Marketing Video That Gets Watched

How to create a marketing video that gets watched

Almost everyone in the internet marketing business is making videos to present their materials these days. This is good and all but now that the competition is sky high, people have to come out with better quality videos and better contents and creativity just to get some views onto their videos. And mind you, it is actually getting harder and harder each day just to get the attention to your videos.

Statistics have it that 76% of the marketer online these days is planning to product more of these marketing video this very year. And on top of that people are getting ready to invest into more tools just to make better quality videos. They are doing all of these just to make sure that the video they make gets a little better response from their competitors.

How to create a marketing video that gets watchedThere is a simple reason to why marketers are moving into and then creating a marketing video and more and more of this type of videos. And that reason is because a human brain is wired for motion. This means, people who watch videos are getting the messages easier than traditional written text so how can you create a marketing video that gets viewed? Is there any way at all to guarantee views to it? Well, the answer is yes, and no. There are elements that can help out with video creations so that it can increase the chance of getting your video more views.

First Element: Paint a creative story and a call to action there is no better way to create a video that gets attention than a video that is interesting. So always sue your creativity to write out a good script for your videos. There\’s no room for \’Boring\’ in your videos, and you must take extreme care to avoid it at all cost there is a need for balance between humor, creativity and information on your videos because your ultimate goal is to create marketing related videos. Too many ads and marketing videos these days focus on the creativity part and lose out on the information part. The video does get a lot of views but sadly, people are viewing the videos for the wrong purpose, and that is for entertainment. When this is happening, your ads, or marketing message usually gets ignored.

Always try to go for an informative and clever story to engage more viewers as an internet marketer. Plus at the end of the marketing video you always need to remember to motivate your viewers to share and pass our videos around for even more views second Element: Create Professional video Quality with all your competitors doing the same thing each day, there is no longer an excuse for you to make a video with bad quality. When it comes to quality, you need to look at the audio quality and the video quality and let\’s not forget about the script itself.

Why Should Small Businesses Embrace e-Marketing? – Business 2 Community, on Wed, 31 Oct 2012 – Anyone can reach an international audience, millions of potential customers, with a quick, catchy YouTube video. This has forever changed the angle at which businesses conduct marketing campaigns, product development, pricing strategies, advertising

Besides that the overall amounts of people with bad connections are reducing all over the globe. In fact, more and more countries around the world are using higher-speed internet connection and the fear of slow loading videos is gone. Hence, if you\’ve visited YouTube recently, you will realize that a lot of newer videos these days are in High Definition (HD) quality these days. While some are in 1080p a lot more are in the 720p. Hence in order to compete with your competitors, it is strongly recommended to produce your video to at least a 720p high-definition video for best results.

One good way to improve the quality of your video is to hire a talented producer to present your videos. Good producers or directors understand how to attract the attention of the viewers, and they know what to do to get them to share your videos around. Their talent can easily help you get your videos done and presented in a way to will get them watched over and over again.

A great plus to hire the professionals to do it is that they are well equipped for the task, and this can often save you tons of cost. However, if you choose to do this yourself, you will need to be mindful of the equipment that you purchase. Try not to buy something of overkill and instead do some research first to find out what you need to buy so that you will not overspend take some tutorials on the lighting skills required for good and clear shots and be sure to prepare a good-quality microphone to capture all the important sounds and filters out all the needless noise.

Third Element: Spread your video via multiple channels when you have your videos ready, the next thing you will need to do is to market your videos through multiple video channels that is readily available on the internet today. Since it is a number\’s game, the more channel you are able to broadcast your videos on, the better. The good thing is that most of these online video channels are free to use, and it won\’t cost out a single penny. Contrary to traditional video marketing where it will usually cost a few thousand just for a quick 2-minute ad.

Thomson Video Networks and Anevia Offer Integrated OTT Solution – Broadcast Engineering, on Wed, 31 Oct 2012 – “This integrated OTT solution combines the ViBE VS7000’s excellent video transcoding along with multi-screen packaging and streaming through ViaMotion,” said Damien Lucas, vice president of sales and product marketing, Anevia. “We are pleased to

These channels can be anything from YouTube, Google videos, Meta Café, or, etc. The most important thing is to always leave a proper description to your videos and link them back to your sites. If you can put in annotations to your videos, please leave a few good and useful links and that\’s it. Do not crowd your videos with links that make it look spammy.

Always try to include an interesting tile to your videos. A good video title is like a good headline and if you video title is bad then you can kiss good-bye to all the views. Hence spend extra time to think up a good title. Do not be afraid to change your title in order to test and see which one works best. Last but not least make sure you are properly tagging your videos with the right keywords so that it makes it easy for people to search for your videos in the correct category and if you video gets ranked high in the search engines, that your videos will be very successful indeed.

Marketing Video That Gets WatchedHow to create a marketing video that gets watched

L’Oreal Wins Effie Award for Multi-Screen GRP Practice – MarketWatch (press release), on Wed, 31 Oct 2012 – Starting in 2011, L’Oreal integrated the advertising reach curve of online video and TV based on the same target audience in the same market, to calculate the total reach of online video and TV in different GRP/iGRP objectives, which gave L’Oreal the

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