Local Businesses Exposed

Local Businesses Exposed: Offline consultant is the new ‘BIG THING’.

If you’ve been monitoring closely of the recent trends that is happening online, then you might have realized that something is definitely stirring in the OFFLINE consulting arena. In fact, more and more people are moving in to grab a piece of this huge pie in what is known as the OFFLINE niche.

However, you must be wondering by now what is this OFFLINE consulting business work right? The answer is simple. You become a service provider that helps OFFLINE business advertise about their local business via online.

Local Businesses ExposedWhy is this… the next big thing?

First of all, the world is changing as we know today. Almost everyone you and I know is connected via the internet. In fact, the popularity of Television might have already been surpassed by the popularity of internet usage.

Take Facebook or YouTube for example, it is obvious that most people are using the internet for various purposes. And one of the growing usage of the internet is to find local businesses or products via online and doing the research on-line before making a purchase.

With this huge shift in the way people use the internet, offline business is looking to fish out ‘more customers’ as always and hence, bringing their business presence online is a natural move. However, most offline businesses do not have the technical knowledge to do so, which is where an offline consultant will come into play.

As an offline consultant you will approach these local businesses and discuss strategies with them. And mind you, these offline consultation fees are not cheap and can usually go up to $1000 or more. The good thing is, these offline businesses will gladly pay the fees, as long as they could advertise effectively and get more customers and branding to their business.

‘Yellow pages’ is dead.

Yes, you read that right… yellow pages is no longer the best way to advertise and is pronounced as dead by some expert marketers and has been dead for some time. This means for small businesses to advertise these days… there’s pretty many very little options. Radio advertising is quite costly, and it’s not as effective as it should be. Putting up an ad on the television is definitely out of the question due to the expensive fees.

Hence their only viable option now is to turn their attention towards the internet. The good thing is that using the internet to advertise for more customers is often very lucrative and the amount they have to pay for consultation fees or services are so much less than what they have to pay for other lesser advertising options.

This pretty much explains why people are flocking into the Offline Consultation scene and making a very comfortable amount of money doing so.

If you check the warrior forums (regarded as the top forum for internet marketers) you will see how this industry is booming right now. People are talking about the offline consultation business left and right, and you can see so many success stories where people make thousands of dollars every day selling their services to help local business get more exposure online.
Furthermore, turning local businesses into your customer can be very easy as long as you can reach their decision maker and explain to them how you can help their business grow.

The SMS (short messaging system) advertising solution is perfect for local businesses.
Many consultants are showing local businesses how to gather phone contacts from their clients which they will then be able to send text offers to this list of clients. It is pretty much similar to traditional list building and email marketing, but this is done in the form of texting the customers.

Not surprisingly, this advertising method has proven to be very effective for local businesses and thus making the local businesses very happy and puts a lot of cash into the consultant’s pocket as well.

Building a list.

Another strategy that can be introduced to local businesses is to teach them how to build a subscribers list of their buyers. This way, the local businesses can contact or send promotion emails to their list anytime they want and get a lot of return customers every single time.

Online websites and SEO.

One popular strategy to help local businesses to grow is to build a website for their business and rank them on the search engines. As more and more internet users are searching for product information online, this can prove to be a very effective way to get a lot more leads to your clients’ business.

Mobile websites.

Offline consultants are working hard to turn websites of local businesses into mobile complaint websites these days because of the dramatic increase of people using smartphones or tablets to surf the internet. Having a Mobile compliant website helps with trust and the sites effectiveness.

It is generally easier to surf a mobile compliant website on a smart phone then it is to surf on a normal webpage and thus this helps improve the conversions and sales of a local business by a lot.

Social websites.

With the rise of Facebook, Twitter, Google Places, and other social websites, local businesses know that their potential prospects are hanging out at these social grounds. Again, as an OFFLINE business consultant you can opt to help local businesses build a reputation in the Social Scene like building a Facebook Fan Page for them or setup and maintain a twitter account for the local businesses.
These services can usually bring you a huge amount of money, and the best part is since these social sites need to be maintained regularly, you can expect a recurring income for providing this kind of service.

There are countless other ways on how and what you can sell to local businesses as an offline consultant, and it is a huge study in itself. However, take note of this, Offline Business is where the money is at right now and the world is shifting itself into the internet phase which is why local businesses can no longer ignore the fact that they need to move into the internet if they wish to grow their business.

Local Businesses Exposed: Offline consultant is the new ‘BIG THING’.

Local Businesses Exposed: Offline consultant is the new 'BIG THING'.

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