Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Affiliate Marketing

If one has does some research about internet marketing, the concept of becoming an affiliate should be quite familiar as it is touted as the “hands free” way to earn money. While there are many advantages to affiliate marketing such as not having to deal with customer service, refunds, returns or all the hassles of running your own business, the flip side is you can usually only earn a fraction of what you could as being the product owner. One has to weigh the advantages and disadvantages but with the search engine “bigwigs” highly discouraging affiliate marketing, it would be smart to consider ways to strengthen your position. In this article we’ll be discussing ways to avoid these pitfalls and what to do.

Build A Relationship With Your Affiliate Manager

As you improve your skills as an affiliate marketer, one of the avenues you more than likely will participate in is CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing due to the apparent simplicity in the method. Drive some traffic to an offer that usually only requires an email or a few other bits of information which will lead to a small commission. Managing your expenses is key to success with this model but most of all finding the best offers will make a huge difference. This is where talking with your affiliate manager will be very helpful as they can direct you to what’s working for others as well as give you a general idea on which creatives seem to be converting for other affiliates. Not complete details but just enough to give you that edge and worth the investment in time.

Build A List

You’ve heard it time and time again, “The money is in the list” but for most new marketers, this may be a foreign concept. Also, affiliate models such as the aforementioned CPA marketing don’t lend itself well to list building. So what is an affiliate supposed to do? First off, it’s important to bank some commissions as soon as possible so concentrate first on that but as soon as possible, learn how to build landing pages or opt-in forms. The faster you start to build a list, the safer your whole business becomes. Yes, it is safer because with a list, you become insulated from the whims of the search engines as no algorithm can effect your list, especially if you learn to build a relationship by providing value to them.

Create Your Own Product

This might sound daunting but it won’t be hard after you’ve been learning all about what your target market needs, which any successful affiliate marketer will do. By listening to what are the complaints in forums around your topic plus feedback you can survey your list about, creating an information product focused on solving a problem will surely convert to sales. If it is possible, building a more complete product and even a membership website would be the ultimate goal.

As one can see, affiliate marketing can be highly rewarding if approached correctly with no limits on the upside, especially if you implement the steps mentioned above.

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Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome in Affiliate Marketing

It is easy for a new and inexperienced affiliate marketer to get caught up with the standard fare of affiliate marketing that includes lock, stock and barrel motions in marketing the brand and wares. Most affiliate marketers tend to emulate the success of other affiliate marketers without considering their own personalities, preferences, their targeted niche markets and their preferences when venturing into affiliate marketing.

Dynamics of Affiliate Marketing

It is common to note the online ‘war’ amongst affiliate marketers in deploying the latest technology and market trends to outdo their competition with the best of marketing plans devised and implemented online. However, a successful affiliate marketing plan requires in-depth research on current market trends, potential changes and consumer behavior patterns in lifestyle and purchases.

The right market information gathered would assist affiliate marketers to consider the best of affiliate marketing strategies and campaigns that would include identifying the right niche markets and their product or service preferences. Lucrative income could be generated through well designed marketing strategies implemented in structured marketing campaigns based on the selected products and services for targeted consumers.

But affiliate marketers tend to be alert to changing market environments and rising competition in the market to stay edgy. Many of them tend to veer off to the “shiny object syndrome” where they grab hold of new buzzwords and technologies to impress their target audiences without proper research on their effects and results. They have the mentality of wanting to be at the front of the pack if not the first to be seen as ‘happening’ and advanced in the market to impress others.

Impacts of Shiny Object Syndrome

It is true that the “shiny object syndrome” could prove appealing, fun and rewarding if properly administered, but many affiliate marketers jump the gun without understanding the concept or risks. It is crucial for marketers to check if their targeted audiences are seeking what the syndrome offers.

Affiliate marketers who do not make time to research this syndrome end up frustrated and poorer as they drop their currently successful marketing endeavors to clamor for the new and hot or shiny choices that would supposedly impress their consumer audiences. However, their rash decision could backfire adversely if their audience is neither interested nor ready for such new offers. It is possible that customers and subscribers could leave the business sites if they feel that their needs are not taken care of with the change in business focus or offerings regardless of how ‘hip’ the business has been boosted with the shiny object approach.

Losing customers is very detrimental to the affiliate marketer and the business as it is quite difficult to woo these back again since the trust and confidence is broken or dissipated with the rash decision to covet shiny object syndrome. These customers could also spread bad tidings around the market on the inconsiderate business approach of the affiliate venturing into the shiny object marketing approach.

A smaller mailing list does not augur well with top search engines and consumers alike as the shrunken mailing list size indicates a poor standing of the business in the market. This would not attract more new potential business leads while driving away potential business prospects as well.

Approaching Shiny Object Syndrome Rightly

Affiliate marketers need not avoid shiny object marketing altogether if they find benefits in it to boost their business. When applied aptly, this marketing approach could resolve important consumer problems which no current solution is available. The marketing technique should assist in reaching more customers not driving them away.

If the affiliate marketer is not an expert with the new technologies or their concepts to implement them rightly in their marketing plans, it is best to park them aside until more relevant information is garnered to benefit the affiliate business. Sometimes, the risk of new and unproven marketing techniques or tactics is much too high for the affiliate marketer. Well established ones have fallen drastically with a poor implementation of new marketing concepts not proven with a difficult recovery over a long period.

Affiliate marketers must apply the new tools appropriately and not for the sake of trying out new tools in the market. Sometimes it pays to wait a little while to check on the effects and improvements. Shiny object syndrome marketing could include new marketing software or emerging social media network site that seems attractive with its marketing features.

Some of these new concepts may not be applicable to specific affiliate targeted niche markets. Time and effort as well as heavy cost could be incurred with no results that benefit the business.
Moreover, if a poor reputation is incurred through a bad attempt on new technology marketing approaches, the affiliate would find it difficult to recover from the smarts.

The right approach towards shiny object marketing is to research on it as much as possible and stay alert to its offerings and changes while impacting the market. Such data and reports must be gathered for a proper evaluation before indulging in an intensive marketing campaign that could be costly in many ways.

Stick to the Proven Path

Affiliate marketers who are new or inexperienced in this industry should avoid the “shiny object syndrome” marketing where possible. It is advisable for these novice affiliates to stick to the “ancient” paths of affiliate marketing that are proven right and successful.

New marketing strategies could be developed from proven approaches which cut down the learning curve of the affiliate while increasing the implementation success. Time is always the best factor for success as affiliate marketers use it wisely to build up their own knowledge, concept and skills in this industry for potential success which should come quickly when the right components are put in place.

The basics of affiliate marketing should be sufficient to kick start the new or novice affiliate’s pathway for success over time. This is an effective money generation business venture which affiliates could enjoy sure success with the right steps undertaken without the shiny object syndrome as yet.