EBooks, the Second Wave.

Amazon Kindle EBooks, the Second Wave

The benefits of selling your e-books at Amazon Kindle and why many gurus are saying that the eBook era is nearing its end, but that is very far from the truth. They believe that video and audio is the way to go now, which is true in many ways but the recent bloom in technology and gadgets turned the tides.

EBooks, the Second Wave.

EBooks, the Second Wave Amazon Kindle.

Yes, a second wave is coming for the eBook era and this time it’s backed by giant brand like Amazon Kindle and Apple’s iPad. With the rise of these powerhouses and the use of these new gadgets to replace paperback books, it is pretty much safe to say that eBooks are here to stay.

The good thing about Amazon kindles, and fire is that they have a very large user base that is actively searching for a good read. A lot of these kindle users actually spend hours browsing through the kindle selection and buy eBooks to read. Yes, these new gadgets are actually fueled by the passion to read from millions of avid readers. And to make things even better, iPad users and tablet PC users are beginning to follow in the exact footsteps as well.

The benefits of selling your e-Books at the Amazon Kindle store.

The benefit of reading with a kindle or an IPad means that you are able to store all your books in a digital form and that also means you are able to safe shelf space. You can also bring your entire library or book collection to wherever you go. It is easy to organize your books, and you can easily search and bring them up anytime you want. In fact, it won’t be any surprise if the next generation of youngsters actually uses these gadgets for all their studies one day.

Distributing and publishing in a digital format also mean a lot less cost for any publisher (including you), and this means you can sell your books at a much lower price (if you choose to) and still be able to break even. Selling on Amazon means you get to keep 70% of the selling price which is why for successful self-publishers like Lee Child, Jessica Daniel and James Patterson, they can afford to sell their eBooks for less than $5 and some selling for less than $2. This low price means it is much easier to sell their books to the public which explains why some of these sellers sold over 100,000 copies or much more.

There has been reports that more and more people are making a full time living online just by selling their self-published books on Amazon Kindle with many already seeing a nice six figures income yearly. There have been reports that show top sellers grossing missions of dollars as well. The fact that most mobile phone these days can act like a kindle or iPad even with a smaller screen means the potential to market your eBooks digitally is literally limitless.

Tips to help sell on Amazon Kindle store.

If there is one good tip that can get your eBook a lot more exposure it has to be creating a very good book cover for your eBook. That picture is what people will look at first and if your book cover fails to get the attention of kindle browsers then you have no chance to sell your eBook at all. With a good cover, you will get all the attention you need. Consider using a good headline or a good or attractive book name. All of these will give the browsers a good impression.

Another tip is that you can actually put your price at a very low price at first, and this is usually the lower the better. What you want to do here is to attract quite a few buyers to build the buzz around your eBook. When you get people to buy and read your eBook you are accomplishing two things. The first one would obviously be to get early testimonials and comments. Of course if you can get recommendation or a foreword by famous authors that would also be good.

The next thing would definitely be that with more buyers, the popularity of your book will rise and so will your rank in the store be. If you can get to rank #1 for your book then you are in for a treat. Don’t be afraid to increase your price to a reasonable one later when you start to rank higher. You can choose to give away a special deal or a holiday deal occasionally.

Be careful not to overprice your eBook. Browse through the genre of your eBook and get a general feel of what others are charging and who is doing well with a good price. If you are certain that your book is a big hit much like the renowned ‘Harry Potter’ series and everyone is talking about it, then by all means you can charge more for your book because the demand is high and people are dying to read what you have to offer to their reading needs.

You can also price your eBook for free by taking advantage of the KDP Select program by Amazon. Using this program you are allowed 5 days in a 3 month period to list your eBook for free. Again this is a great way to achieve a high ranking and get listed in the fast movers list. You will also be able to get more people to comment on your book and get a lot of precious social recognition via this program so do take advantage of this especially if you are just starting out.

Here are some cold hard stats to show you just how well eBook are selling these days on the kindle store. In the first quarter of 2010 alone in the USA, the figures are astounding as eBook sales reaches 69 million dollars. These stunning numbers are slowly catching up to printed books, and this is a sure sign that people are starting to shift toward digital books to read instead. It is safe to say that this industry is having a second wave, and if you are a self-publisher or an internet marketer, now is a great time to start moving your effort towards selling your eBook via these platforms and tap into a huge market that is just waiting to buy your stuff.

EBooks, the Second Wave Amazon Kindle

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