Legitimate Income From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept where a business pays its affiliate for bringing customers to the business. Affiliate marketing was created by William J. Tobin in the late 1980’s. He and his company, PC Flowers & Gifts, took only four years to make more than $6 million annually in sales. This proved that affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative practice.

Affiliate marketing has grown fast and wide in its practice since its inception. With the help of the internet, businesses and affiliates are able to access, generate leads and drive customers to the products and business they want to promote more efficiently.

All types of business can and have benefited from affiliate marketing. Retail industries and internet file sharing businesses have also been very profitable in the affiliate marketing business. The “sin industry” has also seen tremendous gain from affiliate marketing. The “sin industry” includes adult themed business, such as pornography and gambling.

How do people and affiliates make money? The affiliates are compensated in a variety of methods; pay per sale, cost per action, cost per click and cost per mile are some of the most widely used methods of compensation for affiliates who bring in revenue and customers to the company they work for.

Compensation methods are changing to satisfy the needs of the changing world. Some people have used deceptive methods, such as click fraud, to produce false results for higher income. Companies have responded by reducing the use of cost per click as a method of payment to their affiliates.

Most internet users are familiar with terms such as spam and adware. Although spam is unsolicited and therefore not legal, there are legitimate methods of using adware and tracking cookies from potential buyers, by properly notifying them of such possibility and obtaining their permission.

To ensure that the affiliates produce sales generating work and be compensated accordingly, many companies use performance based compensation method. Cost per click or cost per mile sales place the burden of sales on the company and not on the affiliate. On the other hand, performance marketing will pay the affiliate based on the actual sales he or she produces. They may also offer incentives to encourage harder working and higher performing affiliates.

It is not difficult to enter the world of affiliate marketing. Currently there no set standard in the industry to ensure all affiliates and companies act according to a code of ethical business practice. Since the world of internet and especially affiliate marketing changes so fast, it is not easy to keep up with all of the fast changing new waves of high income affiliate marketing.

The best way of making good to excellent income with affiliate marketing is to put in real effort, diligent work, and follow the legal standards of marketing. This will ensure steady income and good reputation.

Major search engine companies and even a few universities may offer courses on affiliate marketing. It is wise to consult reputable publications for instructions on affiliate marketing.

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4 Smart Passive Online Income Opportunities to Consider in 2014

The Internet is becoming a very lucrative ‘cash cow’ platform for many enterprising entrepreneurs today as technology keeps improving with easier and fewer components for a successful business to be set up. Passive income is highly desired by many ordinary consumers who feel the pinch in rising cost of living without much increase in regular incomes.

The availability of technology and cost effective techniques brings about many potential business ventures that can be indulged in today as passive online income generators. These opportunities must be seized where available to enjoy extra easy income to help make ends meet for consumers today.
2014 offers a lot of opportunities in a passive online income generation that does not incur much time and cost with huge benefits and outcomes. 4 smart passive online income suggestions are discussed for bold and farsighted entrepreneurs to consider today.

1) Selling Creative Ideas
A lot of ordinary consumers are out there with a host of creative ideas that could actually make money, but many factors could be stopping them from striking it rich. An inventor of unique, but workable products or solutions can generate massive income through the right avenues.

Many inspiring ideas for products and services can come to ordinary consumers who indulge in daily affairs. They have creative solutions which can fulfill a market need as well as their own. However, a lack of business acumen or connections in the commercial arena stifles their entrepreneurship while the bolder ones pick up the idea and materialize it to fruition. Creative ideas that meet a need or fill a real market demand would draw in money for inventors who are channeled to the right avenues to market their ideas before another capitalizes on the same idea.

The market has many interested parties that would willingly participate in a joint business venture if the idea is workable and lucrative on returns. Inventors can offer their licensed inventions to be used in businesses for a commission or royalty.

2) Outsourcing Business Services

The world does not lack smart or talented individuals who can share their skills and knowledge to enhance a business operation such as marketing or development. These may be few and wide across the globe, but attainable through proper outsourcing. Modern technologies promote systematization and automation to allow an effective business service outsourcing that can generate high volumes of income passively.

Individuals who are skilled in SEO and web technologies can earn big bucks in web design and development, SEO and marketing services which are in great demand among companies in all industries. Outsourcing a relevant business service puts an individual’s skills and knowledge into good use while generating good income. A simple SEO website with an extensive marketing plan and a reliable project manager is sufficient to kick start this outsourcing service. The hired project manager can liaise with outsourced workers on projects to enjoy a passive income without much effort personally.

3) Buy Over an Online Business

One of the simplest ways to secure a smart passive online income is to buy over an existing web business that is performing well. This is an excellent way to generate more income passively if sufficient funds are available to serve as investment capital with no time to develop a business from scratch.

