How to get a free website for your starting business?

How to get a free website for your starting business?

No matter what the reasons may be… there are times when a free website can be useful. Sure some of you would argue that a free website that isn’t hosted by you has a lot of disadvantages, but… there are many advantages as well. One of the advantages would be that the site itself is free (this advantage alone is enough for many to use a free website). Another good advantage is that such free website requires less effort to make and is often quite easy to work with especially for anyone who is not literate with website designs.

How to get a free website for your starting business?If you have an offline business, then you would find that a free website is can be very useful if you wish to gather more leads using the internet. By doing this you can even save a lot of money from paying those offline consultants to set up your company’s website. Sure it might not be as fancy as those that you can get if you paid your money for, but it should be sufficient to leave your phone contact and other contact information for people to reach you.

If you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer, and you would like to try out writing a review for an affiliate product and put an affiliate link into the review to earn some easy cash, a free website would be great. This can greatly reduce your cost, and thus your earning will be used to cover any website or hosting cost.

Here are some ways for you to setup your site online for free.

Facebook fan page

Perhaps one of the must have free site is a Facebook fan page or a Facebook group. The beauty of this is that you can get viral traffic out of Facebook, and if you do it right you can even build a great relationship and interaction between you and your fans.
To setup a fan page is quite easy. All you have to do is go to Facebook’s fan page setup page (Google for this if you do not know where to find this) and then follow the simple steps. Once you have this done, you will have to key in all the information which you want to share on the page.

The next thing you need to do is to post on this page regularly and invite some of your friends to become a fan. A great way to jump-start your fan page’s fan is to place an ad for it on Facebook’s ad. This will guarantee you a quick increase in your initial number of fans.

There are some traffic exchange sites out there that helps you increase the amount of fans, but it is not recommended because the traffic you get will be very un-targeted unless you are promoting for a big niche such as make money or lose weight where most people has some sort of interest for.

When you have the fan page, you will need to put in effort every day to post at least once a day and encourage interactions between the fans. Interactions in this sense are all about sharing, commenting and also liking your post. Remember to succeed in this you need to do this consistently, and you will see your fan page grow. And if your fan page’s name is good it might even go viral and get a lot of fans in a short amount of time.

If you wish to start a simple blog as your free website, then they’re no other better options than It is very simple to use, and it is very user friendly. You do not need to know much about HTML coding or anything of that technical sort. If you know how to use Facebook, then you are pretty much good to go the best part is that using to blog is free.

Of course, a great way to use this blog is to set up a review blog where you blog about affiliate products which you have used personally. It is a great way to earn some money and the traffic is usually gotten from search engine traffic. Hence SEO should be considered in your traffic strategy. You can choose to create multiple blogs that are related to each other and back link to each other. Make sure you do not over do this or the effect will surely backfire.

Another great place to start a webpage of your own is to use a Squidoo lens. Much like you can setup a webpage and talk about anything you want, but it is more like an article type of site than a blog. Use this if you are interested in using a simple one-page website.

Of course, you can create multiple lenses. People use Squidoo lens to take about their interest or passion or just about anything. Again, you can use it to review a product that you have used and sell it as an affiliate. Or you can talk about your business, product and services. The natural traffic there is great but much like you will need to depend on some SEO and back linking to get even more traffic to your Squidoo lens.

The best way to use Squidoo to promote a product is to create 1 lens for 1 product or services. If you have more than one product you can always create multiple lenses and then post it up on Squidoo. It’s free to use, and you can edit the page anytime you want. There have been instances where people make a living using just Squidoo pages, SEO backlinking and affiliate products. Imagine making money online with NO cost.

One thing is for sure, while it is said that you are required to have a website of your own to make money online but know this, for starters you don’t really need one. When you are just starting out and learning, these free sites and teach you tons, save you tons, and earn you tons as well. It is when you are trying to grow your business, create a brand name when you need to have a website of your own.

How to get a free website for your starting business?

How to get a free website for your starting business

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