? What you don’t know about finding niche products to sell online

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some comments pop it in here there's my buddy paul   should you do products in niche versus variety 100 
paul and that's what i'm going to talk about today   because if you don't have a niche it's really 
difficult to be walmart you know uh if you're if   you're walmart that's tough and that walmart sells 
everything right you say well what does walmart   sell and you're like everything what does amazon 
sell everything you're gonna try to compete with   that uh no way ah let's see who we got uh rtopic 
hello from beautiful ensenada baja california i   have been to ensenada i've had the baja style 
lobster there and you're right it is beautiful   it's a great place and thank you for being here 
today i'm having a hard time pronouncing your name   maybe that's just your screen name uh but man glad 
to have you here today uh we're gonna go over some   cool stuff uh matter of fact why don't we just 
get started i mean what are we waiting for we   aren't waiting for anything are we are we waiting 
for anybody does somebody have to show up first   um let me see here and i've got a 
couple more comments popping up here   and let's see what do we got here uh by the way 
love your salad recipe excited to try brother   uh i think was that the caesar salad one i 
think i did a caesar salad um i've got a couple   really good ones coming up i've got a pesto one 
coming up i've got a fried chicken one with uh   i think we did did we do mashed potatoes we did 
something with that i can't remember it's been   a while since i filmed that one and i've got an 
artichoke one coming up i've got a whole bunch   of different ones in there uh let's see my name 
is ray hey ray good to have you in here buddy   really nice to have you here today so let's 
talk about these ways to find products okay   consumers are a little bit different nowadays 
they've been kind of trained to be difficult   right they want that two-day shipping you know 
amazon's come into the mix and all so what i   want to do is i want to find ways for you to 
find the best products to sell online okay   so the first thing you got to do and 
really this is something that's kind of fun   but you want to do market research okay narrow 
down your choices by at least picking an industry   okay don't go out there and go let me try to 
find a popular product pick an industry first   you will find products for any industry okay when 
you decide on the industry hone in on the problem   you're solving okay that's what you want to do now 
there are products out there that don't solve much   of a problem you don't want to mess with those 
okay you want to mess with the ones that are   going to solve a problem there are many ways to 
research your market i mean you can use google   you can use quora you can look at forums social 
media they're all free they don't cost you   anything okay but with a little digging around a 
little bit of looking you're going to find some   stuff you're going to come across some stuff so 
that's the first thing you want to do next thing   you want to do once you've figured out that that 
area so you know once you figure out that area you   want to work in research the competitors find the 
people and i hope this microphone's close enough   find the people that are you know really movers 
and shakers in that area who's selling stuff in   that area um take a look at what they're doing 
this is great training ground and the thing is   they've already figured it out they wouldn't be 
in there right um could you take advantage of any   negatives that they have okay um you know maybe 
their prices are too high shipping times are too   long whatever it is uh could you offer better 
prices could you offer better shipping times   um are there potential customers that their 
market isn't reaching okay what could you do   um could you beat them when it comes to seo 
there's so many different things you can do guys   um so your products really do need to solve 
a problem though and i want to hit on that   again all of my products really do solve a 
problem they do something for somebody so   if somebody doesn't know how to do emails i 
have a course called uh email earnings system   okay and they can take that course and they can 
learn how to do emails um if they don't have uh   adequate food for disasters you know they could 
buy our survival food and that solves that problem   the most reliable way to find a successful 
product is for looking is to look for something   that solves problems people want convenience 
if you can offer a product that makes things   easier people will line up to give you money 
they just will guys so you can start thinking   about your own problems if you find something 
frustrating others probably find it frustrating   too the next thing you can do is uh make sure your 
products are specific to a niche look for products   ideas that are specific to a target audience um 
we're starting to get more comments in here so   let me throw those up on the screen says 
here is there a price point to shoot for   uh so it's worth your time or should you start 
with a product with high profit margins uh but   cheaper you know i'm going to get into this just 
one second paul and there's two schools of thought   on this um and it really depends on the angle 
that you go about it so before i get into that   price let me cover just a couple things in there 
that may help that make a little bit more sense   your products also need branding potential uh 
consumers today purchase from brands that are   authentic that resonate with them okay um that 
they feel inspired by that overall brand uh for   example um there's that company was it tom's shoes 
