Article Marketing Tips and Tricks That Work.

Article Marketing Tips and Tricks That Work.

Article Marketing Tips and Tricks That Work.

Article Marketing is known as the father of internet marketing. The reason is simply because when internet marketing was still young there were few other options available on the net to get traffic. Back then, it was all about contents and trying to get readers to read and click to your website.

Surprisingly, Article Marketing has survived until today and expert Article Marketers have seen six figures paydays selling either their products or affiliate products. The best advantage of Article Marketing would be because it cost nothing to start and many people who do article marketing and earned money has kept the cost very close to zero. So this free traffic generating system is very newbie friendly and all someone has to do is write.

Or is it?

Well here’s the thing about Article marketing that some gurus seldom talk about. Many have failed in Article Marketing as well, and this is a fact. The main reason here is simply because they are doing it the wrong way and that the effort required succeeding in Article Marketing is quite high.

Not only does it mean that you need to be a special kind of person to be able to persevere until success arrives, it also means that you need to have some skills and patience to write. Hence those who do love to write and is passionate about it often are the ones who find success in this area. But that goes without having to say that there are some ‘smart’ tricks involved as well.

Let us take a quick look at some of the tricks that you can use to profit in Article Marketing.

Research: High traffic Keywords.

Research is what you will find yourself doing most next to writing as an Article Marketer. And the one thing you don’t want to be doing wrong is the keyword’s research. Choose a wrong keyword and you will find yourself writing for no rewards and rewards here is actually targeted traffic that will be looking at your offer.

So naturally you won’t want to go for too broad of a keyword or too long tail of a keyword as well. You’d want to strike a balance with a high traffic keyword that isn’t too generic.

What you should be looking for is keywords that are gets more than 2000 searches a month and not more than 30,000 searches a month. Using Google’s external keyword tool is excellent for this job as the tool shows you all the data that you need to do your research.

Note that Google’s external tool only churns out data base on Google itself and that means the numbers are different for different search engines and websites out there. However, those data should be more than enough to help you get a general idea on what the demand is, and if you should go ahead and start writing.

Focus on publishing your content on authority sites.

When you focus your efforts on authority sites, you will get back more than just a backlink or a small chunk of traffic. What you also get are link juices. This means your website will get quality backlinks from the SEO stand point.

However, most Article Marketing experts will advise you to only start publishing your articles after you posted on your own website first. That way, you get to expose your traffic to your fresh new content first and Google loves that. The next step you can do is to seek out authority sites and see if you can syndicate your articles to their website. Do not do this in bulk because you want to let the authority site to get your content earlier than other people.

Authority Site owners will love it if your content is not something that has duplication all over the internet. Now only after a week or two after the syndication should you start publishing your articles to article directories and then hope that other site owners will pick up your articles and put them up on your own site. So as a recap, it is important to roll out the publishing of your article in phases. First, your own site, then an authority site (1 is more than enough) and lastly to multiple article directories.

Always remember to include your own website link to the end of your article. This will help with your site SEO and generation of leads.

Pointing an article back to another

One fine trick some Article Marketer will use is to write other relevant articles and then link them back to their previously published articles. This is usually done if there is an obvious winner in an article and when the writer wishes more traffic to come out of that winning article.

Note: Not every article which you write will produce results so when you have one winning article it is worth the effort to actually go ahead and put more work to help that article rank.

What happens here is that you can start linking back to the winning article, and these backlink will help your wining article rank higher on the search engines. Just remember to link to the winning article that is already on your own website to get the most out of your effort.

Make sure your articles are unique.

Lastly, it is important to have unique articles. If you’ve purchase PLR articles, then the best way to go about it is to edit it so that the article is unique. Doing this does take some work, but you can actually save a lot of time doing the research and actual writing time. In fact, some avid article marketers use PLR article in most of their campaigns.

This makes a lot of sense because you can get very busy as an article marketer. Not only do you need contents, you will also need to seek out good sites, and do the proper researches before you start to write. And if your first language isn’t English you’ll find it hard to write a proper piece of material which you can use proudly. Furthermore, if you are one of those people who write rather slow and take an entire day just to write a 500 word article, then you definitely need to outsource the content generation work.

However, if you can write and love to write, by all means go ahead. As long as the article which you publish is fresh, unique, and makes sense to real human you are good to go. Also, remember to share and show care in your written work and your articles will go a long way to help other people’s life and soon you’ll see your own life change for the better as well. Persevere and you will see results. Best Business To Make Money

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