Website Vs Blog Vs Facebook Fanpage Vs Mobile App – What Are the Options for Small Businesses?

The Internet has proven to be a more interesting platform for all types of business opportunities. Progressive technologies bring on a myriad of business potentials while enhancing current ones to entice more enterprising entrepreneurs. Multiple income streams are now readily available on the web with more and more ordinary consumers jumping onto the online entrepreneurship bandwagon.

There is no lack of online business ventures and programs which one can consider as the Internet offers billions of users who are potential leads to fuel any business. Smart business marketers need only to identify their business objective and cost effective marketing strategies with a dynamic and efficient campaign.

Marketing Platforms for Small Businesses

Small businesses usually struggle to survive amongst the bigger players in the market, but with the advanced technologies today and the Internet, small businesses are able to compete and thrive. This is because modern technologies offer small businesses, many sophisticated and free tools and resources to compete with bigger businesses.

Any modern business today requires a well designed website to attract traffic. A business website allows the business to display its full range of products and services. Even a small business must have a website to keep its customers informed about its offerings as well as offer a convenient platform for online purchases to close sales immediately.

On the other hand, a small business can also make use of a blog which is a web log to keep customers educated on various aspects of the business. Special articles are written and posted regularly to help customers understand better about the products or services. Blog contents can be written dynamically without reference to the business as an unbiased platform of information with a link to the web business site for further information or purchase of related products. A blog is flexible and agile to contain different scopes of content to draw more traffic to the business subtly. Blogs are cheaper and easier to maintain than an official web business site.

Small businesses which are usually constrained by budget can revert to blogs as a dynamic marketing tool using WordPress to create and manage content. Ranking by search engines is easier with blogs than websites with a ping on search engines for new content and features. Many useful plug-ins and development tools are readily available to create blog templates that are attractive and interesting to draw more traffic.

With the rising popularity of Facebook on the web today, small businesses can also manipulate the Facebook Fanpages in promoting the business offerings. There are millions of users on Facebook to supply a steady stream of customers to the small business owner or marketer who knows how to manipulate Facebook features accordingly to lure web traffic to its web business site. A creative marketer can identify the right types of audience from Facebook to fuel its market presence and sales easily with dynamic marketing strategies using Facebook.

A Facebook fan page is basically a website that displays specific information to targeted viewers. All types of content in the form of text, images, graphics and videos can be uploaded to entertain viewers while directing their interests to the business offerings of products and services. There is a myriad of exciting features in Facebook such as on-page and off-page optimization to generate a vibrant website that would be highly ranked by top search engines.

Facebook is able to send newsfeed to followers via the fanpage feature. This would allow a large community to receive the latest updates on the business to instigate interests and purchases. The business also gains a higher reputation and market presence through these posts as fans can share the links to their contacts; this provides free advertisement for the company while widening its scope of influence and branding.

The progressive technologies today bring on mobile technology that sees the emergence of smartphones and other sophisticated mobile devices which are equipped with Wi-Fi and dynamic business apps. More and more mobile users are using their mobile devices to generate searches from the Internet without having to rely on a computer. The mobile device is more portable and convenient as advanced technologies scale down the size of devices while increasing the speed and power. This makes mobile devices very convenient and much preferred to be carried around for surfing the Internet on 24/7 basis.

With the increasing number of mobile apps available in the market, small businesses can tap on this dynamic source to reach a wider market across the globe. Short text messaging is simple, cheap and effective in updating the targeted consumers on special promotions, discounts and offers by the small business. With a location-independence, mobile customers are able to connect with any business entity to make a purchase while on the go. The availability of cloud-based solutions helps small businesses to connect easily with a wide customer base at all times to minimize costs while improving revenues.

Manipulating Platforms Successfully

Since there is a host of business platform options for a small business, it is not surprising that small businesses can compete readily in an intense marketplace if the right marketing strategies are put into place. The key to a successful small business is to manipulate one or more of these business platforms and their respective tools correctly to enjoy massive traffic to the website.

Smart small business owners or marketers must learn how each business platform can function optimally to promote the business dynamically. This would require a good balance of the best features from a blog, website, Facebook fanpage or a mobile app. Every platform offers a host of features and tools to tap potential customers from different segments with great opportunities for new business ventures.

Small business owners and marketers need to stay in touch with the constantly evolving technologies to tap on the emerging technologies which can benefit their business to boost its growth and bottom line. A good management of the web business site can bring about faster success for a small business to be quickly established in the marketplace.