i think we've all heard of them they were more   than just a shoe retailer their mission was to 
make an impact um so for every three dollars they   made they gave a dollar um to generate millions 
of dollars to help covered relief okay that was   what they were doing and at one point they were 
buying shoes for other people they were doing that   but they always had some type of thing they were 
working towards that you could help them with   um you may also want to look at trending products 
i mean what's hot right now i mean survival food's   hot i mean we're doing really well with that 
right now but how can it be beneficial to what's   going on right now if you can identify something 
that's becoming popular you have the opportunity   to reap the rewards of seo on it because people 
are searching for it okay i know during um the   beginning of the pandemic uh i can't say that word 
the the beginning of the illness i can say that   uh is that um people were looking for mass 
because everybody thought the mass was going to   protect them and i'm not going to get into that 
that little argument there let's see here ray   says my biggest problem is customers here are very 
reluctant to spend to send money prior to actually   receiving their product how can i address 
this objection don't sell to those people   i mean really this i you know we we tend uh when 
we're when we're starting a business is to focus   on all the negatives and we don't need to sell 
to those people there's plenty of people that   will send you money first okay i had during the 
uh world illness i had people that wanted to buy   our products and i told them i said you know we're 
like 10 to 12 weeks out right now at one point we   were 16 weeks out and they were like that's okay 
i'll go ahead and pay for it now and you can keep   the money there are people who will pay you and 
that's who i would focus on i would totally ignore   that objection if those people don't want to pay 
in advance don't sell to them i mean really that's   the easiest way to go about this stuff i think a 
lot of times we can get hung up on those things um   let's see paul says when you started out in 
the survival cave food where did you find large   competitors uh did you compete on price quality 
or both seems like your niche is growing um   yeah mine's kind of different uh 
paul i was selling somebody else's   survival food at one point uh somebody you know 
some other manufacturer and it wasn't very good   and they got really far behind on their delivery 
so i want to say you know i i i didn't come up   with great ideas i great ideas were thrust 
upon me is what really happened because when   when i didn't have somebody else's product to sell 
which wasn't very good i came up with my own which   was a whole lot better it tasted better it was 
a better quality it was lower sodium and that   was freeze-dried dehydrated foods of which we're 
revamping right now our line on that um so that's   what i did now as far as competitors out there 
um we actually grew into doing canned meats and   there were no competitors we have a process that's 
really really really really difficult and really   expensive to do so we really didn't have a lot of 
competitors on that so that's kind of what we did   we did not compete on price uh we were probably 
more expensive than most people out there   um for survival food but it was really 
good quality and it tasted really good   and that was our thing is our food tasted good uh 
amazon works on people paying first it does one of   the biggest retailers in in the world and in sodas 
home depot and so does walmart and so does target   and so does you know just don't focus on those 
ones that don't fit uh with what you want to do   uh next up we got here find products that fulfill 
desires okay so you want to look for opportunities   to fulfill guilty pleasures too that's another 
cool one shoppers uh often simply want to buy   things that make them feel good if you could make 
somebody feel good guys man your miles ahead of   everybody else okay they're going to buy from you 
there's a reason that spanx is more popular than   workout gear okay because people don't want to 
work out they would rather use something to mold   their bodies so you know spanx uh sold pretty 
well uh it doesn't matter if it's a small luxury   like chocolate or high-end luxury car people will 
buy things to fulfill their desires so maybe look   at something like that um those are good products 
to have and guys you know i hope you didn't think   when you got here today that i was going to do one 
thing in one way to find a product because i'm not   i'm going to give you a whole bunch of different 
ways because not one thing matches with everybody   right so you know i've got to give you different 
ideas and keep those uh comments coming guys   i'll keep putting them up on the screen there and 
i'll keep answering them you also want to find   products with passionate fans okay my survival 
food industry is passionate they want to take   care of themselves they don't want to depend on 
the government they don't want to stand in a red   cross line and get some ration of food they want 
to have good quality food so passionate fans has   a couple benefits for your business first they 
make purchases passionate people spend money   which is exactly what you want them to do right 
second they rave about your products to other   people so you want to get this passionate type 
crowd you don't want to just get them milk toast   people don't have much to say or they don't really 
care one way or another what sort of products have   passionate fans look for things that become part 
of a person's identity that they can identify with   in general grocery shopping isn't something people 