The market offers a host of small to medium businesses that require more funding to develop and expand in various facets. A buy over or partnership venture in a performing business is a good option for passive income. However, it is crucial to check out the pros and cons of the desired business venture to be bought over before putting in the money as there may be scams and hidden agendas. Careful research is advised on the company before a full fledge participation.

A good track record is a necessary criterion in considering a takeover of an existing business. The current financial status and management as well as modus operandi must be healthy and efficient before considering such a buy over to enjoy a successful business venture that brings in extra income without personal participation in the affairs of the company.

4) Mobile Apps Venture

The emerging mobile technology brings on a host of passive income opportunities on the Internet. The arrival of smartphones offers great generation of passive income with the development of exciting and useful mobile apps. The enterprising entrepreneur can choose to create a mobile app before selling to interested customers to generate income or offer the app free with a charge to upgrade if the app designer is confident of the product with many potential ideas to offer users.

Being able to manipulate new technologies to develop new and advanced features on a mobile app is a lucrative income generator which eludes many. Another impactful income generator in a passive manner is to offer a free app that allows advertising which pays big bucks. If the mobile app is attractive and useful, it can draw a huge volume of users, which in turn attracts companies that want to be investors and partners in business. This can generate massive passive income for the innovative entrepreneurs who are proficient in mobile technologies and useful apps.


Modern technologies and the Internet provide a myriad of smart passive online income opportunities for consumers from all walks of life this year. Modern consumers are very tech savvy to manipulate the wide range of technological tools and techniques on creative saleable ideas that can reach millions of customers across the globe from all backgrounds and ages.

It is possible for anyone who is innovative and determined to earn more than a few bucks using the available resources online today by grabbing the passing opportunities. More and more passive income generating opportunities would soon emerge as modern technologies advance with easier and less technological components required in setting up the online business and trading connectivity. The sky is the limit for enterprising entrepreneurs who are determined to rake in passive income easily if they have the foresight and insight into modern day business opportunities.

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Maximize Your Income on WordPress

Web businesses today are acknowledging WordPress as the dynamic content management tool which could be manipulated to boost their business. This CMS platform offers a variety of sophisticated and easy tools that are excellent in customizing content to win more customers for the business.

Indulging in WordPress for Internet Marketing

WordPress is famous for its quality content management features and implementation with over 23% global websites indulging into it proactively.

Blogs on WordPress record millions of visits monthly with billions of WordPress pages viewed. Small business entrepreneurs are able to leverage on large traffic volumes using WordPress websites to compete effectively with the bigger players in the market.

Businesses today online and offline are quickly discovering the potentials of WordPress to secure more profits in their marketing endeavors and strategies. There is a growing demand of WordPress blogs and WordPress websites in the market from personal to commercial channels. It is noted that WordPress contents and their creators are highly sought after. Hence, big business is on hand to reap lucrative earnings through the creation of quality contents for blogs or websites.WordPress could also be utilized to craft quality tutorials on any topic or niche which web consumers may be interested in. Well designed WordPress websites would be optimized under SEO to augur well with search engines for higher page ranking.

Interesting WordPress blogs attract more web readers who would want more of such high quality content.
SEO WordPress sites are appealing in layout, content presentation and navigation to boost purchases and support by web consumers or visitors to the website. WordPress sites offer an ideal environment to sell or introduce specialized services with reference to unique and value-added products.

Market Experts for Consultation

WordPress opens the doors of business opportunities wide for all aspiring business entrepreneurs in creative ways. Besides indulging in small online business programs, entrepreneurs could train up to be a WordPress setup expert with the high demand in the market today.

The increasing knowledge and skills of WordPress from setup to maintenance would be more than sufficient to bring in a lucrative income for any aspiring WordPress expert. This is specialized consulting services where the WordPress expert is well familiar with all aspects of WordPress to assist others wanting to indulge in it for whatever reason.

A continuous learning posture and accepting invitations to speak about WordPress at online forums, technology workshops or webinars are great opportunities to the entrepreneur in establishing a name in the market. Freelance WordPress tasks could be undertaken to secure hands-on skills and understanding in troubleshooting with WordPress websites or blogs. The WordPress expert must always be alert to the latest changes or upgrades in WordPress to be relevant and helpful to potential WordPress users.

WordPress in Affiliate Marketing

High income could be gleaned via WordPress in affiliate marketing programs. The market is full of big established companies sourcing for third parties to promote, advertise or sell their brand and products or services. Having a WordPress blog or website opens the business door as a dynamic avenue in promoting the affiliate’s goods and services as much traffic is expected to visit WordPress optimized blogs and websites.

