Hosted EMail Vs InHouse EMail

Advanced technologies offer better and more choices in communication and connectivity today. There would also be a host of questions and decisions faced by business owners and marketers as they consider the best options to promote their brand, products and services. One of the business operation options would be to have their email hosted or in-house managed.

An In-house email uses available resources and talents within the company to manage the email system for greater control and marketing. A hosted email system requires the professional maintenance of third party expert in email systems for a fee.

There are pros and cons to each option, depending on the company’s objectives and budget. The ever evolving technology brings on more options and advanced features that may be tempting to incline the business towards one or the other option.

Factors of Consideration

Any business that manipulates lots of email with strategic email marketing campaigns would want to consider the best of email systems. When email becomes the backbone of a business, there is a need to source out the best of solutions with the latest technologies. Emails allow businesses to communicate internally and externally with all levels of individuals and groups besides marketing, scheduling and information update uses.

The emergence of mobile technology pushes email marketing further to a newer platform where business promotions and updates can be viewed by consumers immediately as mobile users with the latest sophisticated mobile devices. But there may be times when the email server malfunctions for some reason which disrupts the modus operandi of the business.

It is frustrating for the company when business updates and promotions cannot be sent out and the marketing objectives are diverted to cost losses for the company. This is one of the important factors of consideration for an in-house or hosted email system. With an in-house email server, any disruption requires an immediate rectification by the in-house technical team. If the system is too complex, professional IT experts would be required to be called in. This would probably delay the continuity of the business operations. On the other hand, with a hosted email system, IT experts in this arena assure businesses a 99.9999% uptime when hired to manage their email system. This is the latest industry standard and quality demanded and expected of businesses engaging email marketing with a written agreement in the Service Level Agreements on professional services rendered.

An in-house email system requires full time IT support staff that must be alert and expert in email server operations and end user training. Regular maintenance would be required to ensure a continual running of the email system, with close collaboration among different departments such as marketing and administration. In-house IT support needs to be well versed with downloads, installations, templates, sign-on and other training related to the company email system. Proper passwords and authorization must be monitored and assigned to ensure safe and secure activations on the email system.

Some businesses may find hiring in-house IT experts more expensive than outsourcing the task. There would also be a large investment on email hardware and system components with potential upgrades over time as the company expands or changes in operational directions. A hosted option cuts down on these components with the latest email facilities and securities at the fingertips and professional IT experts in email systems ready to service any hiccup to avoid a downtime in business operation. Such professional hires cost little compared to the huge capital involved with in-house email options.

Businesses on Hosted or InHouse

The choice of a hosted or in-house email system depends on the size and type of business entity. A small to medium sized company that uses email marketing heavily due to budget constraints would be better off with a hosted email option that takes away the maintenance and upgrade concerns. There is a choice to upgrade according to the company growth and budget availability or it is easier to change the professional email service provider as there are plenty in the market.

Large and multinational companies that employ huge numbers of emails with a big customer database may choose an in-house email system with their own email facilities and experts as their setup would be similar to a small email service provider company. A full team of IT experts would be hired to run the entire unit to support the whole company with international connectivity if the company is large with branches and subsidiaries.

A well facilitated email system is very cost effective in reaching customers and potential leads to boost a business operation. Hence, it is crucial in identifying which option is more beneficial to the business. A small company may start off with a hosted email system before setting up its own in-house email system complete with server and IT experts as the business expands.

An in-house email system would need to liaise with other departments such as marketing and Public Relations as an effective email can be a great arsenal for any company to promote their brand, products and services. In-house email systems would need to be set up properly with the best of software and hardware with experienced and innovative IT experts operating and maintaining the system on a 24/7 basis to ensure a continual operation especially when the company has an international perimeter.

Effects from Decisions

Wise decisions by companies on the type of email systems implemented would see a quick difference to the company branding, image, revenue and stability. Those companies which take an ad hoc approach to email systems would find their operations very haphazard to be established and respected in the marketplace.