get passionate about i do because i like cook but   most people don't okay still if a particular diet 
such as paleo diet becomes part of somebody's   identity then food becomes something that they're 
passionate about business uh owners can actually   capitalize on the fact that they have these 
passionate buyers um so that's something to think   about next thing you want to think about is your 
profit margin and that's paul that's what i was   talking about in the beginning when you had asked 
that question i knew i was going to come to this   all industries have different profit margins 
and customers will accept a higher markup   for certain products and not so much for other 
products for example a luxury good uh that have   a higher markup because customers are willing to 
pay a premium for some brand name like a louis   vuitton i mean i go to our grocery store by our 
neighborhood here this is a nice neighborhood   and i would say i can walk through there and see 
probably five or ten percent of the women in there   with a louis vuitton purse it's insane uh and i 
know that purse is costing three or four or five   thousand dollars and they probably don't have that 
much money in the purse why are you doing that   so that they can self-identify so other people 
can see it and they will spend a lot of money on   it to calculate your potential profit you've got 
to factor in all your costs this is where a lot of   people screw up including the cost of goods sold 
and it's not just the cost of goods sold it's all   the other things that get that sale so maybe 
you've got advertising maybe you got website   maybe you've got rent on a building maybe you've 
got you know internet all these things got to go   into your cost of goods sold so now we're down 
to what types of products can you sell online   okay the first thing you can sell is commodities 
okay these are things that are in high demand   uh they're essential uh or they're 
just popular products they generally   are considered goods that everyone needs so it'd 
be like underwear and toilet paper light bulbs   that type of thing the potential market 
for these products generally is very high   and there's a regular ongoing demand however 
there's usually also a lot more competition   and there's very low profit margins in there so 
commodities are not what you want to search for   niche products on the other hand are different 
niche products are unique and they serve a   specific customer base uh let's see here i've 
got a couple more comments let me pop these up   on the screen i keep looking over here because 
i don't see your comments on the screen here   because i have my notes um but i do see them 
on the screen over here which is my little ipad   what markets should we avoid i'm thinking 
supplements or cosmetics maybe tough uh   versus passionate people like fishing golf or 
passionate groups like marines or firefighters wow   um i know the uh cbd market is very crowded 
space and i know that it's hard to get credit   card processing i know that um there's a lot of 
rules and regulations on it i personally would   stay away from that i have a friend who does very 
well in that so you got to kind of think about   what your tolerance is for different markets um 
i think somebody trying to get into the survival   food space right now would be very very difficult 
because we've got a pretty good handle on that   and some of my competitors do um so i think it's 
more about the individual uh if you've got a deep   knowledge about a particular niche and you know a 
lot of areas that you could fix or repair or help   people out uh i would say you know then then you 
should jump into it it's not a it's not a cut and   dry thing though really uh ray's got another 
comment that just popped up here it says for   advertising i rely i rely exclusively on facebook 
ads i'm looking for alternatives any ideas   wow facebook ads man i've had my love and 
hate with those i can tell you that right now   and um they will cancel your account in a 
heartbeat for no apparent reason uh i've   known so many people that got their accounts 
canceled there i've had it happen to me um   so i would not put all my eggs in one basket i 
think you're very wise to realize that that's not   the only way uh to advertise i think google 
ads are very good youtube ads i've run a lot   of youtube ads tens of thousands of dollars 
in youtube ads and they work very very well   you can also go to like an ad network like 
taboola tubula is really good t-a-b-o-o-l-a   i would say to check them out very very low cost 
per click i think it's like 42 cents on the one   i checked the other day the campaign that i 
was starting um so i think those are good um   of course you've got instagram uh but that's tied 
into facebook of course uh you've got pinterest um   you've got there's there's so many social medias 
out there that you can jump on it and it really   is dependent on your product um and ray you may 
want to pop that in there you know tell us what   your product is tell us what you're selling hey 
you'll get some free advertising too so that's   a cool thing so put that in the chat box whatever 
you're selling ah let's see here what else we got   uh digital products yes digital products i love 
me some digital products i made money yesterday   uh i made a lot of money yesterday but i made some 
money i made a lot of money in survival food but   i made a lot of money on digital products and one 
of the digital products i made a lot of money on   was a course i did four years ago it's just 
setting there and people are still buying it   uh and they pay monthly on that particular course 
which is pretty cool um let's see here i have more   comments popping up let's see i know you're pers 
you're persistent and have been in it for a long   haul oh yeah how long did it take you before you 