Reputed blogs or websites which attract high traffic volume are very suitable to indulge in affiliate marketing programs where the business opportunity is present to earn more income through affiliate marketing commissions just by displaying the affiliate ads or links. Good commissions could be earned from reputed affiliate companies without much effort or extra requirements. This form of Internet marketing forms a golden business opportunity in generating a handsome passive income.

Income through WordPress Plug-ins

Plug-ins have become essential tools in the marketing arena where their presence in the websites or blogs serves to impress web users through faster file loading and downloading, greater flexibility and security in data storage and retrieval and easier navigation across the website.
WordPress plug-ins work similarly to application programs in a computer where the bulk of the essential system operations run smoothly; without which an empty shell exists with no fruition. Dynamic plug-ins for WordPress sites and blogs could be designed and developed to be sold for extra income.

Generating Membership Sites

Another great income generation opportunity with WordPress is the generation of membership sites. The process is simple and fast with the versatile components on hand ? plug-ins. WordPress offers special plug-ins like Wishlist Membership for the easy and quick setting up of a WordPress membership site which could be targeted at niche market experts or authoritative industry players.

Such WordPress membership sites form a unique category to be viewed as an elite class which many would strive to register in. Optimal income could be generated as more aspiring WordPress experts clamor to be seen and acknowledged through such avenues on the Internet.

Blog/Website WordPress Services

If one has good knowledge and practical skills of WordPress along with deep passion and interest, it is easy to maximize income on WordPress. There are many new or novice WordPress entrepreneurs in the market who require simple WordPress services which include setting up a blogging or business website.

Many bloggers and new online entrepreneurs view WordPress with some trepidation to hire professional WordPress services in its blog or site setup, implementation or maintenance services. WordPress could be labeled as a complex CMS platform without the proper understanding and skills at the front-end although the simple setup processes comprise only of a quick WordPress installation, addition of recommended plug-ins and running WordPress live after appropriate testing.

WordPress Content Creation

Content creation is another excellent WordPress income generation tool with lots of available resources online and offline. Creative writing skills should not be wasted as demand increases on high quality WordPress content.


There is no lack of dynamic income, making ideas on WordPress with the wide array of resources and tools available in the market. It is up to each aspiring WordPress marketer or entrepreneur to determine the path in generating maximum earnings via WordPress. With a little creative marketing, every WordPress business venture could be highly successful.

Replace Your Lost Income With Income Protection Insurance

There is no longer such a thing as a ‘job for life’ and while no one likes to imagine the worst happening it can and it does and if you haven’t taken steps towards planning for what would happen if you were to lose your income, then you could be in great financial difficulty if you cannot afford to pay your essential monthly outgoings. Income protection insurance, however could give you great peace of mind not to mention security by replacing your income should you become out of work, providing it’s suitable for your circumstances.

An income payment protection insurance plan will give you a tax free sum of money each and every month once you have been out of work usually for 30 days or more. It will then continue to cover your lost income up to a set amount for up to 12 months if it is needed and some providers pay for up to 24 months.

Income protection insurance is an invaluable safety net on which you can fall and can make find another job and get back to work. While it can be valuable protection the product isn’t suitable for all circumstances and this isn’t always made clear at the time of taking out the policy. Exclusions that could mean you wouldn’t be eligible to claim include being in part time employment, being retired, and self-employed or suffering from a pre-existing medical condition at the time of taking out the cover.

You should always check the small print for any exclusions along with the key facts regarding an income protection insurance policy and you can get these facts from a standalone provider if you are not sure. A specialist in payment protection can always give you advice along with giving you the cheapest premiums for your income protection insurance policy.

Income Protection Insurance Can Work For You When Bought Correctly

If you should become unable to work due to accident, prolonged sickness or through unemployment such as unforeseen redundancy then you could find yourself having a real struggle to pay your essential outgoings unless you have income protection to safeguard against the loss.

If income protection insurance suits your circumstances then it would replace your lost income up to a pre-determined amount each month which would enable you to carry on paying your essential bills without having to struggle to find the money to meet essential bills if you lose your income.

Once you have been out of work usually for 30 days or more, then the policy would kick in and you would receive a tax free amount each and every month that you are out of work up for to 12 months (and with some providers, for up to 24 months). You do however have to ensure that a policy would be suitable for your needs and that if you should have to make a claim, you would be able to do so without any problem.

Checking out the small print for any exclusions as well as seeing exactly what the income protection insurance cover entails will ensure you get the right protection.

Finding income protection insurance that is affordable can be a problem and can be time unless you go with a standalone provider. They can offer inexpensive income protection insurance, especially when compared to their high street counterparts.

In an uncertain world where redundancy and accidents are on the increase it is essential that you do everything you can to protect yourself against a loss of income and providing you have read the exclusions and small print in a policy, income protection insurance can be a safety net to fall back on but you have to ensure it is the right product for you.