Proper email contents must be generated to secure better branding and image for the company which would be reflected in the type of email system implemented. Poor implementation and operation of the email system, whether in-house or hosted can lead to bad publicity and branding of the company. Their emails would be considered as scam mails which consumers would not take kindly.

Outsourcing or hosted email systems can be more effective in improving sales and credibility for the company if the terms and conditions are satisfactory.

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Enhancing Your Email Marketing Program With Videos

Email has become crucial news updates to modern consumers today who need to be kept abreast with the latest development or information on certain issues in business and life. Almost everyone across the world with Internet connectivity has at least one email account with a long list of contacts from around the globe.

Space travel for communication has shrunk drastically with the emergence of email. Business entities, big or small, are capitalizing on emails in their marketing endeavors known as email marketing programs.

Its Humble Beginnings

Emails started off very simply as electronic mails that reach intended or targeted recipients much faster than postal mail. This came about from progressive technologies that allow consumers to send off messages, business or personal news to anyone else that has an email address. The speed of an email is so much faster and cheaper than traditional mail options such as postal, private deliveries and faxes. There are no bulky and costly components to replace in emails as with facsimiles.

Innovative and aggressive business entities were quick to manipulate the potentials of email in promoting their brand, products or services at any time of the day or season. It was noted that more targeted potential lead groups could be reached quickly to generate higher sales conversions with emails than traditional mailing options.

Email features kept improving with newer technologies that made it easier for email senders to send off their text messages which had no length limit. Email senders which include commercial marketers would mail out long emails that flout their business offerings. After a while, the impact of email marketing in this manner waned off. The mail contents were too long for a busy recipient to read through.

Progressive Development with Videos

With the emergence of video technologies, email marketing was enhanced quickly. Videos can be attached to an email which need not be long in text. A simple email could comprise the video link which the recipient could click on easily to view the promotional video on the company. Such marketing video speaks volumes to the recipient compared to the ordinary text based emails.

Marketing experts today highly recommend capitalizing on video marketing for serious companies that want to succeed in their marketing campaigns, especially with emails. Soon, many business emails sent out to their customers regularly contain a short video embedded while promotional videos on landing pages are set to auto play for an immediate viewing. Most consumers would let the video play on once it is set to auto play, especially if the video content and presentation are intriguing.

It is not surprising to have videos becoming more popular in modern day marketing via emails as technologies advance in different facets. Smart business entities are manipulating videos as part of their email marketing campaign to win more customers. Consumers are more likely to view a promotional video than read a long text, email offering the best of the sales from any company.

Strategic Email Marketing

Email marketing that incorporates videos is a strategic modern day marketing approach by innovative businesses which are market leaders in their industries. Videos in business emails can be sent to a wide scope of recipients easily and quickly through currently available advanced technologies at low cost. Companies that make use of email marketing with videos enjoy great savings in their advertising campaigns compared to traditional forms of advertising such as television and billboards.

Well designed videos in email marketing campaigns would capture the attention of email recipients easily if they are entertaining and creative. The contents must be clearly presented to convey the right marketing message for the company. Professional promotional videos can be produced by video production experts in the market that have the right development tools and resources besides skills and creativity.

Such high quality videos would attract and captivate the attention of email recipients to the extent of triggering a favorable response such as an immediate purchase order.

Tips to a Captivating Email with Videos

Email marketing with videos must be professionally produced to ensure a definite success in promoting the business; otherwise, a bad reputation can result which is detrimental to the business survival in a highly competitive market.

One important tip to a successful video email for businesses is to keep the text content short and simple with an interesting video clip that conveys the promotional offers concisely to benefit the company. The video should also contain specific promotional information that is clearly understood by the viewers without raising doubts for a faster decision making. The video play should be short and concise with a compelling presentation of the business offering as the average attention span on marketing videos is barely 15 seconds.

A good video email marketing campaign should contain a simple but clear call-to-action option which allows viewers a specific course of action that benefits the company. The action should be simple and quick without taking up too much of the recipient’s precious time. Incentives such as freebies and promotional vouchers can be attached at the end of the video for viewers who take time to participate in the call-to-action option such as clicking on an embedded link which leads to the company’s website.