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How to Integrate Pinterest With Facebook Page

Many exciting and useful tools are available today to help businesses get a boost in their sales and bottom lines. The emergence of Facebook and Pinterest is excellent in securing a wider market audience and visibility for any online business that is serious in growth and success.

Impactful Marketing with Facebook and Pinterest

It is easy to jump start any business venture on the Internet today with the availability of Facebook and Pinterest. A quick learning of these social media networks’ features and tools can help business owners and marketers manipulate them effectively as part of their online marketing campaign that would draw more traffic to the business website.

A simple Facebook profile page that is linked to a well setup Pinterest business account forms a powerful marketing strategy that impacts preferred customers for the business. Both social media platforms are dynamic in nature with strong features that allow a building up on each other for vibrant and effective marketing activities to happen. These social media tools are user friendly to manipulate on without needing to start from scratch except for careful planning to avoid spamming.

With millions of users, Facebook and Pinterest can be combined to impact consumers from all walks of life to boost any business. A lot of benefits can be secured from a Facebook and Pinterest synergy. Besides connectivity and communication options, Facebook and Pinterest can be manipulated to attract new customers while engaging current ones in sales and updates. This establishes the brand and enhances the image of the company in the marketplace.

More and more web consumers are becoming online customers with the advanced technologies available at their fingertips. It is not surprising to note a growing preference to shop online after securing purchase recommendations from Facebook or Pinterest where some web users share or ‘Like’ a particular advertised item. Those who make online purchases tend to ‘pin’ or ‘Like’ their decision which triggers other consumers’ interest in the same objects of purchase.

This is free advertising for the company with more potential leads coming to know about the company and its offerings via friends and associates. The company tends to gain enormously when one customer ‘favors’ its products or services to share with others on the web. It is very impactful when one convincing social media user testifies of their purchase decision to others in their circles of contact.

Simple Steps to Integrate Pinterest with Facebook

Smart business marketers would endeavor to integrate Pinterest with Facebook so that they can get the best of both social media platforms for optimum outcomes for their businesses. Simple steps can be taken to encourage Facebook fans to follow the business’s Pinterest displays to generate a good crowd in following the business offerings.

First, online marketers need to get hold of a Pinterest tab on their Facebook business page. Next, install an application on the free Pinterest tab on Facebook page. This tab allows viewers to discover the business owner or marketer while viewing all pins and posts even on a Facebook platform via

Viewers can also ‘Like’ the business Facebook page or view the boards and pins on the Pinterest tab without getting into Pinterest platform unless they re-pin items. Pinterest allows users and marketers to enjoy complete stats on visits, likes, page views and fans.

Online marketers can post Pinterest links on their Facebook page as updates to share with viewers interesting and useful information that benefits them. This would convince them to follow the business owner or marketer on both platforms to generate a large following that would boost the business. It is crucial in creating specific information that adds value to the viewers to keep them interested in the business.

Drawing in More Traffic

Different board visuals and interesting messages presented on the social media platforms would draw more viewers and visitors. Many like-minded consumers who visit these pages would be compelled to follow these sites for more regular information that benefits them. Having both social media platforms working for a business entity brings in double the traffic volume for the business as the Internet attract billions of users every day.

When specific targeted audiences are preferred, online marketers must learn how to promote specific boards on both social media platforms so that followers would have a choice between Facebook and Pinterest. Many modern consumers may choose to follow some and not all of the boards posted in either social media platforms for one reason or another. Some online marketers may be more apt in promoting specific boards on Facebook and not Pinterest or vice versa.

Different boards are useful and appropriate for promoting different products or services offered by the company. Not every post or board must be business-oriented; it could be a personal inspiration or passion that is posted which may interest fans. This can also build up better relations with fans who can turn into supportive customers for the business over time.

Another way to draw more traffic to the web business site is to provide status updates. An interesting image with an equally captivating description and relevant board link to the Facebook pin page can lure more traffic to the website. Facebook offers more space for compelling images as interesting Newsfeed instead of links for higher viewing and accessibility. It is simple to post a link to the Pinterest board with an image pin that would be converted to a full board. Easy edits allow the marketer to add descriptions to the image for a better understanding of the image to be active participants.

When a particular pin is to be promoted, it is necessary to choose a particular board that would highlight the business value which would be useful to the viewers. This would compel them into making an immediate purchase to boost the business bottom line.

Promoting Pinterest contests and competitions on Facebook are very popular and effective ways to draw more traffic and followers to a business when these social media platforms are integrated. Viewers are happy to receive freebies or participate in such online events as part of their lifestyle entertainment.