felt confident to leave the car biz um wow that's   an interesting story i was in the car business um 
and i was only making like a few hundred dollars   a month and then i went to four thousand a month 
and then one month i went to uh eighty thousand   dollars i literally went from um four figures to 
uh six figures a month is that right six yeah six   figures a month and it was eighty thousand so it 
was in the high numbers um and that's when i left   uh i will tell you it nose dived after that 
because i lost my supplier and i didn't have   any products to sell but i'd also quit my job 
so i had to come up with my own manufacturing   so it took me i would say almost a year of working 
on the side before i could start my own business   uh but man it had ups and downs once i started 
it i mean several times we were almost out   of business i can tell you that it was not 
easy uh let's see here patches for diabetes   and foot patches for detoxification that is 
a huge market buddy man you've got that's a   really good market um the diet it's like almost 
everybody's diabetic now i was listening to uh and   paul you'll know this bobby parrish uh yesterday 
and he was talking about having a dexcom on and a   dexcom is a continuous blood glucose monitoring 
system which means he's diabetic uh and i would   have never thought that he's a skinny guy 
looks like he's in shape but he's diabetic   diabetic industry is huge and i would say face 
or excuse me youtube would be a really good one   because on youtube you could actually 
demonstrate putting on that patch   you could actually target channels that help 
people with stuff like there's a lot of channels   that talk about diabetic type stuff and keto 
and all that and you could target those channels   a lot of people who are keto or diabetic 
so that would be a really good one given   today's market do you think your car training 
might be a product that you could market today   uh yes and no um i think there's a huge 
market for teaching people how to buy a car   uh and the best way to go about doing it um i 
think it would be i don't know if people would   pay for a course like that but i think the car 
business is about to get flipped over on its head   um you know i posted online the other day 
somebody was asking about the car business   and they were and i said well tesla is going 
to crush the car industry as you know it   and they were like how so and i was like oh my 
god could i give you a million reasons you know a   car a new car at a new car dealership and i don't 
want to get off track but i do want to answer this   question um there's about a one to two percent 
bottom line net profit on those cars it's not much   and you say oh my gosh i make so much money on 
cars yeah but it costs so much money to sell a   car because of the building because of the sales 
people because of the managers because of the f   and i department it goes on the service department 
can net 25 to 30 percent so most car dealerships   are supported by the service department tesla on 
the other hand doesn't have a service department   they have tesla rangers that will come out 
and fix your car or they'll do it by computer   but for the most part they don't have a service 
department so without a service department new car   dealerships couldn't survive and for years it's 
been a good old boys club where you know a guy   owned a car dealership he passed on down to his 
son and then his son his son and their franchises   and they have a lock on these franchises 
it's really hard to get in the industry   uh tesla doesn't have any franchises okay so 
they don't have a service department they don't   have any franchises in addition to that car 
dealerships will buy hundreds or thousands of   cars and put them on a lot with no buyers for them 
hoping that somebody will come along and go hey i   want that car tesla doesn't do that tesla has no 
cost of inventory because they don't make a car   until it's paid for okay so you know everything 
they do is differently they don't negotiate uh   car dealerships negotiate people hate negotiation 
they just don't like doing it they want to go in   and just pay a price that's what tesla does um 
cars have a lot of maintenance to them you know   you know you've got belts and hoses and oil 
changes and transmission flushes and all this   tesla doesn't have any of that okay so there are 
so many factors that make that tesla um something   entirely you know when when he started out they 
were like no way you could compete with a big   three no way those guys are too big they know so 
much more than you and elon's like yeah right they   don't know they don't know anything they've been 
doing the same thing for over 100 years and they   have they've been cranking out the same crappy 
cars for 100 years and tesla came along and i   don't want to get on a rant here but i have strong 
feelings about the car business and he turned it   on his head as a matter of fact when i saw him 
uh talking about this in 2015 i bought the stock   and boy am i glad i bought the stock i mean 
it's done very well so that's that's how i   think it's different uh to be honest with you um 
65 million people are diabetic or pre-diabetic   huge market that's right ray we all know it uh for 
both supplements as well as cookbooks and menus or   meal planning that's definitely the truth man that 
that you're in the right thing uh you really are   and if you want to put the name of your product in 
there right feel free to do so maybe somebody on   this live or maybe later on they're going to watch 
this they're going to want to buy your products   but i was talking about digital products these 
are courses guys these are downloads uh you can   do them in cartridge i will have a link in the 