It is crucial to produce a wholesome video in any email marketing campaign. This includes the structure of the video, its contents, layout, links and presentation. A combination of components such as music, voices, background, colors and graphics must be put together in every second of the video for a smooth flow to convey the precise message of the company in the promotional video.

Professional video producers with marketing skills and creativity may be needed and hired to generate effective videos in email marketing. These professionals have all the skills, resources and expertise to generate the most impactful video to benefit the company in its marketing campaign. They can produce a video that can engage the viewer on a longer attention span and exact a compelling response to favor the company.

Last but not least, a high quality video thumbnail image is crucial to the success of a good video email for a business.

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Email Marketing and Opt In List Building: On Keeping Online Businesses Profitable

Since the advent of the information technology, the Internet had been a valuable commodity to most people. Here, they find ways on how to earn more money even without having to spend more capital on building a business.

Nowadays, many business people are realizing the importance of email marketing. Through emails, an online business can market their product directly through their customers.

Generally, the main purpose of email marketing is to reach their target audience as quickly and as direct as possible. They need to reach their target market so as to promote their products and services that would benefit their customers.

However, some businesses use email marketing in order to maintain their contact and relationship with their customers.

The reason why email marketing has grown in such unprecedented rate is based on the fact that people in the virtual community are always hungry for information. They subscribe to information that they are interested in.

On the other hand, not all people are willing to subscribe to such information. They may be interested on your products once but may no longer be interested to buy again. Moreover, when you continue to send those emails that do not have their permissions, you can be accused of spamming.

Today, spamming is a serious offense especially in the world of information technology. Because the Internet is such a wild place, most authorities regard the privacy of each person as valuable and they continue to uphold this thinking even on the Internet.

With this, the creation of opt in list had gained tremendous acceptance. Because of its viability and feasibility to most online businesses, a lot of people have realized how important opt in lists are in email marketing.

Basically, opt in list refers to the list of email addresses of people who have agreed to subscribe to your mailing list. In this way, you can freely send emails that entail promotions, brochures, new product announcements, and every aspect of your marketing campaign.

When you build an opt in list, you do not only increase the probability of being successful in email marketing but also boost your sales and profits as well. This is because building an opt in list will give you the chance to stay in contact with your customers by getting their email address.

In this manner, you can continue to promote your products and services in which they are interested in because they have opted to subscribe in your mailing list. Hence, whatever it is that you feed them, chances are, they will most likely respond positively.

In reality, building an opt in list is actually letting the people realize the charisma and magic of email marketing. In this way, spams will be avoided, if not eliminated, and will not ruin the positive image of email marketing.

With spamming, email marketing becomes a disgraceful activity in the Internet. But with opt in list, online businesses can continue to boost their businesses through email marketing without having to worry about being accused of spamming.

In building opt in list, there are two types to be considered. The first one is the single opt-in and the other one is the double opt-in or the confirmed opt-in.

In building single opt-in list, online businesses would simply use a “sign-up tag” in their web sites so that every time a person visits their website, he or she can opt to subscribe in the business’ email list.

On the other hand, a confirmed opt-in list or double opt-in entails a confirmation message after the customer had subscribed to the particular web site’s email list.

Usually, the confirmation takes place by replying on a system-generated message that asks for a confirmation of the subscription or by clicking on a link that entails the confirmation of the customer.

Whatever type of opt in list you would prefer, each has its own pros and cons when it comes to email marketing. But nevertheless, both are designed to give your online business the best solution possible in order to generate emails and permissions without having to get into trouble.

Indeed, email marketing is such a profitable business in the Internet. But it would not be complete and will never succeed without the help of the opt-in lists. These two must always go hand-in-hand in order to be successful in the virtual world of Internet marketing.

Email Marketing – Why You Must Build Your Own Opt In List

The progressive technologies impacting the business world today include email marketing which is extremely convenient and lucrative for all business owners. However, greater income can be generated with some effort in manipulating email marketing features such as a personal email opt-in list.

