These factors can motivate conversions for your online business.

Do you have an online business of your own? Thinking of ways to improve and grow your profits? Well one of the best ways to improve your profits is to actually improve on your overall conversion rate that you get from your sales copy. Needless to say your sales copy plays a very important role in your online marketing efforts because it is what will help your traffic converts into sales. There are many ways and tactics that you can implement to your sales copy to help improve your conversions. Some of these tactics are pretty easy tweaks such as changing the color of your headline for better visibility and stuff like that.

However, to really give your sales copy the power to persuade and convert, then you must look into the fundamentals of copywriting. You must understand the underlying factors that actually motivate a customer to pay you money for your products. Discover the difference between a mediocre sales copy and one that will really give your business a huge boost.

Sell the want instead of the need.

When we talk about the factors that motivate the buying intention of a customer we will always want to look into the message of your copy. Many marketers still do not get it. They believe that they can get people to buy if they can just tell show them that their product is something that they need. Now look at it this way, if they need your product, then they ‘might’ buy it… or they might buy from someone else. However if they want your product, that is a whole different story.

When your potential customers actually want and have a real desire for your product, they do not care what your other competitors have to offer. So you have to get people to want your product and to do that you need to sell them what they want and then give them what they need. When we talk about the want, we want people to visualize their dream and how much their lives is improved when they are actually using your product. For example, when you sell a weight loss diet program, you don’t tell your customers that they need to exercise and endure all the hardship.

Do they need it? Sure they do. But you are not going to mention much about those ‘pain’ or the hardship of the journey that awaits them. Instead what you will sell to them is their dreams. You will get them to picture themselves wearing a sexy beach wear and as they walk down the beach, people will turn their heads. This is the dream of someone who wants to lose weight and that is to look great and show off a hot body and never having someone else looking down on them anymore. And then you will go on about the ‘bonus’ or losing weight which is feeling extra good and being healthy where they could live the life of their dreams and go travel and seek adventure because now they are actually fit.

When you do this right, people will be able to imagine and ‘want’ your product. The next thing you would do is tell them the benefits of investing in your product. You can tell them that it can happen to them in a short time frame or you can tell them that it is much cost effective then joining an expensive gym or hiring a full time coach.

A sense of urgency.

The next motivating factor to improve your sales volumes is the sense of urgency. If people do not feel that they have to act now then you might lose the chance to close that sale. This is exactly why when there is a ‘discount’ on a product for the next 7 hours, the sales of that product will increase. People genuinely hate losing out on a good offer on a product that they plan to get anyway.

If you take a look at some of the ‘dime sale’ that is available online, even if the people could save $0.01 cent if they take action now before someone else does, people will still hate to buy something at $0.01 more than they should. The amount may be small but it is enough to motivate most people to make a decision right there before it is too late. Another great technique that helps with the sense of urgency is where marketers will use a scarcity tactic that tells you that there is a limited copy available and when your product is sold out, your customers who plans to buy and is too late to do so… is basically out of luck and they might have to wait until more ‘copies’ are available again.

Sell to the right audience.

With that said, another factor that will play a huge role in motivating sales is that you need to absolutely market to the right people. No advertising in the world can help you if you are getting the wrong traffic to look at your letter. If you place the best converting sales letter in the weight loss niche in front of a crowd of people who is in the gain weight niche, how are you going to expect it to sell? This is why you must absolutely learn to target your market accurately.

The more targeted your traffic is, the better your conversions will be. This might not have anything to do with your email copy, but the role of good targeted traffic must never be ignored. It’s one of the most basic marketing tactics in history where you will sell ice cold lemonade or ice cream at a crowd of people walking under the hot sun and you will make money. Another good example is selling umbrellas on a rainy day and your umbrellas will just sell automatically. Imagine selling ice cream on a rainy day, it will never work. That’s why you need to get the fundamentals right and when you do, you will definitely see a huge improvement to your sales statistics and you will make a fortune doing the right things, at the right time.

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