description for cartridge where you can uh put   a digital product uh and then of course you've 
got physical products we sell physical products   if you want to sell physical products you got to 
factor in the production time warehouse services   labor cost storing parking shipping all these 
things okay but you know what we do it and we're   pretty profitable at it just understand that it's 
different than some of these other products okay   so you also need to factor in logistical decisions 
and when you're deciding on your products these   include where you're going to sell your 
products your e-commerce business model   and your delivery methods cartridge is great 
for that i would say check out cartridge   um these final factors that i'm going to talk 
about now and how am i doing on time i'm 10 i'm   all right i'm doing good you guys i didn't want 
to make sure i ran over let's see here paul says   diabetic diabetes diabetes is that what that 
is is that a word i don't know is it a word   uh has some heavy hitters that have spent millions 
on advertisings and might be easy to target   uh and possibly have affiliate programs yeah and 
that's another thing i didn't even touch upon   that but affiliate products you can sell too 
you don't even have to have your own products   uh so where are you gonna sell your products okay 
what marketplace you're gonna do it you can do   online marketplaces um you can do etsy amazon 
facebook you know ebay any of those places if   you wanna sell products there that's where i got 
started uh was on ebay you can do the social media   channels that's certainly a place to do it you can 
have your own e-commerce site and you know one of   these is not exclusive to the other so if you're 
selling on ebay that doesn't mean you can't have   ads on youtube and it doesn't mean you can't 
have a website a matter of fact you should   have all these things um but understand there's 
different you know pros and cons to all these   things if you've got your own website you got to 
drive your own traffic but you own the traffic   if you are on ebay or amazon they drive 
the traffic but they charge you huge fees   you got to factor that in um and there's all kinds 
of business models you know for even e-commerce   uh you know there's consumer to business there's 
consumer to consumer there's business to consumer   you know so what type of business model are you 
going to do all of those need to get factored in   how to deliver your e-commerce products okay that 
includes the exact details of how you're going to   source and deliver your products we have a 
warehouse in utah but we manufacture in ohio   so i've got the logistics of getting my products 
from ohio to utah and then getting them shipped   out that's what i have to do um let's see here let 
me see here some more of these comments i want to   throw in guys uh ray i think i've been foolish 
to sell exclusively in mexico now you haven't   been foolish you've built up you've got you cut 
your teeth you learned how to sell stuff now you   realize you could sell worldwide everything in 
spanish years behind in using computer technology   you're not years behind you're ahead of most 
people because you've been using it some you know   don't look at your negatives you can learn any 
of this stuff you know i tell the story over and   over again i started in 2009 and i told my friends 
and family i was going to start an online business   and they thought i was insane and the reason they 
thought i was insane is because i couldn't type   and i knew nothing about technology and i didn't 
even know how to send emails i mean i was horrible   at this stuff the point being is you can learn 
anything except for typing i still can't type   that's that's my one downfall i still can't cite 
um paul says thoughts on niche marketing ebooks   um those are good starters i'm yeah and i'm not 
saying that you can't make a living selling ebooks   i have a friend that's got like 200 e-books and 
he makes money every single day and all kinds of   different niches but for the most part the average 
person is going to start with an ebook and it's   like a starter thing it's to get them into your 
funnel uh but they can certainly be useful and i   have ebooks too do you have a worksheet or diagram 
that you follow to decide on a product as far as   go or no go i don't uh paul and the reason i 
don't is after years of doing this i pretty   much know what i'm going to be able to sell and 
what i can't sell now there probably are a lot   more products i could sell that i overlook um 
but i i don't overlook the ones i know i could   so if that makes sense in other words i have 
enough out there to where i can make a living   without having to find stuff that could be 
iffy so i just stick with the stuff i know   uh no i mean mexico years behind oh oh oh oh yeah 
well you know i have friends that live in mexico   and they run their businesses in mexico and they 
do very well you know if you've got an internet   connection you're open to the world uh and i know 
they got internet down there because i've spent a   lot of time in mexico i used to live in san diego 
but we took a lot of trips to cabo st lucas um   cancun and i've been all over mexico uh and 
you can certainly run a business down there   uh and one of one of my employees actually lives 
down in mexico uh he does a lot of stuff for me so   there's that um so how are we gonna wrap this up 
guys um i want you guys to think about really what   fits your personality what you plan on doing you 
know if you don't want to do some of this stuff   you can always do drop shipping have somebody 
else you know send out those products for you   uh you can do subscription services if you don't 
want to deal with products and once you've done   all your market research you should be pretty 