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Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing Equal an Online Business Presence

It is not surprising to have more and more ordinary consumers getting onto the web for more enterprising activities than to surf for information in their quest for knowledge and updates. With the emergence of Facebook and Twitter, more enterprising entrepreneurs are cashing in through Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing. Many consumers are discovering the huge financial potential of Facebook and Twitter besides their social connectivity benefits.

Creating an Online Business Today

Anyone aspiring to be a self-made millionaire or ‘Be Your Own Boss’ is not difficult today with the availability of modern technologies and resources on the Internet. It does not require the geniuses of computing or be tech savvy to enjoy a successful online business via Facebook and Twitter. Many ordinary consumers are jumping onto the online business bandwagon today after discovering the power of social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Even companies, large to small, are rallying on these new technological avenues to spice up their marketing endeavors.

A successful online business requires a strong web presence; this would require a growing customer database with more web traffic coming to the web business site for relevant and useful information which in turn generates sales and profits for the marketer or online business owner. Facebook and Twitter are dynamic platforms which an enterprising entrepreneur can jump on with other search engine optimization tools and resources such as Web 2.0 to get an online business going quickly. With the right modus operandi and marketing plans, such businesses can expand rather quickly to generate a strong market presence and visibility online and offline.

A host of web businesses can be generated or kick started on these social media platforms to gain profitable returns in a short period of time through diligence, commitment and creative management by the business owner or marketer. Any business setup on the web today can fail or be successful depending on the initiatives taken by the business owner or marketer who must have an insight of the market trends and conditions to implement the right tools and manipulate the best of resources properly.

Facebook Marketing Opportunities

This renowned social media networking platform is growing very popular amongst web business owners and marketers who desire to attract more customers easily and quickly. Facebook does not disappoint in this arena as it currently boasts of millions of users who ply its site every day with new information and resources. Companies wishing to tap on the plethora of potential leads to fuel their business ventures would not be disappointed at the vast number of targeted audiences at the click of a button. With the millions of Facebook users interacting actively every day, business owners and commercial companies have a field day picking out or targeting their preferred customers to forward their business objectives.

The inclusion of pictures, graphics, emails and even videos on Facebook further boost the social media’s potential as a cost effective marketing tool for any business entity. With a simple profile page, businesses can convey their operational content quickly and personally to a wide group of attentive audience 24/7. A proper social media interaction protocol with a well designed profile page can draw in many like-minded or curious individuals to enquire about the web business especially if special deals are offered as bait.

Once a Facebook profile page is well accepted, the individual would have sufficient potential leads to interest them on the actual focus which is the business. There are many subtle and effective Facebook marketing tools and approaches that can be implemented to secure a loyal group of business supporters as the Internet draws in many different groups of consumers.

Combine Twitter Marketing and Facebook Marketing

Twitter kick started as a “mini blog” which allows owners to share small news in no more than 140 characters on every post or tweet. Interested individuals can “follow” these posts to stay connected for more updates with the idiom “birds of the same feather flock together” coming on quite obviously.

Other followers may just want to “stay with the crowd” on a hot Twitter account. People can exchange information on any topic or issue under the sun to be entertained or motivated in life on Twitter or Facebook.

Combining Facebook and Twitter dynamics on a web business brings on great synergies that would generate a big bang in the marketplace. Many Twitter users are happy to receive short posts of interesting content which interests them without spending too much time on details. Valuable content that relates to the readers’ interests or niche keeps them vigilant to the Twitter account. There must be a consistent posting of interesting news that would keep the followers loyal to the main Tweeter. The high quality content with a personal interaction with all followers establishes the target market to fuel the online business.

When there is a sufficient group of loyal Twitter followers to an account, the business owner can link them to the Facebook profile and web business sites for a more established business and personal relationship to profit the business. The regular provision of valuable content such as plausible solutions and apt advice on various life issues can add value to a post and strengthen the relationship. Many such web consumers would be willing to pay a certain sum of money for such solutions which may include free downloads of guidebooks, tips and tricks in problem solving.


A successful online business that manipulates Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing would enjoy a greater market presence with more traffic to its website and higher sales that benefit the bottom line. The determined online business owner or marketer can enjoy a lucrative income of 6 figures using Facebook and Twitter marketing approaches.

The Internet offers a host of exciting and easy-to-set-up online businesses such as Pay-per-Click or direct sales programs. Both social media networking platforms offer very high potentials for leveraged incomes when their tools and features are manipulated vibrantly in an online business marketing plan. This is the way to go for any business entrepreneur to be successful in their own business today.

