Facebook Live Has Been Around For Years

But Are You Using Facebook Live

But Are You Using Facebook Live

Facebook Live Has Been Around For Years

Facebook is known to be a highly popular and successful social media network that connects billions of web users daily? It is not surprising then for companies, big or small, to tap on Facebook for more effective and efficient marketing strategies from its vast array of a dynamic engagement or communication features; one of which is Facebook Live. But Are You Using Facebook Live
New Marketing Tool

Since its inception into the market in spring 2016, Facebook Live continues with high momentum to gain more popularity amongst web users and businesses. Although its original intention is designed for mobile applications, more and more online marketers are streaming live from other options such as laptops and desktops with Wi-Fi.
Facebook Live is a dynamic online marketing tool where vibrant and entertaining promo videos could be incorporated into the social media marketing strategy of a company. It is expected that more live videos would be viewed even on News Feeds by fans and followers. It is a known fact that Facebook users are spending more time watching a video on Facebook Live than other options. But Are You Using Facebook Live
A live video on Facebook Live presents an interesting aura where the ‘hip and happening’ takes place. Those who are not on Facebook Live are deemed to have “missed out”. Hence, many marketers and business owners besides web consumers are jumping onto Facebook Live for the latest content flooding the market. Good tips abound to get started with this dynamic happening platform. But Are You Using Facebook Live
Tip 1 – Getting Started

It is not that difficult to get started on Facebook Live although many may be intimidated by the advanced technologies that are behind the scene. Less tech-savvy users can still get on Facebook Live quickly with a short session on understanding the dynamics of Facebook Live.

Facebook offers a simple start-up with its “Only Me” feature which is a privacy setting that can be changed later. Live streaming can be conducted easily with simple equipment such as a video or camcorder. Many may feel uncomfortable presenting in front of the camera, but a couple of practices beforehand would ease off the butterflies in the stomach. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”; hence, a good live video presentation would be of better quality through sufficient practice sessions before recording with a sophisticated webcam.

Practice sessions allow the presenter to check on the clarity of voice and its tone besides background noise to ensure a good video creation. All types of glitches could be resolved to avoid embarrassment while going live.

Tip 2 – Background/Foreground

A live video must make a strong positive impact on the viewers to secure favorable results at the end of the session. This includes the proper background and foreground that would be displayed in the video. Every minor or menial item that would be seen on the live video must have its purpose to boost the video presentation and outcomes.

A live video could be streamed from the home office, which many marketers may take for granted as their comfort zone where they work daily without being formal or neat. However, the presence of an overflowing garbage can or unsightly curtains can spoil the overall presentation effect that could leave negative opinions by viewers. Every part of the video screen must present all items displayed in a professional and appealing manner that would impress viewers towards a favorable call-to-action response.

Tip 3 – Interesting Value-added Script

What the presenter is to say on the video is very important to woo viewers who are potential business leads and customers. However, the contents should not be overwhelming for viewers to digest; neither should the presenter over script the contents with exaggeration and empty promises that would run foul with viewers later.

The Facebook Live videos should contain interesting value-added contents that would stir up the interest and curiosity of viewers for more in-depth discovery that leads to purchases. Good market research should have been executed to understand the precise needs and expectations of targeted business audiences before formulating the script for a live video.

Tip 4 – Incorporate into Marketing Strategy

Facebook Live is not necessarily the only marketing tool business owners and marketers can deploy. It can be made a part of the dynamic overall marketing strategy for a vibrant marketing campaign that could generate more web traffic to the site. Facebook Live could be a dynamic marketing complement in boosting web traffic to the brand or business if the contents are premium quality.
Facebook Live videos could be incorporated into blogs, reputed sites, and popular directories with backlinks that would drive more traffic to the business site. It is an ideal marketing tool in which targeted niche audiences could be engaged through various channels that would boost brand building and market presence for the company.

Tip 5 – Constant Reminders

Facebook Live is an excellent marketing feature where marketers could constantly remind their customers or potential business leads what the brand or business is. This would keep the brand or company name ringing in the minds of customers who would seek out the brand or business for further information that could be a feasible solution to their needs.

The contents could be posted regularly in style with an interesting flair to attract the targeted audience’s interest. Sharing relevant information as and when helps keep preferred business leads captivated besides adding on more fans and followers. The business mailing list is likely to grow faster when customers are reminded of procuring useful and relevant information from reliable sources.

Tip 6 – Social Media Channels Promotions

But Are You Using Facebook Live It is also useful to manipulate well-planned Facebook Live broadcasts to promote brands and companies across various reputed and popular social media channels? Web communities readily respond to such messages. The event could be enhanced with prompt services such as reminders of broadcast commencing or the availability of “tech support” during chat sessions.

But Are You Using Facebook Live could prove to be a dynamic marketing tool for busy marketers who know how to leverage its marketing features? Aggressive business owners and marketers would benefit from Facebook Live marketing with the right features deployed in their marketing campaigns.


But Are You Using Facebook Live

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