It may be tempting to get a free listing or buy one to kick start the business with the myriad of websites on the Internet offering such purchases. It is possible to secure an email opt-in list with over 10,000 subscribers for a certain sum of money. But generating an email opt-in list for personal consumption offers more benefits.

Benefits of opt-in lists

Email opt-in lists may be readily available from a variety of sources on the Internet. The question that begs to be asked with such lists is whether the list is beneficial to the marketer. A lucrative online business venture requires a hyper-responsive opt-in list with consumers who are very inclined to support the business offerings and brand. This would lead on to bigger income generation by the marketer with little effort and time required to close sales.

Email marketing may be a challenge to some online marketers who do not know how to manipulate the features and components correctly. Web consumers are currently being flooded with huge chunks of email that they are deemed to experience ’email fatigue’. Too many advertising emails are flooding the inbox that recipients now react indifferently to the title, subject line or content. Such advertising emails are often trashed without being opened.

But an email opt-in list ensures an opening of the email sent to targeted email recipients. This list should be well guarded to avoid falling into the wrong hands or parties that compete for the same slice of the market pie.

In email marketing, email opt-in lists identify the subscribers to the brand and business offerings easily and readily for better customer services rendered. It becomes easier for online business marketers to select appropriate products or services to be promoted with the relevant information about the subscribers stored and reported. The right choice of sale recommendation helps close the deal faster for a higher commission.

Email opt-in lists are usually subscribed by consumers who trust the marketers promoting some product or service. They would be more open to the online marketer’s recommendation of business offerings or helpful articles to venture a buy call if they deem the promoted business products appealing and useful in enhancing their lifestyle.
Without establishing trust on opt-in lists, the spam filter is set and the corresponding promotional emails are trashed before the recipients have an opportunity to note its arrival.

Cautions to email opt-in lists

It is possible to build an original email opt-in list today to support almost any online business with the modern technologies and tools available. A huge electronic footprint can be found on the web that sly scammers tend to take advantage of using simple electronic and technological tools or resources.

Purchased email opt-in lists can be generated by online con artists that may not be genuine or approved information. Legal procedures can be taken against those who misuse or abuse the information from annoyed subscribers who did not consent to certain actions undertaken.

Email addresses may not be genuine from paid sources as fake email addresses can be readily generated with a little time, effort and creativity. These are sold on the net for a high profit with no guarantee of desired results. No refunds or exchanges are allowed and a lot of money can be lost without any viable return on investment.

The rookie marketer on the Internet may be taken for a ride with fake email addresses on email opt-in lists where the auto-responder system sends out email advertising materials using email on the acquired opt-in list. Instead of sales enquiries and purchases, a lot of emails rebound. Hence, a personally built opt-in list is preferred.
A lot of money can flow down the drain with buying opt-in lists that may not have genuine email addresses. The wrong type of subscribers can be included in paid opt-in lists that waste the marketer’s efforts in closing a sale.

Process in list generation

A personal and original email opt-in list can be built from scratch to last a lifetime for any online business venture with some effort and understanding of its concept and process. The list building process may be slow and tedious with a lot of hard work to gain a reasonable list size that can support the business viably.
However, the ROI on an originally built opt-in list can be higher than expected to make the building process all worthwhile.

The process to build an original and personal email opt-in list is easy, although time and effort are required for a successful list that benefits the marketer. Customers to any web business today must be attracted by the benefits of the brand and product offerings to consent to an opt-in list subscription. Meeting needs is crucial to a successful built in list of potential leads and loyal customers.

If the proper solution can be recommended for the consumer, he or she can be transformed into a loyal customer for life. These consumers would readily get into the built in list for email opt-ins. Equipping potential leads and customers with the necessary useful information can win over these parties to be long term subscribers on the email opt-in list of the business entity.

The process of building up an opt-in list involves understanding the needs and expectations of the consumers with the best of solutions. Freebies such as useful small gifts, discounts and promotional vouchers can be offered to entice a willing opt-in. Such actions also establish better relations with the potential leads and customers while ensuring trust in the brand or company.