tuned in to what you want to do and what your   talents are but if you don't have a talent in a 
particular area guys you can always develop that   talent you know i know so much more now than 
i did when i started uh paul says 50 of the   clickbank products are sold to english-speaking 
countries right uh there's a lot in brazil now   too though that's a big one portuguese there are 
currently looking into spanish-speaking countries   uh ad of late yeah and i tell you once 
again uh brazil brazil brazil you know i'm   telling you about it now you're gonna see it soon 
do you like alibaba for products yeah i think it's   really good um i know a lot of people start with 
aliexpress aliexpress was kind of crushed uh trump   quit the um oh she what was it called it was a 
subsidized oh e e-packet e-pack it was subsidized   shipping uh by the u.s for aliexpress and you 
could get really cheap shipping now the shipping   costs a little bit more but that's it's no big 
deal it costs a little bit more for everybody   it didn't wipe out a market it just changed it 
and i think a lot of times we look at this stuff   and we go well you know this is gonna wipe out 
this market or that's gonna wipe out this market   no it's just changing and things are always gonna 
change and if you don't like change you don't like   life because i mean life is full of change your 
family's got change your kids change you change   your job changes you know economics change you 
know the stock market changes everything changes   guys so don't let any of these changes bring 
you down just adapt just move forward and adapt   uh see have you ever gone to a buyer show like 
houseware shows i have gone to buyer shows   uh in various different ones um i've been to 
some unusual ones like i was one in chicago   where it was uh for food manufacturing machines 
uh because at one point i was manufacturing all   my freeze-dried dehydrated stuff uh and i was 
looking at machines there and bought machines   and did manufacturing for one reason or another 
i don't do it now uh but i have been to them   uh i i trying to think have i been to one to look 
for products i did a lot of gun shows but we were   there selling our products at gun shows and i had 
a lot of retailers that sold our products at gun   shows um but i can't i can't think of where i went 
to one and said hey that's the product that i want   to sell and i actually sold the products that 
hasn't happened with me um so there's that okay   uh guys we're down to 10 32 so i'm going to 
go ahead and wrap it up i really appreciate   y'all's uh comments i really do ray paul everybody 
who's been putting stuff in that comment section   that's very helpful if you're not watching this 
live which most people don't the majority of my   views i'd say 98 of my views happen after i do a 
live that's just the way it is that's the way our   market is nowadays but i love you live people 
in here i really do uh let's see here i just   got here oh that's okay aaron what's going on uh 
sorry to interrupt but what specifically are you   talking about uh today aaron we were talking about 
finding profitable niche products to sell online   um so if you want to go back to the very beginning 
uh there's i walked everybody through all the   steps of how to go out there and find the right 
products um you know how to source them and how to   figure out what's going to sell what's not going 
to sell what's best for you the types of different   products so that's what i basically was talking 
about today see i was fortunate to be the fire   inspector for chicago expo center that's i think 
where i went to paul uh amazing that there's a   show or event for everything there really is 
i mean you know a food manufacturing machine   show i mean who would have thought and i made 
the mistake of going when it was cold there oh   we had to walk to it so it was very very very very 
cold uh from our hotel um so yeah so guys that's   what i got for you today i really appreciate 
you being here don't forget to subscribe if you   haven't done so hit that red button down there 
give me a thumbs up too i don't see any thumbs   up guys did you guys forget i need thumbs up on 
every video every single video that really really   helps the distribution of these videos and if you 
help the distribution of this video you're going   to help somebody else as you see i don't sell 
anything on here i'm not asking for any money   and if you want to buy things from me you're 
welcome to do so and i have people doing that   and in the description there's links to buy 
stuff but that's not the purpose of this training   the purpose of this training is to help you guys 
make money online to start run and grow your   online business that's the sole purpose of all 
of this training uh so i hope you understand that   uh let's see here paul says looking forward 
to friday have a great week ahead guys yes i   will be back on friday guys um so uh i will do a 
live friday and i'm gonna try to do saturday also   uh and also don't forget even if you 
subscribe if you don't ring that bell if   you don't turn on the bell notifications 
it will not notify you when i go live   it will not tell you when i upload a new video 
all it is when you subscribe is it gives you an   area that you can click on your subscriptions 
and see the videos that are done but if you   want to be notified you need to have those bell 
notifications turned on super important that you   do that guys i'm going to thank you so much for 
your attention for being here and i want you guys   have a wonderful day and be kind to everybody 
okay you never know what they're going through   i get like me trying to find the end 
button for the i got it look one two three

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