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Facebook- A Perfect Place for Marketers

As technology progresses, a host of exciting business opportunities arises with modern solutions and apps that are more efficient and cost effective. One of the available business resources that have been proven to drive more traffic to the web business sites for higher sales is social media networks.

Great Business Opportunities

Facebook is extremely popular with millions of web users today as an efficient communication platform that connects millions across the globe. Many smart and innovative businesses are tapping into its resources to benefit themselves in drawing more traffic to their business websites and growing their customer database. It is easy to find the targeted audience from the millions of Facebook users that ply the platform every day.

Facebook offers free organic traffic to boost business operations as one dynamic online marketing opportunity. Web businesses can manipulate Facebook to identify specific target groups to fuel their business operations. Online business owners and marketers can pick out their preferred potential business leads by groups, age, profession and interests.

With millions of available Facebook users, there is no lack of potential customers to keep a business vibrant if the right resources are manipulated correctly. Online marketers need to understand the available Facebook features that would help them boost their web business operations to implement in their online marketing campaigns.

There is little cost involved with Facebook marketing if the terms and conditions of using this social media network are understood and manipulated correctly. Massive traffic can be driven to the web business site quickly to boost sales conversions and profit.

Manipulating Facebook for Business

One of the best marketing features Facebook offers is its wide and diverse reach of audience. As the largest social media network on the Internet, millions of Facebook users ply the platform daily to find their desired information or be quickly updated and connected with friends, families and even strangers.

News can go viral in a matter of minutes through sharing and forwarding of news from its millions of users. This is excellent for companies that want to promote their brand, products and services. It would definitely enhance their image if the news is favorable. Hence, it is crucial for online marketers to plan and design an excellent marketing campaign with the correct usage of Facebook features. Companies save millions of dollars in advertising on Facebook when their promotional content gets shared and forwarded by their loyal business supporters. A better company image is also secured this way to boost the market presence of the company.

With more and more consumers having a Facebook account, this social media platform makes an excellent source for organic traffic for all types of businesses. A host of relevant information to boost business can be secured from Facebook. Business owners and marketers are able to extract user interests from Facebook profile pages to identify their targeted business potential leads. This increases their chances of sales as the targeted potential leads are more inclined towards their business offerings. Sales are expected to be higher to bring in bigger profits.

Facebook offers a myriad of features that promote business marketing. Smart marketers would find this social media platform an ideal place to seek what they require to boost their business bottom line. Facebook is now accepted as a great marketing tool with its dynamic targeting features on preferred audiences of any niche. There are paid and free business opportunities in Facebook to suit different business objectives, marketing campaigns and marketer preferences.

Facebook Business Features

One of the exciting and useful Facebook features that are commonly used in promoting business operations is the simple posting and comments put on Facebook. Such simplicity helps to boost business visibility where the crux of the matter is quickly identified by consumers without long litanies of words. This is an effective method for some free marketing exposure to build a credible network.

Facebook pages can be designed to promote brands and companies with their similarity to profiles. Every Facebook user has access to such pages which can be ‘Like’. This would enable the user to receive further updates automatically. Marketers can manipulate the Page Insights or Page Metrics of Facebook to secure useful information on their business performance as well as identify the number of potential leads for the business.

Facebook groups are another impactful way to connect and engage with potential leads on business offerings, whether it is a product or service. Marketers can create any type of Facebook groups which can function like forums to discuss and comment on the business product or service for improvement as well as to boost sales from the feedback of the customers.

Paid Facebook ads help promote the business while Facebook hashtags are special keywords to help identify the business specialty for an easier and faster search by customers. Hashtags are very effective on public pages or posts.

Effective Interactions

However, it is crucial to engage and interact with the targeted business audience regularly to keep them updated on the business products and services to build up the brand and image. Constant interactions with the business audience help to create loyal business customers who continue to support the business through sales and sharing of business information to their circles of influence for free.

A personal connectivity is essential to grow the Facebook community to establish the business in the marketplace. There is always a need to gain new business leads besides posting useful and relevant content on the business. When good relations are built with target audiences from the business, a solid connection is established to secure the customer loyalty and business for a long time.

Since Facebook is a social media platform, it is best to manipulate its strength to gain its maximum benefits. Marketers need to bear that in mind when planning a vibrant marketing campaign to boost business visibility in the market for more sales and profit. Some easy approaches to build good customer relations include giving credit to useful posts and contents contributed by other customers and giving prompt responses to queries and comments.

