Landing Page Mistakes That You Should Avoid Like A Plague

A landing page is a page that you would normally create to send the traffic you that you are getting. This could be any form of web traffic be it paid traffic or free traffic. For example, if you bought some traffic from a solo ad, you will need the traffic to click on your link and ultimately land on a specific web page with clever design to meet your goals. This page is known as the landing page. There are a lot of ways to improve your landing page. Firstly you will want to know what you hope to achieve from the traffic that land on your landing page.

When you have a clear goal on what you want, you can then move on to improve your landing page. Normally, marketers look to convert traffic into a lead or sale from their landing page. With proper optimization, the landing page can work very effectively to accomplish your goals. The study of making a good landing page is huge but there are some fundamental rules that you should always follow to ensure that the landing page works fine. Below are some of the common mistakes you should avoid when creating your landing page.

Bad headline or no headline at all.

One of the biggest mistakes you could ever commit for your landing page is your headline. First things first, you do NEED a headline for your landing page. This is because when people land on your page, you need to get their attention fast and you will need to leave a strong impression in their mind. The typical site visitor will only need 1 or 2 seconds to decide if they should stay on your page or if it was a mistake to ever click on that link that brought them to your landing page in the first place. If you fail to impress them fast with a good headline, you can kiss your traffic goodbye. In this modern era, internet users will not hesitate to click on the close tab or close browser button. So if you want to get your traffic to stay longer on your site, include a headline on your landing page and make it a stellar one.

Now that we know just how important it is to have a headline on your landing page, you will need to start to work on the quality of your headline. The best way to go about doing this is to understand your target niche and traffic well. When you know what ticks them off or what gets them excited, that’s what you will have to include in your headline to get their attention. For example, anyone who is desperate to get rid of a headache will respond to a headline that says ‘That Bad Headache Never Stood A Chance When I… It only took 30 seconds to watch it disappear”.

A good headline should include your best benefits and it should be a promise to solve a problem that your visitors have. From the example above, you can see that the promise to solve the problem comes first and then the solution is left out intentionally to invoke curiosity. Next, the benefit will show the visitors just how effective your solution will be. Driven by curiosity, the visitor will often stay on your page just to learn more. Using an effective headline will ensure that you can maximize your landing page’s effectiveness. Never use a boring headline or a headline that does not make sense. Do this right so that you can avoid a costly mistake if you are buying traffic or you save on your effort if you are getting free traffic instead.

Having too many distractions on your page.

Too many advertisers link their landing page to their blog post. While this seems like a sensible thing to do because of the sheer amount of time and effort they have spent on their blog, it is in fact a deadly mistake. The reason why this is a bad thing is because your blog is usually full of distractions. I am talking about distractions that come from all your other content, links, pictures, and banner ads. Your landing page should be laser focused with only one intention and that is to accomplish the goal that you’ve set for your landing page.

Here’s what happen when a certain individual clicks on your link and sees all the ‘stuff’ that is going on your blog (landing page). They get distracted and they are spoilt for choice. They have the option to explore your blog or they might click on the ads that are running on your blog. If this is your goal, then by all means, use your blog as a landing page. But if you are planning to build a list or offer a product in hope for a sale, then this is a grave mistake that you should avoid at all cost. When given with too much choice, sometimes, the logical choice is to choose nothing at all. People lose interest fast so you have to give them only 1 option and that is to read your landing page and decide if they want in or out.

Not placing the right information above the fold of your landing page.Banner Ads Are Working in 2012 - 2013

People are generally lazy and the internet community has a habit to decide if your page is worth their time with just one glance. They are not going to read every single word on your blog so you will need to be able to give them what they want the very moment their eyes meet your landing page. Hence marketer has found out the effectiveness of the information that is shown above the fold. Above the fold simply means the part of the computer screen when your landing page loads. This means the top part of your website that does not require and scrolling down at all. Knowing this, you should always include your best arguments and best pictures on top of your landing page.

This is to ensure that people see that is important to help them decide if they should leave your page or not. When done right, your landing page should have a significant increase in the stick rate and also the amount of subscribers and leads that you get on your landing page. Never be caught with the boring stuff on top of your landing page and be extra sure that your landing page brings excitement for best results!

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