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Let me guess. You’re here because you build or want to build funnels that convert visitors into leads and leads into customers. And you know that a funnel is not just a series of pages it goes beyond that. So what happens when a user lands on your checkout page enters their email and perhaps gets distracted or procrastinates and abandons the checkout. Do you have a way of reaching out to them via email and sms? And telling them to come back and complete their purchase? And what happens when a visitor finally converts into a customer? Do you have a post-purchase follow-up sequence in place that helps curb buyer remorse and educates them about the=e product and its usage? Yes a funnel is not just a series of pages Your funnels got to communicate with your marketing automation engine Your funnels have to work perfectly in tandem with your marketing automation system for the real magic to happen In this video I will show exactly how you can crack the code of selling online, engaging with your prospects and customers, and retaining them Meet Autonami – The ultimate WordPress marketing automation engine and broadcast system that works perfectly in tandem with the funnel builder It is designed to make your funnel work harder for you and to maximize your profits from them With in-depth contact profiles, Built-in abandon cart recovery and tracking, Rule-based automate workflows, Dynamic and super smart segments for your broadcast campaigns, Emails and SMS It is quite a powerhouse Autonami offers this and so much more with unlimited contacts and unlimited emails all without you having to leave WordPress It speaks to popular form building plugins inside the WordPress ecosystem and outside of it It speaks to tools and apps you love Such as CRMS Keap, Mail Chimp, Convertkit, Klaviyo, Active campaign, and other apps like Twilio, Zapier, Slack, and more With in-depth analytics and insights about your contacts, the carts, the emails and SMS you sent out engagement, and more you sure have a ton of data at your disposal to make meaningful decisions.

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