or if you want more people to read your sales message… then you absolutely need to be able to write a good attention grabbing headline. Here are many types of headlines that you can write and there are just too many ways you can come up with to write a good headline. However, over the years, one particular style of headline has consistently worked over and over again.

And with that said whenever you have a strong and consistent headline that works, you will make money. One this particular style of headline is actually very easy to write and it involved numbers. Try to include a list or a number of ways within your headline and you will see how people will react better to your overall sales message or copywriting works. So then the answer to the question if the numbers and headline is a great combination is that yes it is. Below are some of the main reasons why they will always work in a profitable manner and how you can use it to your advantage.

Showing your expertise

One of the advantages of using numbers in your headline is that you can use it to show your expertise and knowledge in your field. This can help with branding and creating a trust between you and your reader. For example, you can create a headline that says ’18 easy ways we deal with halitosis’. This headline shows that you know a lot more ways to fix the halitosis problem than the average person and maybe even more than some of these so called experts. Another good way to express your skills in your field is to write a headline that goes like ‘You can run but you can’t hide… Defeat halitosis with our 18 guaranteed remedies today”.

Remember to always come up with a crafty headline that can help grab the attention of your readers and then show them that you have a lot of solutions or fix to their problem. Using numbers can show them that you are the expert and that they have the choice on how they want to fix their problem.

Understanding their problems

How can you convey to your readers that you understand their problems better than they do? Take for example; in weight loss… you want to show your readers that you know the problems of weight loss more than anyone they know. You can put up a headline like this “10 Ways How Obesity Can Kill You” or “12 Common Ways – How Obesity Is Silently Killing You”.
Yes these are some of the ways you can use to show people that are suffering from a problem and do not know just how serious the problem is yet. And at the same time, you are also showing them your knowledge and how well you understand their problem. This sets you up as the authority in your niche and this also helps ticket that curiosity that you need from your readers.

The ‘How to’ combination

To further improve the number plus headlines combination, you can choose to use the ‘How To’ approach. Some say that when you pair all three of these elements into a headline, it is actually … unfair. Well for us marketers, that is a good thing. Here are some examples of how you can implement a headline that has all three of the elements (how to, numbers, attention grabbing).

For example: ‘How to get her attention when she is swarmed by other men ? 7 never-fail ways’ is a great way to write a headline with the how to approach. When you have a strong how to headline combines with a list or a number of solutions you will be amazed at just how much attention you will get to your messages.
The Magic of free.

Another powerful combination you can try out is to use the word Free. In fact, there is rarely any word as powerful as the word free when it comes to online marketing because people hate to be sold to. When you place the word free on your headlines, you take away all their risks in reading your entire letter and they will want to know more especially if your headline promises a number of ways to help them solve their problem.

The power of regret.

Lastly, you can use numbers in your headline to show them that it will be their lost if they miss out on reading your sales letter now. For example, you can write something like this ’17 reasons why you would have made an extra $10,000 if you responded to this ad 3 months ago.” Or You could try something like “73 reasons why you could be running around with a brand new beach body now if you listened to us months ago”.

You can tell right away the headlines give the readers a lot of reason not to miss on the sales message anymore. This thus gives the readers a sense of urgency and thus you will be able to get a huge response out of this kind of headline because they do not want to have the feeling of regret and they do not want to lose out. The curiosity factor here is high as well because the reader would want to know why you are making such a big bold claim. All in all, use these techniques wisely on your headlines and you should be seeing why you could have gotten a lot more responses to your contents if you have read this article a few months back.

Numbers And A Headline

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