List building for email marketing takes time and effort, especially a good and effective list that supports the business. A personal email opt-in list is developed over time when the marketers or business owners make the effort in getting to know their prospects to be transformed into loyal customers.

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How to write a persuasive email campaign?

Writing a good set of Email campaign takes skills and effort. Too many internet marketers take this for granted and just slaps together a 5 minute email marketing campaign and move on to get other tasks done leaving themselves scratching their heads later on wondering why their email marketing campaign isn’t effective at all.

A good email marketing campaigns have to be very goal oriented. Not only that, your emails should get opened, read and your links clicked on for it to be successful. Of course that would not be the end of the story right there. You will also have to plan your landing page and then move your clicks into sales and then channel your buyers into a good sales funnel in order for you to churn out a profit. A lot of planning and thoughts have to be placed into your email autoresponder series and also for your email broadcasts.

And after all those shenanigans, you will still have to think of a way to help improve your relationship with your list every single time you send out an email to them. But the most important part of all this would definitely be how you can write a persuasive letter because only a persuasive letter can get you the attention, open rate and clicks that can make you sales. Well fret no more, because here are some great ways to aid you in writing a killer email newsletter fast.

Speak directly to your target reader.

The very first thing that you should be doing is to learn how you can write as if you are speaking directly to your target reader. It is rather important for you to talk to them as if they are an individual instead of trying to talk to multiple people at once. The thing about an email is that it is a very private thing. People perceive an Inbox to be a very private thing and they expect the emails that they get are mostly concealed, secure and full of privacy. Therefore you are further enhancing this experience when you are trying to converse with them as an individual and keeping it in a private manner.

Another thing that this accomplishes is that you are actually talking to someone as if you know him or her personally and this can help with the relationship building and also the building of trust and your authority to speak. If you are addressing them as a general public, your subscriber might not take you seriously enough and thus ignore all your incoming messages. This is definitely hampering your email marketing effort like it or not.

Go straight to the point.

These days, nobody has the extra time to waste. It is a fact and that is the exact reason why your emails you should not be wasting anyone’s time and just go straight to the point on why you are contacting your subscribers and what you want them to do. This quick and straight forwardness will usually get you a better click through rate as well because people generally do not read a lengthy email. A quick, short and precise email is all you need to get them curious on your link and then use a good call to action to get them to click on your link.

A story that your target reader can relate to.

Although it is advisable for you to write an email that is short and direct to the point, if you can blend this formula with a good story that your email subscribers can relate you, you should be able to double its effectiveness right off the bat. Everyone has a weak point and if your story hits the nail in the head, you will be able to get a huge response from your email.

For example, people in the weight loss niche are usually having problems controlling their desire to eat. No matter what kind of will power they have it is still a task that will test them. Hence if your email has a story about this ‘hardship’ that they are currently suffering from and you promise to solve this once and for all, you will without a doubt see a great amount of response to your email broadcast and you will also definitely be able to see a huge surplus to your clicks.

Repeat but make it different.

Humans are known to be receptive to a message only after they are exposed to it for a few times. This is why we need to actually repeat our messages to them over and over again to your subscribers in order for them to finally ‘get it’. However you must do it differently each time you plan to repeat a similar point or argument that you have. Make sure to give a lot of examples, and testimonials to gradually improve their trust and interest level.

The more you follow up with your subscribers, the more response you will be able to get from them. One of the things about email marketing is that while one email swipe might fail you, another entirely different email swipe with the same message could easily get you a huge response. Hence, if you find that your broadcast about a certain product or topic is not doing well, do not be discouraged, try a few more times with a different subject headline and body copy, you will never know when you got a winning email that will get you a lot of open rate, click through rates and sales. Remember, no single email is created equal and no single email is the answer to all your worries. Keep writing and keep improving and you shall slowly grow towards your success.

This video shares 10 simple truths to creating a company your customers will LOVE to buy from. Why? Because they know how much YOU love them, and they feel it.

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