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How to Use Facebook Effectively to Dominate Your MLM Company

Multilevel marketing businesses are spreading fast on the Internet as the host of online resources become easily available to fuel business growth. One of the latest online resources for MLM businesses is social media.

The myriad of successful social media networks on the net makes it extremely attractive for MLM companies to expand quickly today than when the business concept first established.

Social media influence

MLM businesses thrive on securing more enterprising entrepreneurs to jump onto the bandwagon. An MLM business success is fuelled by a growing membership from up-lines to down-lines. The Internet offers a wide resource for consumers to be seconded as MLM members, regardless of the level of entry into an MLM business structure.

Social media networks such as Facebook offer millions of potential leads to fuel an MLM business. This popular social media are currently having the largest number of members alone where communication and dissemination of information from personal to politics are conveyed.

It is not surprising then to have businesses such as MLM companies hopping onto the Facebook platform to source for potential members in building member lists for the business tiered structure. Huge incomes can be generated by incorporating Facebook in the business on the Internet. Facebook is a free platform to exercise effective and efficient online marketing strategies that would profit the business.

MLM marketers do not need to have much knowledge about technologies and technical resources to manipulate Facebook to generate more income. This online marketing social media can be used to build strong relations with niche members of the network. When the trust is established between the parties, synergy happens to benefit all parties over time.

Innovative MLM marketers can engage Leveraging Attraction marketing tools on Facebook to dominate the MLM business that can increase subscriber retention 100%.

Do’s and Don’ts using Facebook
Facebook can be a very powerful and effective marketing tool to promote MLM businesses with its dynamic and versatile features applied properly. It is crucial to have a complete profile that is interesting and captivating to entice visitors and followers. The best of information with unique selling points in a professional manner can draw more web traffic to the landing page. Niche markets can be readily secured when the focus is specific to attract like-minded consumers who would contribute to the growth and success of the business without effort or awareness. However, the Facebook profile should contain values that would attract visitors.

The incorporation of a good picture would enhance the marketer’s image to the social media community for an easy and clear identification that would promote strong relations in building the business.

However, it is not professional to pitch any business sales before establishing trust and strong relations with followers. Spam activities are frowned on Facebook as this popular social media networking site is viewed as a communication platform to share and disseminate relevant and interesting information that would benefit followers.

These simple marketing tactics can be applied consistently to be effective in securing a steady flow of prospects for the business.

Effective strategies

There is a myriad of cost effective and efficient marketing strategies that one can manipulate using Facebook for a successful MLM business on the Internet. One of the simple, effective marketing strategies is to engage a long list of online marketing businesses that are experienced in securing long subscriber lists. These online ventures should have a current online business venture that is functioning if not flourishing. Interaction with these business owners not only expands the market presence of the MLM business, but also establishes the MLM marketer’s skills and resources.

Many online business owners would invite one another to a further collaboration that would generate mutual benefit such as incorporating backlinks to their websites. This would encourage more web traffic to visit the targeted sites without chasing after the wind from all corners of the Internet for more potential leads.

There may be lots of enterprising entrepreneurs who are seeking lucrative business opportunities on the net for side income. Facebook provides an excellent platform in identifying such groups to be roped in as potential subscribers in MLM.

The Facebook community is so large and wide with millions of members that can be classified in a variety of groups to fuel any MLM business online or off-site. Searches can be made by company, interests, needs or demographics. Joining these groups opens a world of business opportunities to promote the MLM business.

Short ads can be posted on Facebook group walls to attract interest and attention to the MLM business subtly. Creative ads on these walls can draw in the desired web traffic and enquiries effortlessly when this marketing strategy is executed properly. This Facebook feature is easy to use with great impact and rewards at the end of the day. A simple link can be included to direct web traffic to the online business site for more displays and information that educates the reader in supporting the business offerings especially when more income can be garnered.

A very effective marketing strategy on Facebook is the presence of a personal site that contains a lead capture page that serves to capture potential leads’ information to add on to the business building list. New friendships can be established every day on Facebook with the objective of generating more prospects for the business over time.

Always comply with the few Facebook usage constraints such as adding on new leads every day. The Facebook spam filter is triggered when too many new additions are made each day. It does not pay to be blacklisted by Facebook if a successful MLM business is eyed. A slow and steady approach on Facebook features would put the marketer on the right path of success without any hassle working on Facebook.

Creative marketers who are well versed in a particular arena can generate a personal and new Facebook group to draw targeted Facebook users to promote the MLM business. This must be a unique group that would add value to the subscribers without incurring too much time and cost.

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